My new dressing table

I've ALWAYS wanted a dressing table, ever since I was a small girl.

Finally last week I got one. My aunt gave it to me and I've just finished putting all my make up in it.


I'm in love with another man... who's very good at make up! 

I came across make up guru Wayne Goss on Nicoletta's blog last week and over the following few days I spent about 8 hours watching his videos (and I'm still not through them all!)

An evening with Henry Rollins

Last night J and I went to see Henry Rollins give a spoken word performance locally.

Almost poetically sad

There's sad and then there's beat-your-breast-whilst-reciting-Byron-sad.

Happy New Year to YOU!

New Year always leaves me in a reflective mood.

Years ago it was because I was very unhappy with my life, my job, my prospects, etc. The love of a good man changes all :) These days I'm disabled and don't work, and I'm as happy as proverbial Larry! I now know that self-worth and self-esteem come from within, whereas I used to beat myself up for not being a nuclear physicist or brain surgeon.