Fatshion February 28/02

Hello sweet peas,

It's the last Fatshion February post already, and today's look is a bit of a punky one.

I'm wearing:
Glitter bow, Beauxoxo
Necklace, Extreme Largeness
Dress, past season New Look Inspire
Leggings, past season Yours Clothing
Boots, past season New Look wide fit
Skull bag, eBay

There was a lovely sunset yesterday so here are some photos of that too.

Have a great weekend! I'm not sure what we're doing yet, but I look forward to some fresh air and exercise.
Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Beauty | Makeup Revolution Atomic lipstick collection

Hello loves,

I have swatches of the Makeup Revolution Atomic lipstick collection today. If you've been reading my blog a while you'll know I'm a big Makeup Rev fan, especially of their eyeshadow palettes.

At just £1 each, how do these lipsticks fare? Read on.

First of all the packaging of these lipsticks is horrible. I'd happily pay £2 for each lipstick if the packaging was better. The products are fine but they're housed in totally infuriating packaging. A couple of these lipsticks were almost impossible to use - the twisting mechanism is so stiff anyone with arthritis or weak wrists would never be able to use them. I really struggled! Two of them broke off at the base when I lightly swatched them, too. This is the 3rd lipstick in total I've had do this from Makeup Rev. And then there are the lids that come off constantly in my makeup bag as the tube and the lids aren't a close fit. MUA (as far as I'm aware) use the same packaging for their lipsticks and I've never had a problem with those being too stiff to use (although they have the same problem with the loose lids.) Perhaps as the demand for these Makeup Rev products is so high quality control is non existent? Who knows! I now use a layer of washi tape to add a bit more dimension to the cases so the lids fit better.

That aside, let's move on to the colour, scent and formulas. All of these lipsticks last 2-3 hours on me, which is average for me as I have a very dry mouth and drink water a lot.

I love Magnificent, and it has a frosted sheen to it which reminds me of 80s lipsticks. It's reasonably moisturising and smells like vanilla. The mechanism in this lipstick is so squeaky and stiff I can barely use it. I'm trying to turn it so hard the plastic is almost breaking. I think I'll decant these lipsticks to a lipstick palette...see more on that at the end of the post!


Make it right is a little drying on me, but it's nothing a layer of lip balm before application can't sort. It smells a little bit like a crayon, but I don't mind as this is a relatively unusual colour, and MR do hard to get colours brilliantly.


Make me tonight is actually a really unusual dark brown/black colour which veers towards dark berry in certain lights. Shall I call it brerry?! ;) I feel this would look better over a dark lipliner, as this applies quite thinly, but I look forward to having a play with this. It smells strongly of crayon but I don't mind again as the colour is unusual. I find it quite moisturising.


Ruby is a stonker of a colour - I love it! The formula is lovely and smooth, there's no drag and it smells of vanilla. The mechanism is stiff on this one too. This one feels moisturising too.


Serpent is just a fantastic colour, isn't it? As soon as I saw this lipstick for sale I was ecstatic. Far from being a woman who shies away from colour as she ages, I'm embracing my eccentricity early! You can see in the photo below the lid came off and got mushed up. The colour is a bit patchy and next time I wear it I will load up with green eyeshadow over the top to give it some depth, or maybe even apply it over black lipstick. This is a tiny bit drying too.


Bottom line: For a pound, I can put up with slight drying from some of the shades, as lip balm beforehand is no biggie. I can put up with a crayon smell. Hell, I can even put up with poorly formulated lipsticks that break off at the base and then lay at an angle, because I can always use a lip brush and scoop the goo off the inside of the tube. But I'm really no fan of tubes that are barely usuable.

This a varied little collection and at the price, these colours are phenomenal. Ruby is my favourite, closely followed by Serpent. I do recommend you buy these lipsticks if you love unusual colours as much as me. As I said at the start of the post, I wish the packaging were better......and that there was a Makeup Revolution stand at my local Superdrug! Then I'd be able to test the tubes to make sure they're not jammed.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? If so, what did you think? Have you had any problems with Makeup Revolution lipsticks?

