Fuller softer shinier hair - the £3.95 vegan shampoo you need in your life

(At the time of writing this post the shampoos were £2.95 but they're now £3.95).

Hello loveys! If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen me banging on about my new shampoo constantly for the last couple of months. I found Perfect Pamper Gifts on Google when I was looking to change my hair care routine. I haven't been paid for this post - they don't even know I'm writing it - I just want other people to know how brilliant these SLS- and paraben-free shampoos are. This is cruelty free and costs £3.95 what more could you want?!

Here's my hair 4 months ago, before I started using solid shampoo.
Compare it to my hair now and you can really see the difference. This is a quick phone selfie of what my hair looks like after it's washed and been left to dry (naturally). This was taken last week.
When I get hot my head sweats A LOT and my hair usually gets drenched, loses all volume and looks stringy. This is a photo of me last week in 28 degree heat and God-awful humidity. My hair was soaking wet underneath - I sweated so much my hair actually went crispy at the end of the day - but look at my frigging hair! This is with NO product on it whatsoever.
For shits and giggles, this is how fine my hair was in 2011. Excuse my funny brows and dodgy eyeliner skills. How I've evolved! 😆😆😆 When I was a habitual dieter my hair was so thin. Eat your greens and don't starve, babes, it effs up your hair.
So here's more information on the solid shampoo bars - cruelty free, suitable for vegans, SLS and paraben free.

Why should you avoid SLS - sodium laurel sulphate

Do you like nature? Have you heard about the vast swathes of forest being cut down for palm oil? SLS is made from palm oil, and the world's demand for it is effing up the environment. Palm oil is in everything from shampoos and shower gels to peanut butter. Perfect Pamper Gifts' shampoo bars use sodium coco sulphate, made from coconut oil.

Even without the environmental concerns, SLS is a known irritant. It strips all the moisture out of your hair which means you need the silicones in conditioner to give your hair the appearance of shiny hair, but it's only shiny because you've got bloody plastic on your head. SLS in shampoo strips out all moisture and silicones in conditioner fake putting the moisture back. It's a vicious circle. And the silicones in conditoner weigh your hair down, making it look finer than it is. Now I'm not stripping my hair with SLS I don't need to use conditioner at all and my hair looks full, luscious and shiny because it is. If your hair is a different texture to mine you may still need conditoner - just grab one without SLS.

Since I've had Fibromyalgia I've had multiple chemical sensitivities and traditional shampoo and conditioners often caused an allergic reaction. This would result in a very tight, itchy scalp, lymph nodes coming up on my head and neck and lots of pain and discomfort. Since I've been using the shampoo bars (the coconut one is my favourite) I haven't reacted once. My scalp doesn't get tight and itchy. I have less dandruff. If you have psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis on your head (or your children do) these bars will be a lifesaver.

The shampoo bars aren't heavily scented. Again because of Fibromyalgia I have a ridiculously sensitive nose and strongly scented products (cough Lush cough) induce migraines and nausea. No problems at all for me now.

Here's a photo of me using the bar in the shower so you can see how much lather you can get.

I wet my hair, rub the bar around my head about half a dozen times then rub it all in and as you can see there's a really rich lather. When my hair is wet it feels too clean - like squeaky clean, but it soon passes. If you're a wet hair brusher get thyself a Tangle Teezer - you won't regret it. They cause way less breakage than a regular brush because it's so much gentler. As my hair dries it's as fluffy as a baby chick and full of volume. It's unbelieveably soft, and I don't get greasy hair any more. I wash it every 2-3 days as my hair falls better when it's clean, but I don't get that gross soup on my scalp now. If you strip your scalp of all natural moisture of course it tries to compensate by producing a lot more oil.

So, to sum up, if you want all of this then buy yourself one of these bad boys and bring on the best hair of your life!
  • thicker hair
  • shinier hair
  • softer hair
  • no itchy scalp
  • no chemical reactions
  • no animal testing
  • no parabens
  • no SLS
  • no killing orangutans to get palm oil 
I've got the coconut one and the grapefruit one and have used both over the last couple of months. They haven't even halved in size yet. They look like they're going to last for months. For the purposes of having shiny new bars to photograph for you I bought 2 more - a lavender one and a tea tree one (I think, it's not on the website at the moment). I haven't started on them yet but I will when the other two are finished. The bars do vary on the site at any one time, so if they don't have your fave check back in a week or so and they may well have stocked back up.

Any questions? Hit me up in the comments!
Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. Hi Leah, I absolutely agree, I started using shampoo bars from Lush in January, my hair has never been better! I find they last so much longer than normal shampoo too, as you can't put too much on your hair. The two bars I bought in January have only just run out, today being the 13 of July, so they are amazing value for money too, more people should use them. Marie-Louise x

    1. I'm glad to hear your hair is better for switching to solid shampoo. I find the bars so handy to take away on trips and holidays too - no more lugging heavy bottles around or searching for travel sized bottles. xx

  2. Hello Leah,
    I'm still using shampoo, but now I'll have to look closer to the bars and I think, I'll try it! Yes, because you mentioned the fact about fibromyalgia and the sensitivities which I absolutely agree with. It's horrible!
    Thank you for this interesting post!
    Emmi XX

    1. Thanks Emmi. I'm sensitive to so many different things like scents and chemicals, so it makes sense to cut out things that upset me. I'll be looking to find more natural products to use on my body and face as well. xx

  3. Oh, these sound great I am literally placing an order now as the only cruelty free shampoo I've found (and liked) so far costs me an arm and a leg. Did you try the conditioners too?

    C x

    1. Thanks Charli. I haven't tried the conditioners (in case you didn't see my reply on Twitter) but if you do let me know how you get on.xx

  4. I'm super keen to try for the cost alone! I'm always hesitant incase it strips the colour.

    1. I find with my henna it's the heat of the water that strips colour, not the shampoo itself. I try to rinse my hair in nothing more than 30 degree C water as any more than that and the water runs red. If I use cold water I barely lose any colour at all when I wash my hair.

  5. I am being so so good at the moment and not purchasing anything until my current stash is all used up ... but once its gone Im going to give these a go!

    1. Good for you! I need to practice some of that resolve. ;) It'll be worth it though - the bars last ages and your hair will feel so good.