How To Prepare For Your Summer Holiday*

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It’s that time of year again, the sun is out, and everyone’s talking about where they’re going this year! It’s so exciting, but as usual, there’s lots of planning to be done. If you’ve not already decided where you’re going and when then now’s the time do it and then the countdown is on, and it’s time to prepare, so what do you need to do?

Check Your Travel Documents

Check that your passport is up to date and especially for the country you are going to as some require it to be valid for another six months and you also need two blank pages in your passport too. Make sure you’ve got your health or travel insurance too and all the papers you need. If you’re going to be doing any sports on holiday, then make sure you have those covered.


Do you need any vaccines or medication for where you are going? If so it’s likely you need them done in advance so check now. Also, if you take any medication, make sure that you have enough for a while you are away and that you’re able to take them to the country you’re going to.

Go Shopping

Yes, treat yourself to your new summer wardrobe and a few swimsuits but also remember to stock up on sunscreen and anything else that’s likely to be expensive or difficult to get wherever you are going. If you’re taking hand luggage, then remember that any liquids or toiletries need to be travel-sized so either buy small ones or get some containers and transfer your favorites into them.


It’s always worth having a universal adapter, and a Kindle or iPad or any tablet actually is far easier to travel with than a few heavy books. Just don’t forget your chargers. Also, check your data roaming package before you go and if you need to get an add-on to make it cheaper for you, then do this in advance.


It is a lot cheaper to get your foreign currency in advance rather than buying it at the airport or when you get to your destination. Have a look for the best rates online, and you may even be able to buy it online and get it delivered to you. If you do plan on using your bank card or credit card while you’re away then let your bank know that you will be going so that they don’t think your cards have been stolen.

Final Thoughts

Check the weather forecast before you go, if you’re in for a week of rain then it’s better to know about it and to be prepared. If you’re waiting for any important post, such as exam results or some important news, then check out so you can get your post online while you’re away. Finally, book your transport to the airport if you need to, do this as soon as possible so it’s one thing off the list and you know it’s done before the taxi firms get booked up.

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