You can buy Makeup Revolution on their website, in select Superdrug stores and on Superdrug.com. The newest lines launch on their website before Superdrug.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

Fatshion February 26/02

Hello loves,

What's this?! An outfit post 2 days running. Unheard of in these parts lately!

This is what I threw on to meet my friend and ex-workmate Dan in town. I was feeling particularly animated after I got back, as you will see from all the face-pulling in the photos. I think I was high on the sugar from my lunchtime lemonade. :) Rock and roll, that's me!

I feel like I've worn this dress recently, but I can't remember if it was on the blog or just out and about. It could have used a belt, a tan one to match my boots. I need a wide tan belt. For another green and tan outfit, have a look at Lolly's post, which inspired me to wear green and tan. I LOVE that dress!

These leggings are my favourites at the moment. Someone tear them off my body!

Yesterday's sunset
I'm wearing:

Necklace, Christmas present
Cardi, Yours Clothing via Oxfam
Dress, past season New Look Inspire
Lace side leggings, Yours Clothing
Boots, Fashion World

The pink eye is getting better with the aid of hot compresses, and the stickiness and itchiness has nearly all gone. I'm left with some swelling on my left lid, and it's making my left eye look tiny close up. That was the most affected eye, so hopefully it'll be fine in a couple of days. I put some make up on for going into town as I'm too vain to venture far without it. I used cotton buds, making sure to use different ones for each eye and never 'double dipping' so I didn't contaminate my eyeshadow. I'm still having to give mascara and eyeliner a miss until it's fully cleared up though, and I'm hating it!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

Unconditional Body Beautiful part 2 - The heart

Hello, here's part 2 of Rebecca's Unconditional Body Beautiful body posi challenge.

I've chosen to not use the word 'bust' in the title to keep strange men away. ;)


This is about how do you feel about your bust? How does it influence your fashion choices? How do your girls influence your day to day life? Are you happy with the size of them in relation to the rest of your body? Do you have a bra-drama story to tell?

If you could get a boob job, would you? Have you? Do you think your chest defines your femininity? Or not?

I'm at peace with my boobs now, because I've realised mine are perfectly normal, and perfectly unique. Growing up it was a different matter entirely, as this was the era of Baywatch and page 3 boobs shoved in my face every time I saw a Sun newspaper, and there was zero representation of bodies like mine in the media. In fact it was only a few years ago when I joined Tumblr that I started to see lots of different bodies and lots of different boobs and realised mine were absolutely fine. My partners have always liked my boobs but I don't think it's a good idea to base my self esteem on other people's opinions of my body. They've gone up and down in size as I have, but they've usually been reasonably in proportion to the rest of me so I have no complaints. I don't tend to wear blouses or shirts much because of the issue of straining buttons over my bust, but it's a small problem and there are no other issues I find with clothes because of my boobs.

Bras however have been the bane of my life. I wish I had a pound for every time I've been stabbed by a broken underwire or waved goodbye to a £20+ bra when the wire has popped out and refused to go back in no matter how many times I sewed it back in. I have a bra graveyard full of bras I can't bear to part with but are essentially useless. On top of that there's always been the compromise between comfort and uplift. I love my Goddess bras, and they are very comfortable, but they don't give me a cleavage and don't really do much for lift either. I have 2 Evans concealed wire bras which give phenomenal lift and a killer cleavage. I'd forgotten my boobs could look like this!

