Goals for 2015 and weight loss ain't one of them

Hello lovelies!

It's THAT time of the year where everyone and his dog vows to go on a cabbage diet and jog for 4 hours a day as well as single handedly bringing about world peace. Too much sarcasm? ;)

Call them resolutions, goals or aims, the intent at this time of year is usually the same - drastic change. Drastic change as inferred because the current you isn't good enough. Well I say FUCK THAT.

I'm all about slow and steady change, realistic goals and no self-flagellation (unless that's your kink, of course!)

Here's what I'm aiming for next year.

  1. Using washing up gloves when I wash up as my hands are looking a bit ropey these days. Bonus - my nails should split less if I do. This is the first thing that came to mind - random or what?!
  2. Up the exercise because joints that work in old age are great. I'm going to get back into yoga and have swingy, lubricated joints rather than ones which creak in the cold. If moving more makes things shrink a bit then so be it, but my goal is strength and ease of movement for now and the future. I might even buy some light weights and do a bit of lifting. I hear it's very good for you. RAAAAAAAH!
  3. Spend less money on me and more on things for the flat. We've been here nearly 5 years and will hopefully be here at least a couple more. I have this thing where I never really do anything to a place we rent as it never feels like home, but then it'll never feel like home if I don't do anything to it. ;) I say I as James would rather chop his third leg off than do DIY.
  4. Buy less overall. I've come back from my Christmas in Kent and London with a real bee in my bonnet about simplifying my life and getting rid of clutter. If I buy less overall there'll be less to look after, and thus less stress for me. 
  5. Take my bloody asthma inhalers. I'm one stupid asthmatic. My lungs slam shut when it's as cold as this but do I remember to take the things which help me breathe? Not usually.
  6. Get back on my skin care game. I've let it slip the last few months as I've been under the winter blues, and it shows. Moar exfoliation! Milia, be gone, you stubborn wee shits!
  7. Start doing date nights with hubby. We'll have been together 12 years in April and I feel the need for some special times to make things feel more lovey-dovey. His ideal night in involves him lovingly caressing his pc, and I need to drag him out of the house occasionally.
  8. Drink more water. It'll make my skin and hair look so much better. I've given up Coke/Pepsi (except for the occasional one every couple of weeks) and I'm drinking sugar free squash instead so hopefully it'll be relatively easy to do. 
  9. Continue to try new things in fashion, but definitely thrift more things rather than buying new. I'm putting myself on a Simply Be and New Look ban. I'm banning Simply Be as I have a big bill to pay off, and I'm nixing New Look as I'm still not happy with them removing Inspire from stores. (I still buy bags and shoes from them, but not clothes and I haven't done in a couple of months.)
  10. Be more me - even if this means less people want to work with me on the blog. As much as it's nice to be sent things, I'd sooner squeeze in the odd swear word for emphasis than worry about whether this puts a potential collaborator off. I constantly self-censor, but I'm tiring of it. It doesn't mean every other word will start with an F or a C, you can expect things as they are now (only one F word in this post, whooo!) I also mean I'll be more honest - about my mental health and how it affects me (I feel like I've been stuck on a rollercoaster for the last few months, the highs and lows have been so extreme) and everything else. I feel there's a slight shift happening in blogging and the ultra-polished magazine-feel blogs (although they have their place) are losing popularity to people who write with honesty and heart. I love real blogs - even if they expose ugly emotions or trying times. Ultimately I connect to people who struggle, because I think we all do in life from time to time. 
  11. Either start swatching my enormous 'to blog' make up pile or give up on that idea and just USE IT goddamnit.
That's about it for now. None of these aims stem from 'I hate myself' because I bloody don't, and because this time of year is absolutely toxic for that. Ugh. It makes me come out in hives just thinking about all the dozens of people I'm going to see on social media promising everyone (and themselves) a 'better them' as they feel the current one is unacceptable. Please know you are fine as you are, that the world is totally fucked up when it comes to body image (oh bum, that's 2 eff words now!) but if you do want to change something about yourself - do all things from a position of love, and all will be well. I promise. You rock, you've got this, and whatever may or may not happen this coming year, you are still perfect and loveable and precious, so please know that, and don't beat yourself up. OK?

Tell me 3 things you want to achieve in 2015 which stem from self-love, not self hatred. Go go go!

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

Christmas Eve outfit post || Lady V monochrome polka

Happy Christmas Eve! (Happy Thursday if you don't celebrate.)

