Plus Size Tights from Donatella's part two*

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm reviewing a pair of black 50 denier tights, black 80 denier tights and some lace topped hold ups from Donatella's.

 Opaque tights 50 denier

These tights are really soft and have a U shaped rear seam. They were comfortable, easy to put on and pulled up almost as far as my boobs (which I like as there's less chance of them falling down then). As you can see below they're fairly opaque until they reach above my knees so I'd say they'd give enough coverage to wear on their own under a knee length dress. I really like these tights.

I'm wearing a 4x-5x.

Black opaque tights 80 denier

Unfortunately these tights just didn't work for me at all. They have twin seams front and back but the seams aren't very stretchy, so what happened is the waist pulled up to the right place, but the legs wouldn't budge and were cutting me in half. They also tore and laddered before I even got them up. (I always take my rings off when putting on tights and even file any rough nail edges down).

As you can see in the photos below the seams have stretched as far as they can. These tights would suit someone considerably slimmer, or someone shorter than me (I'm 5ft 5 and a half.) Donatella told me that should anything like this happen to anyone else they will of course give you a refund or a replacement, but they are checking to see why I had a problem with these tights.

I was wearing a 4x-5x. It's a shame because the tights themselves are big enough. They're just let down by the seams which have no give at all.

Black lace top thigh high stay ups

There's a reason I've cut my head off the photos below and I'll tell you at the end, but onto the review!
I'm not usually a hold ups girl but I wanted to try them out. I put one hold up on and it didn't move the whole time I was doing photos, but the left one kept rolling down. I didn't have any lotion on so I had no idea why it was doing that. I tried to pull it up loads of times and it kept rolling back down so I pulled it down past my knee and let it sit unstretched for a few minutes then tried again. This time it worked, but it wouldn't go as high up as the one on my right leg (maybe my left leg is slightly bigger?) so I readjusted the right leg down to try to match. Once it was there, it stayed in place until I took them off a couple of hours later. So if at first you don't succeed, give it another go. Making sure it's the same height at the front and back of your legs is a good tip, but I don't have a full length mirror so I was feeling my way there. Ideally I'd have liked the hold ups to come higher up my legs, but I know that I'm unlikely to find any to do that as my thighs are very big.
The hold ups are really fine (yet didn't ladder) and the lace top part is really stretchy and has two lines of silicon over a cm wide to hold them up. 

I'm wearing the 4x-5x.

So why did I cut my head out of the hold ups photos? Because I don't want my photos to be reblogged by people who need a box of tissues and some hand sanitiser. There's a bloke on Twitter who fancies himself as some kind of curator of women who has been retweeting my photos with his comments about me, amongst some more porn oriented stuff featuring other women. I don't want my face or body shared about like that. I don't blog to get someone's rocks off. The photos in this post are for people who want to know how tights and hold ups will fit them. If the last of these photos do get shared about, my face won't be in them. And I feel happier that way.

Thanks for reading.

Leah xoxo

*Items supplied for the purpose of review. Opinions are honest and my own. 

P.S. The tartan lingerie is from Fashion World, the corset is from Corsets UK and was my birthday present from hubs way back in April, and the shoes are old Evans. I will be reviewing the lingerie soon, so keep 'em peeled.

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