I don't think boobs make a person feminine or not. Are women with very small boobs less feminine? Nope. Kate Moss has done very well for herself, wouldn't you agree? Does a woman who has a mastectomy become less of a woman? Of course not. Femininity is an incredibly complex thing made up of a mixture of physical characteristics, attitude and gestures and I think both men and women share a mixture of feminine and masculine qualities. Boobs do not equal femininity. I'm glad I have them, but I would be no less of a woman without them.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Fatshion February 25/02

Hello pickles,

Everything in this outfit is old, but I have some suggestions for similar things at the bottom of the page. I'm trying to wear things that haven't seen the light of day for a while. I've had this Spiral Direct t shirt for probably close to 10 years. I love gargoyles and stained glass windows so buying this tee was a no-brainer. As usual I slashed the neck and cut some length off the sleeves.

Because of the pink eye I still can't wear any eye makeup (or I'll contaminate it) so I decided to do strong brows and lips today. I'm not used to seeing myself in an outfit without eye make up so I think I look weird, but the pink eye seems to be a bit better today.

I haven't looked at Spiral Direct for years but I'm pleased to say they've increased their size range and a ladies size XXL fits a size 22-26. The men's XXL fits up to a 52 inch chest so there's quite a lot of scope there for plus size people of an alternative bent. 

I'm wearing:

Hair flower, OWHH Millinery flower of the month club - You can find out more about the flower of the month club from Sarah's blog - she's an OWHH street team member and has a discount code you can use
T-shirt, Spiral Direct
Sheer skirt, Yours Clothing
Shoes, from a friend

What's the oldest t-shirt you've got? When my mum moved last year she discovered 2 mint condition Motley Crue t shirts I bought over 20 years ago, so I think those are my oldest ones.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

My weekend up north

Hello lovelies,

We had a grand weekend up in Ramsbottom in Lancashire, and here's what we got up to.

We left home after James finished work on Thursday. Sometimes we drive straight to a destination, but if we're going to our friends R & M in Lancashire (almost 300 miles) we usually break the journey up. We stayed at a bargain hotel on Thursday and took a leisurely drive through the Peak District on Friday. The highlight of the drive was Stoney Middleton, a small village in the middle of huge towering rocks, with babbling brooks right by the roadside and little caves peeking out from behind the trees. We'd love to explore it on foot some time. We stopped for lunch at a pub we've been to before, the Lamb Inn in Chinley in the High Peaks. It's a cosy pub with friendly staff which does great food. I'd recommend it if you're in the area.

On the journey - a church in Basford, Cheshire/Stoney Middleton, Derbyshire/The Lamb Inn/Stoney Middleton again.

My lunch. I rarely eat healthily when we eat out. It's rare to eat out (we generally only do it on trips away) so I treat myself!

On Saturday we went to explore the local area. We drove most of the way to Bolton and stopped off at Jumbles Country Park, but there was a ferocious wind whipping up off the lake and I get horrific muscle spasms for hours if I stay out in the cold so we headed back to the warm car within about 2 minutes! Ha. After that we went for a drive along all the high parts of the surrounding areas, and we experienced the most changeable weather we've ever seen. Within about half an hour there was sunshine, snow, hail, torrential rain and sunshine again - the photo of me by the lake was taken in the same hour as the photo of me with snow in my hair. After the drive we stopped off in The Railway in Rammy for lunch. I had a cheese pie. James always has chips, so I never take photos of his food. The food was great and the staff were friendly, and it was so warm in there, which was much appreciated as I was freezing. It was much colder in the north and I really felt it, especially with the constant high winds up there. I need a coat made of a duvet. ;)

Our friends' cat KD/Me at Jumbles Nature Reserve/me in Holcombe/lunch in a pub in Ramsbottom

The lake at Jumbles/one of the many beautiful views we saw on our drive

Look at that snowy peak! LOVE.

On the way back from the drive and before lunch we stopped off at Holcombe Emmanuel Church, which has an absolutely beautiful graveyard with views of the Peel Monument, and rolling hills all around. We've never really explored locally on our visits to Rammy before and I fell in love with those rolling hills and snowy peaks. I can honestly say I didn't miss our sea view once.

