The pen is mightier than the sword - an apology (of sorts)

Words have such power. The power to do small every day kindnesses which are easily forgotten or ignored, or the power to do great harm.

The other evening I sat down to capture why I feel so out of sorts with blogging, and in my usual bulldozer-in-a-meringue-factory style I ranted impulsively without any thought to who would read my words and relate to them as if I wrote it especially for them. This isn't a complete about-turn for those hoping for one. This post won't placate people who disagree that there are some fake aspects to blogging, or those who think purely fashion-related blogging as controlled by brands is better than the radical fatness/political days of old. I stand by the message, but not necessarily the delivery of it. There are kind ways of getting any message across, and my words were hasty, not kind.

What I really want to apologise for are the people who messaged me directly to say my scattergun accusatory tone had found a home in them. Hearing that my words had made anything they were already going through worse made me feel like shit, and quite rightly so. I deserve to feel shitty about that. When I sit and tap out posts in the small hours I have no idea how far my words travel, and little imagination of how they'll be taken by the tender souls of fellow creatives. It's been an important reminder that the pen is mightier than the sword, especially when wielded by someone in a shitty mood. To those people (and you know who you are), you didn't deserve that.

Leah xoxo

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