Today I'm giving my Lady V London dress another wear.

This is the dress that Georgina from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust designed and it is a doozy of a dress!

I'm wearing my new ASOS Curve belt to hide the join under the bust where the pattern doesn't line up, and I like it like this.

The skirt is so full it can accommodate a full petticoat - I will wear my frothy Domino Dollhouse petticoat with it next time to give the bottom half a bit more oomph.

I'm wearing:

Polka dot hairband, past season New Look
Christmas hair piece, blogger Nancy from Sugar Darling (last year.)
Estella dress, Lady V London
Necklace, Drown Soda (no longer in business.)
Obi belt, ASOS Curve
Shoes, past season Evans

If I don't 'see' you until the other side, have a fabulous Christmas. I hope you get everything you need, and a couple of things you want. ;)

Leah xoxo

Winter knits with Fashion World* and Outfit Post

Hello Christmas puddings!

Ah, the conundrum that is the Christmas post! This post should have been up days ago but I was awaiting an item which was snarled up in Santa's giftmas bonanza!

I'm wearing:
Shrug, Fashionworld.co.uk £28
Necklace, New Look
Purple embellished waist dress Yours Clothing
Chunky heel glitter shoes, New Look
Gingerbread man handbag New Look

I think this is my favourite Christmas outfit so far and I know I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this shrug.

Thanks for reading, and in case this is the last blog of mine you read before the big day - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS! Have a fab time. xoxoxo

*Item provided by Fashion World. Opinions are honest and my own. 

Outfit Post || Oh Christmas Tree!

Hello pickles!

I'm posting an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago before my hair cut. Mookie gave me this dress and it immediately reminded me of a Christmas tree with baubles on it.

Megan glitter star halo, Crown and Glory
Wreath necklace, Hootie McBoutique
Dress, clothes swap with Mookie (not sure where it's from, there's no label in it, but I guess it's old anyway.)
180 denier tights, Big Bloomers Company
Cynthia embellished bow shoes, Very.co.uk

Just a quickie today, gotta run!

I hope your Christmas prep is going well (if you celebrate it) and if not, I hope Monday is being kind to you!

Catch ya later,
Leah xoxo

Surviving a fat Christmas


Christmastime can be difficult in so many ways, but one of the most trying things can be interacting with people you might only see once a year - people who might think because you share blood or a tenuous  connection that they have the right to comment on your body, and invariably the food you put into it in their presence.

So much of Christmas is centred around sharing food in the presence of other people and this can be a minefield, although it should be joyful. In the past I have dreaded (and starved my way through) social occasions where there's food because of the judgement I know will be coming my way if I should so much as dip a chunk of carrot into some hummus at the buffet. Not any more. It's always the way that you might have a plate full of salad but a body judger will fixate on the pork pie you've got in there. It just speaks of their superiority complex and little as a reflection of you, so I'm going to create some comebacks as possible retorts to shaming fools. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Really rude relatives/family friends

"Wow, you've got fat/piled on the weight/etc!"

  • And you're just as charming as ever!
  • Thanks for noticing. It's hard work maintaining this physique!
  • What gives you the right to assume you can comment on my body? (For particularly annoying pillocks, put emphasis on the YOU.)
  • Wow, how rude are you?
  • I didn't realise you were with the diet police.
  • What has it got to do with you?
  • How dare you!
  • Are you drunk? I assume you'd have to be to think you had the right to comment on MY body.
  • Fuck off. 
  • Call them out on it - say to their spouse or another family member "Did you hear this? Uncle Alan just told me I'd put on weight! How rude!"
The food moderator

"Are you going to eat that/are you really having seconds?"

  • Yes, thanks! *cram food in your face sideways, slurping appreciatively*
  • Lick it thoroughly then say "Why, do you want it?"
  • I was going to, but now you've been so rude, perhaps not. 
  • Why, is it poisoned?!
  • What has it got to do with you?
  • Fuck off. 
  • Well since we drove 2 hours to be here and missed lunch, yes I bloody well am!
  • *side-eye their 3rd helping* Are you serious?!
The health judger