On Saturday evening some friends came round and we got riotously drunk. I had vodka, chili vodka, Fire Eater cinnamon/whiskey liqueur and pink champagne. We watched R & M's wedding video and laughed and cried (well, I cried anyway!) It was especially sad as we were having fun and R was in hospital with complications from pregnancy, so I felt guilty for having a good time. I only felt tender the next day for about 5 minutes (miracles!) but James was rather ill and had to pray to the porcelain god a couple of times. Oops.

We had a horrible drive home because the weather threw everything at us again - snow, rain, hail, high winds etc. There was also a car crash - 4 lanes on the motorway went down to one. We stopped off in Kent at my aunt's house for tea - she lives right by the M25 - and headed on home after a couple of hours rest, getting home about 9 and a half hours after we first set off. Was it all worth it? Of course! I had a great time -  I got to fuss a cute cat all weekend long and saw some friends I hadn't seen for about 7 months. I just wish R had been there to experience all the fun with us.

So that's my weekend! How was yours?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

Fatshion Feb 23/02


Sorry for the radio silence, I've been up north visiting friends. We stayed in Ramsbottom, near Bury in Lancashire. Here's an outfit I wore on Friday, as we travelled up. We stayed at a hotel near Melton Mowbray on Thursday and had a leisurely drive up through the Peak District on Friday.

I bought this dress on eBay and it cost about £8.50 including postage. It's from ASOS Curve originally and I liked it at the time but dithered and missed out. I'm glad I managed to find it for such a good price. I love the autumnal colours. It might be considered a bit 'nana's curtains' for some but I love it.

It's really comfortable and the long sleeves are great for this time of year.

I'm wearing:

Dress, ASOS Curve via eBay
Lace side leggings, Yours Clothing
Chain back boots, New Look wide fit

The weekend was fantastic, but marred a bit with bad luck. I had hideous period pains going up and coming back, but that pales into insignificance in comparison to my friend we went to visit, who spent the whole weekend in hospital with pregnancy complications. :(

I've come back with pink eye in both eyes so won't be wearing any eye makeup until that clears up. I have some beauty posts to come, a post about what we did and some photos from oop north, and will no doubt do some outfit photos without eye make up - hail Leah the amazing tiny-eyed mole woman! Hahaha.

I'm going to catch up on replies to blog comments now. Have a great week!
Leah xoxo

Fatshion February 20/02

Hello loves,

In this outfit I'm the jolly green giant! I usually plan what I'm going to wear before I get up in the mornings, and I had a fancy for green this day. The headscarf doesn't match the green of my dress or tights, but never mind. I just wrapped it around my head, tied it in a bow and turned it to the side of my head. Ta-da! I wore the lacy cardi to tie in with the lace on the dress, and because lace and florals go together like cheese and pickle in my mind. 

This is another pair of those cheapo eBay tights, and I've noticed a definite size discrepancy, I'm sorry to say. The purple and red ones had a seam at the front and 2 at the back and fitted pretty well, but these ones and a mustard pair I bought have 2 front seams and 2 rear and don't fit as well. I'm bummed, especially as some of you will have bought these on my suggestion. Having said that though, some of you might not be as bountiful in the hip department as me. Talking of hips, I was watching a program the other day about 4 ladies with big hips, including a lady with 99 inch hips. All the ladies loved their big hips and it's inspired me to love my bountiful back end a little more!

I'm wearing:
Headscarf, Christmas present
Dress, past season New Look Inspire
Cardi, from Mookie
40 denier tights, eBay
Patent wedges, past season Evans
Handbag, past season Primark

You may have noticed throughout Fatshion February I've been wearing more separates than dresses. For me, wearing a dress is the lazy option. I can go to the wardrobe on autopilot and pull any dress out and chuck something together. I've been deliberately trying to use separates and older stuff so I have to think a bit and dig out stuff I haven't worn in a while....but today I felt inspired to wear green and I actually haven't got too much of it.

Have a great weekend!
Leah xoxo

Beauty | ELF Cream Eyeliners in Coffee & Black

Hello lovelies,

I've been feeling a little more energetic over the last few days and I've decided to so some beauty swatches. I've had these eyeliners for months but have only just got around to swatching them, and I'm so happy I did, because I love them.


