10 Quick Fashion Fixes That Won't Break the Bank

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This is a collaborative post (not written by me).


It can be tough to find new clothes without breaking the bank, especially if you've gotten into a habit of buying whenever you feel like you have nothing to wear (spoiler: you always do). This habit can be a severe drain on your finances, and it also makes your wardrobe too cluttered. While you might be buying more clothes, you rarely get rid of the ones you already have. There are solutions to this, though, and they are often quicker and cheaper than you think.

Have a Clearout

The first step toward fixing your fashion is to stand in front of your wardrobe and have a good old fashioned clearout. Here, you can get rid of every clothing item that you don't wear, or even plain forgot that you had. The feelings that come with clearing out long-forgotten pieces will be a relief, and you won't feel so stressed every time you need to decide what to wear.

Dress Up

There will always be some clothes that you can never decide on, though. Do you throw them out? Do you give them another chance? Dressing up and putting on a fashion show for yourself will help you decide what to do with the vast number of clothes in the Maybe pile. By playing dress up, you can test different items with each other, create complimenting outfits, and finally realise which types of clothes you want to keep for good.

Learn From Mistakes

We have all made fashion mistakes in our lives. Maybe we were inspired by something we saw online or in a movie. Perhaps we went shopping and bought something just for the sake of buying it. Whatever these mistakes were, it's time to learn from them to make sure you never repeat them. You can ask yourself how often you have worn it; you can consider whether you even like the colour, or whether it fits you (or ever fits you), if the answer to any of these is hardly at all, no, and no again, it's a sign to say goodbye.

Think of 30 Wears

You can take this attitude the next time you go shopping (or rather, browse sites online because who wants to go into a shop right now?) When looking for new clothes, ask yourself if you will get 30 wears out of it. This is an idea promoted by Livia Firth, the Eco-Age founder, and it encourages people to be more intelligent with their fashion choices. Sure, you might find a stunning dress that would be great for your next night out, but if you're not going to wear it again, then what's the point?

Don't Be Afraid to Repeat

There is a weird idea within the fashion world that you can't wear something more than once, but if you're trying to be more conscious with your fashion choices, it's time to ditch this idea. You might not want to wear the same outfit again, but you can mix and match existing items to create something entirely different. Repeating outfits will stop you running to the shop every time you have a big night coming up, meaning you can protect your bank balance.

Embrace Your Accessories

Accessories can often make an outfit. But, you've got plenty of options available for you, whether it's a chic pair of specs from Eyeglasses.com to an array of gorgeous bangles, bracelets, or rings, polka dot headbands or just an elegant watch, there are no limits to how your accessories can improve an outfit. If you've got a low cut top, adding a necklace will make things look less bare. For short sleeves, bracelets add some sparkle to your attire and make it much more interesting.

Ditch the High Street

High Street shopping is something that everyone flocks to whenever they need a new outfit, but with rumours (and sometimes evidence) of unethical practices, it's time to ditch the High Street and look elsewhere. Sustainable brands can be found all over the internet, and even Charity shops or Vintage clothing stores can help you find something special. While these clothes can sometimes be more expensive than what you're used to paying, they will also be better quality, meaning they will last longer and you'll not need to replace them as often.

Get Creative

If you're tired of the same old fashions every time you browse your social media feed or spend hours looking for the perfect outfit, you might be better off getting creative. Self-made styles are becoming increasingly popular, and if you have any knowledge about sewing, stitching or embroidery, you can create something new out of something old. Here, you can indulge in your creativity and create something unique, or you can fix old clothes to make them as good as new, meaning you don't need to throw them out.

Try Pre-Orders

Pre-ordering clothes is becoming a popular trend in the battle against wasted items. Rather than mass-producing endless denim skirts and cute t-shirts, pre-order companies will only start making something when a customer purchases it. Aside from helping the environment, it will also test your interest in trends. As all clothes are made to order, you'll need to exercise patience, and if you can't wait, it is unlikely to be an essential purchase.


Sometimes you can't find the right outfit no matter what wells you try to source it from. Or, you'll find the perfect piece, but it's way out of your price range. The solution to this is borrowing from friends, family, and even clothing rental companies. Rather than splurge on one item that you'll only wear once, you can exchange items with your friends or have an item delivered to your door, all you need to do afterwards is send it back in perfect condition.

Fast Fixes

Fixing your wardrobe and filling it with items that you love rather than just like, or have even bought for the sake of it, can transform your style while still giving you plenty of options the next time you head out. A refreshed wardrobe is something that makes you feel better about all your clothes and means you'll step outside with more confidence than you've ever had before.

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Dealing With Mental Health Amidst A Pandemic

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This is a collaborative post (not written by me).

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been one of the hardest years that many of us will ever have to experience in our lifetimes. Whilst numbers are very much dropping, the virus is still at large. It’s understandable that worries and fears about the virus may have negatively affected your mental health and today, we’re going to talk about the best ways to deal with depression and other mental health problems amidst a pandemic.

Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels

Don’t believe everything you read in the media

While it’s important to stay up to date on news surrounding the virus, the media are notorious for creating clickbait articles that are used as scaremongering techniques. Using only trusted sources such as the BBC website and app will ensure that you’re reading accurate information and advice. Staying away or reducing your time on social media may also help relieve your worries and fears.

Use regular relaxation techniques

This is a scary time for everyone, so practising calming techniques is important for mental well-being. However, when you suffer from depression and anxiety, these fears are amplified and can be difficult to alleviate. Here are some tried and testing relaxation techniques:

Use the grounding method. Find something you can see, smell, taste, and touch. This will help calm anxiety and help you gain clarity on what’s actually happening.

Practise yoga. It’s an amazing way to stay in shape and also promotes breathing techniques to help keep you calm.

Consider using CBD to help diminish your fears. You can read here how CBD oil can help with depression.

Distracting yourself is a fantastic short-term solution for calming anxiety. Read a book, play a game, or even try cooking that dish you’ve been wanting to make - you’ll feel better sooner than you think!

Speak to family and friends

One thing that may help tackle your depression during this pandemic is talking to your family and friends. We’re all in the same boat and it’s very likely your loved ones have the same worries. Whether it’s your parents, your best friend, or even someone you went to school with, talking it out can make a massive difference. 

Take necessary precautions

Did you know the reason we feel anxious is our minds trying to protect us? So naturally at a time like this, your mind is going to go into overdrive. Taking the necessary precautions as issued by the government will give you peace of mind that you’re doing everything in your power to keep yourself safe. Here are some safety guidelines in regards to the pandemic.

Remember that you’re not alone!

Finally, always remember that you’re not alone! As mentioned earlier, we’re all in the same boat throughout this pandemic, and it’s important not to shut yourself off from those who care about you. Remember if you feel that you cannot cope to speak to your GP as soon as possible, and they will be able to direct you to the right method of care. Together we can beat mental health difficulties amidst the pandemic!

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo