Erica leopard print lingerie set by Rougette from Tutti Rouge*

Erica-leopard-print-lingerie-set-by-Rougette-from-Tutti-Rouge // babes, today I'm wearing my new Rougette set from Tutti Rouge. You can read my intro post to Tutti Rouge here. So this set is the Erica. The bra is £20 and the briefs are £10. To me, there's a bra for every occasion, and this set is a red hot 'sexy time' set rather than for all day wear. Read on to find out why.

I'm wearing a 42G in the bra and a 3XL in the briefs. The bra has moulded cups and a black 'sling' for a bit of extra control.
Erica-leopard-print-lingerie-set-by-Rougette-from-Tutti-Rouge //
Look at those cute little hearts on the bra straps!
Erica-leopard-print-lingerie-set-by-Rougette-from-Tutti-Rouge //
Something to be aware of with this set - and what takes it from all-day-wear to a purely sexy time set for me - is the straps and the hooks. It only has 2 rows of hooks at the back and I'm used to 3 in my somewhat industrial strength bras. 😝 Also, the straps are narrower than I'm used to so they do twist and roll up a bit. If you are as big as me (I'm a size 28) or carry a lot of back fat this is worth bearing in mind as the bra will dig in a bit but on the other hand if you're after a sexy set for getting your freak on you're in the right place! There isn't nearly enough animal print underwear in plus sizes for my liking. It always makes me feel foxy.
I could've done with a 4XL in the briefs, but Rougette don't make them in that size so I squeezed myself into the 3XL. They're too tight to be comfortably worn all day, but whipping them on and off for bedroom encounters is fine by me. On someone smaller than me (or with a smaller tummy) the knickers would look more high waisted, but they don't look that way on my body. I normally wear a 44FF in a bra and I'm wearing my sister size, a 42G, which is the largest size Rougette does. The band on this bra is very firm, and I hadn't worn it in, so the hooks are holding on for dear life and it does cut into my squidge a bit. I don't mind that in a sexy time set. I know I'm fat, James knows I'm fat and I look fat from all angles, so I'm not concerned with minimising my fatness in a bedroom setting. That man of mine loves all of me, and after we'd taken these photos, we got busy. 😜
Erica-leopard-print-lingerie-set-by-Rougette-from-Tutti-Rouge //
There are some really lovely touches on this set - the heart shaped metal sliders on the bra straps, the heart and red satin bows on the central gore of the bra and at the waist on the briefs, and let's not forget the tantalising mesh side and rear portions of the briefs.
Erica-leopard-print-lingerie-set-by-Rougette-from-Tutti-Rouge //
This feels like a well made set for the price point, and I would happily purchase myself a set of Rougette lingerie for boudoir shenanigans. You can find the set here and here.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

*set gifted by Tutti Rouge.