Each eyeliner is 4.7g in a glass pot with a plastic lid and comes with a tiny brush which is actually great to apply the eyeliner with. I have eyeliner brushes but I find it really easy to use the brush it comes with, even though it's only about 2 inches long. As you can see from the swatches above, the brown is very matte and the black is more glossy. It's £3.95.

The shade Coffee is actually a great match for my eyebrows, and because it dries solid after about 15 seconds, it's fantastic at defining my brows and keeping them in place too. I've been using eyebrow powder for the last 4-5 years, and it always makes my brows look a bit muddy and indistinct, whereas the eyeliner gives a really crisp line. This is my new brow product of choice.


In the swatches of eyeliner (in both colours) on my lower lash line you can see a golden tinge, and that's left over from the gold eyeliner I had on previously in the day. I couldn't see the gold with the naked eye, but the camera has picked it up.


Here's the black, again with a few specks of gold hanging on from the previous eyeliner. I tried the black on my waterline to test how it lasts on my very watery, sensitive eyes and a few hours later it was mostly all there. I removed the remaining eyeliner at about 2 am when I went to bed (I had black on one eye and brown on the other) and despite having a good cry earlier in the evening the black was mostly still in place. The brown hadn't fared quite so well on my eye, but was pristine on my eyebrow. I'm not sure if I rubbed the eye with the brown more or if the black lasts longer. Both colours did dry and flake a little after a few hours which needed clean up with a wet cotton bud, but that happens no matter what eyeliner I wear. If you try to wipe the flakes away dry you'll get streaks of it on your face if you're not careful. I always carry cotton buds in my makeup bag in my handbag for such things. Even expensive eyeliners like Urban Decay give me slight panda eyes after a few hours, so it's no deal-breaker for me.

Have you tried these eyeliners? If so, how did you find them?

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

P.S. There will be more regular beauty posts for the time being (as long as I have the energy to swatch, because beauty swatches can be a time-consuming ball ache.) I'm kind of more into makeup than clothes at the moment - having sworn off both Simply Be and New Look Inspire has me running short of options - so I'm buying makeup more often than clothes.

Fatshion February 18/02

Hello you,

Today I'm wearing something old and something new(ish.) The t-shirt is from Evans and was a present about 5 years ago, I think, and I'm wearing my ASOS Curve tulle skirt again.

I noticed something scary today when I was editing these photos ready to publish. I noticed my internal monologue, ever critical. I consider myself to be a quite confident person but I gave myself a bit of a shock. I found a different grumble as I looked at every new photo. 'My nose looks so big!' 'God, my eye bags and crow's feet are more noticeable than ever!' And you know what? I do have a big nose, and if you knew my dad's side of the family, you'd say I got off lightly as we have some seriously strong noses!

And yes, with every passing day I'm ageing. My crow's feet - or smile lines as I prefer to call them - ARE getting more noticeable as time passes, because I love to smile and because I'm ageing every day. My eye bags/fine lines are really bad at the moment because I'm retraining my body out of it's nocturnal thing and getting by on a lot less sleep. But more than that, I'm 41 in less than 2 months and my face reflects that. I've decided to do something quite radical and CHOOSE to love my ageing face, just as I chose to love my body in the face of a world obsessed with thinness. We can't change the ageing process, but we can change our attitude to it.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking crappy thoughts about yourself? Now I know I do it, every time it happens I'm going to counter it with a thing I love about myself.

I'm wearing:
Necklace, old Bluebirds and Daisies
Earrings, Extreme Largeness
T-shirt, old Evans
Mesh tiered skirt, past season ASOS Curve
Shoes, Very (sold out now)
Bracelets, old & assorted
Flower ring, old Primark
Handbag, old Primark - you can see a better photo of it in this post

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

Simplifying my life part 2

Hello muffins!

In the spirit of being an awesome human being who has time for the people who are there for me, there are a few more things I've done to limit the amount of noise coming into my head and diverting me from things I should be doing (like ringing my mum.)

More selective viewing on Facebook

Ah Facebook, ye olde productivity sucker. I took up Margot's suggestion about swapping bloggers' fan page likes on my personal Facebook account to my blog Facebook account. I think it's about 50/50 now. It means that when I go to Facebook, I'm seeing half as much blog news as I was before, which is doing me the world of good as before I was having blogging shoved down my neck 24/7. As well as spending an hour or two a day on writing, photographing, editing photos, coming up with ideas etc etc there are the endless emails coming into my blog account which carry propositions so odd in some cases I take a week to come up with a polite response. These emails can come in day or night, a constant 'work' reminder. There is no time off as long as I'm near my phone or laptop. Then going onto Facebook and seeing everyone else's 'work' was making me feel like my head would explode. Things are a little better now. If I want to catch up with ALL the bloggers I follow on Facebook (remember I follow all their blogs as well, so a lot of this stuff I'm seeing twice a day anyway) I just use FB as Just Me Leah. My sanity is coming back.

Blog reading

I like to be well read and read blogs about plus size fashion, beauty, animals, urban exploration and a heap of other stuff, and often in multiples of the same category. I've been strict with myself about the things I do want to see and what I don't. I hit 'read' on all of these posts now to save time:

Fragrance posts - It's such a personal thing. I know what my favourite scent ingredients are (mainly vetiver, unfffff) and I'd sooner go onto a site like Fragrantica and search for perfumes containing that rather than read 27 reviews of the same pop star fragrance a week.
Lush posts - I have nothing against Lush - I used to be as addicted as the next girl. The trouble is EVERYONE loves Lush and that means my feed is a frenzy of people who may possible masturbate over those little black paper bags of smelly goodness. 
Empties posts - Why, just why? I never have the urge to root through my bin to show you what I've used. Shall I start - here are some soiled sanitary towels, and how about a few used tea bags? Why do it with lotions and potions? Next!
Haul posts - Beauty or fashion. I don't need any temptation to spend. I have to avoid them as they trigger me to want alllllll the things.
Recipe posts* - Because part of getting older and wiser is knowing yourself. As much as I can read a recipe and think 'I'm going to cook that!' am I hell! I like to throw whatever I've got in into a pot, the oven or the slow cooker and see what happens. (*Unless we're talking cocktails and then I. am. down. for. that.)
Diet posts - Everyone is entitled to write about their quest to shrink themselves. However, having spent over 25 years of my life dieting, I am not at all interested in reading the intricasies of your food, weight loss and bowel habits. At all. Ever. Even if you're weally weally special. Kthxbai. 
People who can't spell or punctuate - no I don't mean whose first language is not English, nor people who make the occasional spelling/punctuation cock up (because I make plenty!) I mean people who can't spell at all and have paragraphs that come to about 1000 words without a single piece of punctuation. I kid you not I once copy and pasted someone's entire blog post into Word to see what the word count was because there was noooooo punctuation in the whole thing. Then I read it aloud to James in a sing song voice until I nearly passed out through lack of air. Yes, I'm that bitch. That kind of thing makes my eyes bleed, my jaw clamp and my fists want to lightly massage someone in the face. Spell check peoples. There's an add on for that. P.S. It's could have/could've not 'could of'. It's my pleasure.
Clickbait/sensationalism - Drama for the sake of getting a reaction. If I want a bit of controversy or want my blood pressure to go up quicker than a porn star's wang, I only have to look at the Daily Fail comments section or go about my life as a fat woman giving no effs. I don't need to feed anyone's quest for their 15 minutes seconds of fame.

P.S. I'm hormonal. Yes again. I have approximately 10 days a month when I'm not in hormone hell, and I've used them all up for this month. What really gets your goat about blogging?

Tell all.

I'm Daxon's first Blogger Ambassador!


If you haven't seen it on my social media, I'm thrilled to announce I'm Daxon's first ever Blogger Ambassador.

I'm so excited, humbled, thrilled and lots of other superlatives. I can't wait to get cracking.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Beauty | Direct Cosmetics Makeup Haul*

Hiya lovelies!

I was recently contacted by Direct Cosmetics who offered me some items to try. I chose several different make up and nail polish products, which all came to under £30 which is fantastic value.

I think we've probably all had a bargain makeup experience at some point where the items received are battered and past their best but everything I received was utterly pristine aesthetically and of a quality you would expect if you'd bought it in a high street store. My order came in a sturdy box with plenty of bubble wrap to protect everything. With a few different options available, P&P starts at just £1.95 in the UK. They also ship to some European countries. I can't fault the service from Direct Cosmetics in any way - it's a big thumbs up from me. They also do fragrance, skincare, bath and body, haircare and tanning products and there are so many bargains to be found. Just some of the brands on offer are Maybelline, Clinique, Bourjois, Max Factor, NYC, Revlon, Urban Decay, L'Oreal etc etc.

I picked 3 W7 eyeshadow palettes (two of which are duplicates - dupes - of the Urban Decay Naked palettes), 5 Nicole by OPI polishes and 4 Sally Hansen polishes.

I got:

W7 In The Buff eyeshadow palette £4.99 (UD Naked palette 2 dupe)
W7 In The Nude eyeshadow palette £4.99 (UD Naked palette 3 dupe)
W7 Naked Nudes eyeshadow palette (not on website currently but I think it was between £2.50 and £2.99)
Sally Hansen nail quad with makeup purse £4.95
Nicole by OPI Nail Strengthener £1.99
Nicole by OPI Back In My Gloria Days (purple) £1.99
Nicole by OPI I Stop For Nicole (red) £1.99
Nicole by OPI Pink-Nic In The Park (sheer pink) £1.99
Nicole by OPI Great Minds Pink Alike (bright pink) £1.99

Top palette In The Nude/Bottom palette In The Buff. Nail polish top Back In My Gloria Days/middle I Stop For Nicole/bottom Pink-Nic In The Park

Can a girl have too many neutral eyeshadows? (Or eyeshadows in general?) Nope!

I'll be posting swatches and reviews of the rest of the products in the near future. If there's anything in particular you want reviewed and swatched first, let me know in the comments.

Have you ever purchased from Direct Cosmetics?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

*Products supplied by Direct Cosmetics. Opinions are honest and my own.

Fatshion February 16/02


This weekend James and I went to Kent to see my family so I wanted to wear something casual and relaxed for the journey. A new shirt I ordered from Boohoo+ came Saturday morning so I wore it, of course! It's a size 24 but so oversized I think it would fit a person of a size 30-32 easily. Excuse the photos - they were taken on my phone.

I don't think this outfit works from an aesthetic perspective, but it was comfortable, and I needed comfort as we did a lot of walking and driving on Saturday. We had to go to 2 different towns to collect things for my aunt and after that I was hunched over for a couple of hours helping my step dad figure out how to use his new laptop. I kept trying to rest but he was impatient in that way only toddlers and grown men can be! (Aren't they the same?!) I spent so long at an awkward angle I've injured my lower back - it's super painful and I can't straighten up properly because it's so stiff. Add some stabbing pains in my back and the occasional shooting pain down my thighs and I'm really not impressed. Bah humbug!

You can't really see it as I'm wearing the shirt over something black, but it's sheer. It's a nice twist on a checked shirt. It has a stepped hem at the back so it covers up my bum.

I'm wearing:

Hollie tartan oversized shirt, Boohoo+
Dipped hem batwing top, Yours Clothing
Yours Clothing leggings with lace side trim
Chain back boots, past season New Look wide fit
Hair flower, past season New Look

Thanks for reading. Have a great week!
Leah xoxo