"Wow, that gateau/cheese/whatever is really fattening/calorific etc"
  • No shit, Sherlock!
  • Noooo! I thought it had the calorific make up of celery!
  • Where did you obtain your doctorate, oh wise one?
  • I know! *crams into face*
  • I find having a treat now and then is better than being an uptight arsehole (this is better with a toss of the hair and flouncing off in a cloud of fabulousness.)
  • How does that affect you, exactly?
  • Fuck off
The thing you have to bear in mind is this: people who feel they can comment on your body or what you put into it in the presence of other family members and friends are self-righteous tools who assume you will be too ashamed to reply with the same rudeness they've shown you. In family situations we often feel we should respect people no matter what (especially if they're older than us) but I say bollocks to that! Respect is earned, not given, and if someone shows me no respect and actively tries to humiliate me in front of other people, the gloves are off. Don't be afraid to show people up for the rude, ill mannered fools they are. They are bolstered up with self righteousness and assured you'll never dare to answer them back. You deserve better than that. Don't take any crap. Put them back in their place and carry on having fun. It's what Christmas is all about! Don't let anybody's judgement spoil this time of year for you.

I have my own way of dealing with such people, but it might not be for everyone. I have an uncle who sometimes greets me with 'Hello fatty!' when he sees me so I reply with 'Hello short arse!' Our family is weird though, because we insult people out of fondness. Of course I didn't get this when I was a kid though, and had a really hard time at Christmas especially.

I almost hate to say it but the people who've shamed me about food or my weight at Christmas have almost always been men (and older men at that.) Because of male privilege a lot of men feel they have the right to comment on women's bodies. Our bodies are our own yet due to the patriarchy people think they're public property, to be commented on at will. A big bucketful of nope. I find it only takes a time or two of giving someone an attitude adjustment about their rudeness before they back off. If not, you are within your rights to remove yourself from the situation telling them that until they keep their opinions to themselves they will be missing out on your company. I have to say I haven't had any rudeness at Christmastime for quite some time, as most people know better than to put their nose into my business. Should it happen though, I'll be happy to let them know what I think about it. ;)

What are your tips for dealing with rude people at Christmas?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

It's OK not to be OK at Christmas


This year has me feeling very differently about Christmas than I usually do. I don't know if it was the loss of my uncle this year, the recent bout of insomnia that knocked me sideways, or even another year dealing with Fibromyalgia, CFS/ME and depression, but my usual rabid enthusiasm for Christmas has vanished.

I haven't wrapped a single thing yet, other than presents I had to post. I've only put 2 small (2-3 feet) Christmas trees up and there are no lights on the trees. I only opened all the Christmas cards I'd received 2 days ago. For some reason I'm just not feeling it this year, and you know what? It's OK.

It's totally OK to be not ready for the 'season of goodwill'. It's totally fine to be 'Oh hell no' rather than 'Ho ho ho!' It's perfectly acceptable to see Christmas day out under a haze of G&T if that's what it takes for you to survive. It's all OK. It's OK to be you, to be fragile and complicated and to not be able to turn on the happiness like a tap when the time of year demands it.

I think a lot of the sadness that comes about at Christmas time is because we beat ourselves up for not being as happy as everyone else, but you know what? A lot of people are faking it. There are more people out there struggling than you might realise, so please don't beat yourself up if you're immune to the charms of Elf and Love Actually and Christmas carols make you want to punch someone in the face.

I'm always open about my feelings (I have emotional diarrhoea) and since I've been sharing how NOT ready I am for Christmas, a lot of other people have too. So please, if you're feeling overwhelmed, tell someone, or lots of people, and I bet at least one person will say 'Thank God it's not just me!' If you're not feeling the joy of Christmas you're not alone, so please don't feel like you are.

If there are feelings which don't get better after sharing with someone, or if there's no one to talk to, please don't suffer alone. Here's a list of UK helplines, thoughtfully compiled by Sian from Sort Out Life Buy Milk and posted here with permission.

Mental Health:

0300 123 3393

08457 90 90 90
Email: jo@samaritans.org
Write: Freepost RSRB-KKBY-CYJK,
PO Box 90 90,

Hearing Voices Network
0114 271 8210

0845 767 8000

Papyrus: Preventing young suicide
0800 068 4141

For people in Northern Ireland
0808 808 8000

Depression alliance

No Panic
0808 808 0545

National Self Harm Network
0800 622 6000

01708 765200
(Confidential emotional support for Children, Young People and Adults. Also keeps details of agencies, support groups and counsellors throughout the UK)


National Alcohol Hotline
0800 917 8282

NACOA (National Association for Children of Alcoholics)
0800 358 3456

Talk To Frank (Drug information & advice) (ENGLAND)
0800 77 66 00

Know The Score (Drug information & advice) (SCOTLAND)
0800 587 587 9

Dan 24/7 (Drug information & advice) (WALES)
0808 808 2234
Or text DAN to: 81066

Addiction NI (Drug information & advice) (Northern Ireland)
02890 664434


08000 50 20 20

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
0207 837 7324


0800 1111

Age UK Advice Line
0800 169 6565

The Silver Line (Free information, friendship and advice to older people.)
0800 4 70 80 90


0808 2000 247

Rape and Abuse Line
0808 800 0188
Eating Disorders:

Beat Eating Disorders
Helpline: 0845 634 1414
Youthline: 0845 634 7650

Housing and Homelessness:

0808 800 4444


Cruse Bereavement Care

Child Death Helpline
0800 282 986

Miscarriage Association

Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

Thanks for reading, and hugs from me to you if you're feeling a bit crappy this Christmas. If you know of any more helplines or want to add helplines for your country in the comments, please do.

Leah xoxo

Outfit Post || Woodland Walk

Hello sweet peas,

I'd wanted to do a Christmassy outfit post every day in the run up to Christmas but having a wee winter bug has changed that a bit. It's turned it into 'Let's go out and get some fresh air to feel better' every day, which has made me want to wear all the coats.

So here I am wearing another coat. James is off work until New Year now so I have a photographer and driver again, whee. We got stuck in the school run traffic and barely got to the woods before the sun went down, but I did get to stroke a very friendly dog, which made my day.

This is the second time this month I've worn this top that Mookie gave me. I really love it. Sorry not sorry. :)

I've included this photo of me facing away so you can see how kinky my hair is. You can't normally see it from the front as it's quite layered but from the back you can see how wavy it is. S'natural. *flounce*

Coat, past season Bonmarche (size 24 - oversized)
Hair flower, past season New Look
Necklace, past season Primark
Top, Pink Clove via Mookie
Skirt, past season Yours Clothing (I can't find anything similar)
Footless tights, Donatella's
Shoes, past season Very.co.uk
Gloves, very old 

I do have some more dressy Christmas/New Year outfit posts planned, but I'll do those photos indoors. I don't feel comfortable going out dressed to the nines in the middle of the day. Not with the rubberneckers around here, anyway. ;)

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

I Feel Good December

Hello lovelies!

You know sometimes when you spend ages getting ready for a night out, an event or even just a blog post, and the reflection in mirror isn't what you hoped? This challenge is for those times when you look in the mirror, no pre planning involved, and think "I look good today".

We all have our good days and our bad, but this challenge is to record those good days and to remember that confidence, at any size, is beautiful.

I took these photos for an outfit post I haven't posted yet. I will soon. This was before my hair cut.

I'm wearing a Crown & Glory bit of head gear - just for a change! ;)

Megan Glitter Star Halo Headband, Crown and Glory. This was in my first Glitterati box last month. It costs £20 a month including P&P in the UK and you get about £50 worth of goodies in it. This headband alone costs £35, and there are usually at least a few things in the box, so you can see there's quite a saving to be made by taking out a monthly subscription. (Just put 'Glitterati box in a Google images search to see what kind of thing you get.) I tear into my boxes (I've had 2 now) with such haste and wear everything as soon as I can so I haven't yet photographed my box, but I will next month.

Wreath necklace, Hootie McBoutique.

L xoxo

Outfit Post || Bling it up with Taking Shape*

Hello pickles!

I have a lovely dress to show you today which is great if you want to be dressed up but aren't too comfortable with lots of glitter. I fell in love with the Bling It Up dress on the Taking Shape website and they kindly sent me it.

The dress comes in two parts. There's a stretchy under slip which is loosely sewn to the gauzy over layer, and can easily be snipped away if you wish. The under slip is quite tight on me and thus comes up quite short (about bum level) so for future wear I will remove it and wear a black vest top or a black bodysuit underneath.

The top layer is embellished back and front with bronze studs. It's a lovely pre-creased non iron fabric (can I hear angels singing?!) which is very sheer, which is sexy in itself, which is why I think it might be perfect for someone who wants to be glamorous without drenching themselves in sparkles. I love the asymmetric hem, which is longer at the sides and not at all 'hanky hem' like we see on so many plus size items.

The length is fabulous on me - I'm 5ft 5 and wearing wedges with a 2 inch heel. I didn't feel the need to wear a necklace as I didn't want to hide the stud detail. I wore my slash-leg leggings to give the outfit a bit more interest, but the dress would look fabulous with wet look leggings, lace leggings (as styled in the photo on the Taking Shape website) or some lurex tights. For reference I'm wearing a size 26 and it's a very generous 26 indeed. My bum needs as much as a size 30 in some dresses so rest assured this will fit a size or 2 bigger than intended. There's room for me and more in it.

I wore it with a glittery cardigan which I've had for several years, but you could wear a pashmina with this or a faux fur wrap. Ooh, how decadent that would look! If I had more bling I'd have worn some gold coloured bracelets and chunky gold toned rings. I need more bling in my life!

Excuse my fringe in these photos. My hair is wavy and my fringe is really trying to curl here. Now I can see why my hairdresser prefers to feather my fringe. It'll grow soon enough, then the weight will stop it curling. Hopefully. ;)

Taking Shape Bling It On dress
Leggings, old Simply Be
Shoes, old Evans
Cardigan, old Debenhams
Bag, old Tesco
Lipstick, MeMeMe lip cream in Persian Pink

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

*Dress provided by Taking Shape. Opinions are honest and my own.

Outfit Post || Ya Filthy Animal

Hiya pickles!

Although it might appear that I waft around in dresses all the time, I do sometimes go casual. This might be my Christmas outfit if I was having Christmas morning at home opening the presents, or walking my non-existent dog. ;) It IS a bit more casual than I would usually wear, but I like to try these things once in a while. Of course it isn't 'flattering' but I don't care one jot. It's a cheesy Christmas jumper, it's never going to be flattering.

I bought this jumper from a UK company (FD Avenue) who took a month to deliver it, so I can't in all good conscience recommend them, especially as we're so close to Christmas. Those of you who were reading me this time last year may remember I went la-la over this jumper last year when I saw it on eBay and blogged about it, and then none of us got our jumpers because the seller was a POS. I am pleased to have finally got my mitts on it, as the Home Alone films are among my favourite Christmas films, with Die Hard and Love Actually. (If you don't think Die Hard is a Christmas film, you can poke the Nakatomi Plaza where the sun doth not shine.) Heh. :D

I'm wearing a size 26 and it's snug but it may loosen up in the wash so I'm not bothered.

Jumper, FD Avenue but available on eBay from lots of different sellers
Jeggings, Matalan (currently not on website, check in store)
Boots, Tesco last winter
Hair clip, made by the lovely Nancy from Sugar Darling last year.

There's a funny story about this hair clip. Well, it's not funny at all really. I have an old Soap & Glory hat box from one of their giant Christmas gifts a few years ago. I keep my less used hair pretties in there. I went to find this clip and as I opened the lid a spider came flying out at me and went UP MY NOSE! I huffed out a massive breath through my nose as a reflex (thank God I did!) and the horrid little shit landed on the floor. The only evidence left that it'd been there was one spindly inch long leg. UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH. Don't mind me while I just flame-thrower my entire bedroom. ;)

Have you bought a cheesy Christmas jumper?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Christmas Crafts || Make your own tree baubles

Hello you!

This year I wanted to make some homemade Christmas presents, so I bought a job lot of craft supplies to make wreaths and baubles. The wreath making didn't go too well - I launched my first (and thus far, only) attempt across the living room and it sailed on into the kitchen. Polystyrene wreaths make excellent frisbees in a pinch - who knew?!

Something I did manage without being all fingers and thumbs was making the baubles. I gathered together feathers (I bought mine on eBay), buttons and various different Christmas themed table sprinkles.

I bought my baubles from an eBay seller in China and they took nearly a month to arrive. I also saw them on the Hobbycraft website a while ago but I couldn't find them when I looked just now.

Making the baubles was really easy - the hardest part was getting the feathers in without them trying to pop out the sides. It was just a case of putting in a couple of feathers, a pinch of buttons, a pinch of snowflake sprinkles, and some other silver sprinkles I already had around the house from last year. I used some rustic twine to make the loops. Here are the finished baubles. I'm really happy with them.

I'm giving a few as presents and I've got some on our trees too and I think they look fabulous.  

If you're looking for a relatively quick and easy craft project, you can't go wrong with these. You could put anything in them - fake snow, miniature Christmas figures, photographs etc. You could even fill them up with sweeties.

Because mine aren't going to be opened I put a little clear tape on the bottom of each bauble to stop them spilling open if they're dropped.

What do you think of them? I shall persevere with the wreath making. James was giving me a running commentary while I was making one (critical, of course) so it's a wonder he didn't have to have them surgically removed from you know where. ;)

Have you made any handmade gifts this year?

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

Outfit Post || Yours Clothing ruched wrap over front dress

Hello lovelies!

I've decided to spend the countdown to Christmas doing an outfit post a day. I must be mad, but here we go!

Today I'm wearing the black ruched wrap over front dress with embellished waist from Yours Clothing. Wow, doesn't that just roll off the tongue?!

Don't faint but I have heels on. I gave myself a pedicure just for youuuuuuu.


Those of you who've been with me for a while might notice I STILL have the bruises on my legs from when I got swallowed up and spat out by the sea, which I think was in July or August. Bloody Fibromyalgia and it's crap skin healing properties, seriously. I could've put foundation on them to cover it up, but the sun was going down and I needed to get on with it. 

The dress is gorgeous - floaty and feminine. I'm wearing the 26-28 here and as ever, it's fine in the waist and the rest of the body, but snug over my boobs. Not restrictively so, just enough to make me glad I'm not a cup size bigger. ;) It has a tie at the back, transparent sleeves and a gauzy outer layer. Do be aware if you're wearing this dress out to an event and are likely to be photographed with flash - it goes see through! I had to delete a couple of photos where you could see a little too much of me.

I'm 5ft 5 and wearing 4 inch heels and as you can see the solid black part of the dress comes to my knees and the floaty outer layer a couple of inches below that, so you should be able to work out where the dress might fall on you.

Silly close up to show you the embellishment on the dress

Yours Clothing ruched wrap over front dress
New Look wide fit black cross strap glitter heels
Huge glitter hair bow in pewter, Crown and Glory £10 (I can't link to it at the moment as that colour doesn't currently appear to be on the website.)
Ring, old Primark

The hair bow is on a piece of elastic rather than on a clip and has a cotton backing so you can bat it into shape to suit the shape of your bonce. I feel like I should just divert some money to Crown and Glory every month and say 'SEND ME ALL THE SPARKLES!' I blame Laura for starting this addiction.

I have a mixed bag of Christmas outfit posts to bring you - a Christmas t shirt, a Christmas jumper, and a few more lovely dresses.

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

Outfit Post || Pretty in pink

Hello love bugs!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend? I had a lovely day in Kent with some of my family yesterday, and here's what I wore.
The dress is from AX Paris via Very, and I fell in love with it when I saw it on Tess Holliday (formerly Tess Munster), and then Laura from What Laura Loves wore it and it cemented in mind the idea it HAD to be mine. It's probably the prettiest dress I own.

I'm wearing it with a Simply Be furry shrug I saw on Laura of Tutus and Tiny Hats and knew it would go so well with the dress. Simply Be said it was out of stock and substituted me with this shrug, but I can't see any difference at all!

I had a fit of giggles during the photos because firstly a man across the street stopped to stare like he'd never seen a pretty fat girl in a nice dress, then the next door neighbour came out while I was mid-pose and set me off again.

Excuse my fringe, it was a bit rebellious yesterday!

AX Paris Curve Print Maxi Dress, Very £40
Fluffy shrug, Simply Be £30
Huge glitter hair bow, Crown and Glory (I'm wearing Fairy Dust.) £10
Shoes, FB friend Lauren

I'm wearing a size 26 in the dress. It's very generous in the body, but not so much in the top half. It's a bandeau (no straps) and the elastic which holds it up bothers me a little bit, but anything that digs in in the slightest bothers me because of Fibromyalgia. I wore it all day with a few shifts of position to make me more comfortable. The shrug is a 24/26 as I find anything roomy on my top half makes me look a lot bigger.

I was lucky to buy the dress and shrug with money off. Simply Be had a generous discount code and I think I got the dress when it had 20% off on Very.

The black mesh you can see above the bust on the dress is my bra, which is a Keira by Goddess, if memory serves correctly. I have 3 bras by them and they're fantastic. Proper hardcore underwires for holding up big boobs. I handwash them all and they've lasted over a year so far. Unheard of with underwired bras usually! Oh, and I'm wearing a lipstick from MeMeMe. Their lipsticks are FANTASTIC - deeply pigmented, ridiculously moisturising, they smell gorgeous and they last ages too. It's Hot Magenta. They're £8.50 each and worth every damn penny, and if you sign up to their emails they occasionally send out information about discount codes and sales.

