Hiya, I'm Leah, and I live on the south coast near Bexhill. If you're a reader and you want to get in touch why not find me on social media? Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

There's some more bio at the end for my readers, but if you're from a company or small business, here's the nitty gritty you'll be looking for. I'm a chronically ill woman, so I have to be choosy about brand collaborations. I have Fibromyalgia, ME, joint hypermobility syndrome, depression and anxiety disorder. This blog is my happy place, and I've spent over 5 years building it into a site my readers really trust. I spend a lot of time and energy on my blog, but certain things aren't worth my time - for instance £20 dress reviews which take an hour to shoot, an hour to edit and an hour to write up work out at less than minimum wage. If you want my voice, my time and my platform then please value me for it. Thank you.  

In accordance with Google/ASA rulings I don't use do-follow links on sponsored content or gifted items.

My email is at the bottom of the page if you want to get in touch, but first, to save your valuable time, please don't contact me about:

  • Joining affiliate networks - there are SO many and I can't keep up with them.
  • Guest posting on my blog - I don't accept unpaid guest posts.
  • Posting infographics - they're the herpes of the blog world and I hate them.
  • Sponsored posts which pay less than £100.
  • Sponsored posts/clothing reviews which require do-follow links.
  • Promoting a company which doesn't ship to the UK/doesn't cater to plus size people.

Stats & info 

I have over 18k followers across all platforms and this figure is constantly on the rise. My DA is 31 and my PA is 43.

I wear a size 28. I wear a size 7 shoe (wide fit). I'm 5ft 5 and a half.

Some of my previous collaborations with companies large and small:
Boohoo · Simply Be · Fashion World
Navabi · Yours Clothing · Apples & Pears
New Look · Scarlett & Jo (ex Brand Ambassador)
Bonmarche · Daxon (Blogger Ambassador)
JD Williams · House of Fraser · Curvissa
Donatella's tights · Big Tights Company ·
Brastop · Curvy Kate · Bras Galore · Ms Pomelo
The Body Shop · Superdrug · Beauty Crowd · MUA · MeMeMe
Trinkets Jewellery · Larimar · Mandy's Heaven 

In July 2016 I was a finalist in the Thirty Plus Awards. I've been featured in publications such as Bustle, Buzzfeed, Pop Sugar & Digital Hub.

I have space in my sidebar for ads, and banner ads above or below my header. Get in touch to discuss custom sizes and pricing. (Absolutely no diet ads).

This blog mostly deals with plus size fashion, but there will also be cruelty free beauty posts, opinion posts, and issues pertaining to plus size people. My readers average in age 35-44, and are predominantly from the UK, with Australia, the US and Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia making up the rest. My most read posts are opinion pieces on plus size issues and fat politics, followed by outfit posts. My blog is growing all the time and it's really snowballed this year.  I generally write 1-2 outfit posts a week with occasional beauty, lifestyle and opinion posts.

Here's a further about me section for those of you still reading. I started this blog as an online journal, and I changed the focus of it to plus size fashion in 2012. I had an epiphany in 2011 (linked to a horrible personal event where I nearly died) and it made me realise I had to stop beating myself up for the way I look. Since then I've been on a slow but sure journey to confidence and I want to share my journey with other people. For some the journey to self-love and inner peace is instant, but mine has always been a slow burn, and as I've learned and grown I've attracted a wonderful bunch of readers who are along for the ride. Now I feel pretty much unstoppable, and it's contagious! Size is no barrier to style, and I'm here to show that it's OK to love yourself whatever size you may be. You can look amazing at any size or shape. Hold your head up high, because you deserve it as much as anyone else does!
Any questions? Email me!
Take care. L xoxo

Disclaimer: Some of the links I use are affiliate links, which earn me a small percentage of the cost. The price you pay is unaffected, and any money raised goes back into the running of this blog.
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