Have one of my face. I love the way my shrug coordinates with the Christmas tree!

Have a great rest of day!
Leah xoxo

P.S. I'm going to try to get an outfit a day up until Christmas! Stay tuned. 

Outfit Post || Glittery winter pastels

Hello sweet peas!

The other day hubby and I went out on a teeth-chattering day to take some outfit photos. He did protest much, but I explained you guys like to see me out in daylight at least once a fortnight to prove I'm not a vampire. ;)

I'm wearing alll the glitter and pastels which may be a bit too much together, but I've been too much my whole damn life and ain't about to stop now! Isn't it funny how you can turn things on their head? When I was growing up I was a precocious little shit, brainy for my age and with a bit of witchery about me so I knew things adults didn't want me to. I had no understanding of the concept of too loud and was made to feel crap about my 'too much-ness' throughout my childhood and teens. Now I embrace it. It's better to be a wolf than a sheep. :)

I'm sorry but this top is no longer on the Yours website and I bought it less than 2 weeks ago. :/ I'm guessing it got snapped up because it's absolutely stunning. I dislike posting outfits with new stuff that's already sold out online, but do check in Yours stores if you can. The mix of lilac and mint sequins is gorgeous.

I'm wearing my H&M.com tulle skirt again, which a bunch of other sparkly things.

Medium hair bow, Crown & Glory (it came in my Glitterati box, I didn't order it myself so I *think* it's this bow in petrol - I'm getting used to the sizes.)
Coat, very old SimplyBe.co.uk
Shell necklace, Extreme Largeness
Sequin top, Yoursclothing.co.uk
Tulle skirt, H&M.com
Gloves, very old
Mint glitter bag, past season Very.co.uk
Shoes from my Facebook friend Lauren

What do you think? Too much glitter or not?
It'll be time for some Christmas outfits soon. I have lots to show you!

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

Curvy Kate blogger event

Hello loves!

It's reasonably rare for me to get invited to events still because I'm not a Laaaaarndaaaarna (a Londoner in English) so when I do get an invite and I can stay at the mother in law's place in the big smoke, I'm there with bells on. So when Curvy Kate invited me to their event I was in like a rat up a drainpipe, especially as it was on a Friday! Get in! (I took the MIL wine and a box of biscuits to say thanks for having me.)

I had SUCH fun! There were so many blogger babes there I already knew and I got to meet some new people too. There was LOTS of wine so I had the best time ever. Here's a bunch of the photos.

The models were all absolutely gorge, and so lovely - two of them followed me on Instagram afterwards.

The event was held at The Canvas, a really cool little cafe near Brick Lane in East London, a really vibrant area. You could write on the walls and the sofas with the supplied grey pens. We were warned against drawing cock and balls as to spare the eyes of the children who may go there in the future. Hahaha!

I didn't know that a lot of the bloggers there were actually going to be there, including one of my fave babes Abi, who gave me a massive hug when we spotted each other. In fact there was a lot of hugging and boob honking going on. My kinda night!

Very blurry AbAbi (AKA Gene Simmons tongue) and I because my flash didn't come on, grrr.

Lucie and I

We so fit!

Wine face!

Loads of bras and pants for sale

Beautiful Abi loaded up with goodies

The gorge Michaela

There was lovely food as well including some stilton dip which was TODIEFOR

There was exciting news at the event too. Curvy Kate have a new line called Scantilly launching next year. You can follow them on Twitter and keep in touch with news as it happens here.

The new Scantilly range of underwear. Ooh la la!

Abi (AKA Gene Simmons tongue) and Anne

Me and 'Kayla


The Smyth and I

I had so much fun! I got thoroughly tipsy pissed and got to catch up with loads of blogger babes - I'm just sorry I didn't get photos with everyone! It was probably my favourite event ever. Even better, James came to pick me up in the car so I didn't have to stumble home drunk on the tube! A fab night. I still smile when I think about it now. The Curvy Kate team are amazing from the head honcho to the models and everyone in between. I'm so lucky to be invited to these things once in a while.

Have you ever bought anything from Curvy Kate? I bought some knickers on the night and am waiting for a bra to come.

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo