How I got over my latest mental health slump in record time

With every year that passes I learn more about myself, and more about dealing with my mental health. When a bad mental health spell hit just before Christmas it knocked me off my feet, but it went away within just a week, which has never happened before.

Plus size 1920s flapper girl with In The Style Curve

Plus-size-1920s-flapper-girl-with-In-The-Style-Curve fancy dress New Years Eve //
I bought a dress from the recently-launched In The Style Curve collection, and as soon as it arrived I knew it'd be perfect for a flapper-girl influenced outfit for New Years Eve.

My December Favourites


I always mean to do a monthly favourites post but rarely remember. Since it's Christmas and I've got lots of sparkly things to hand I decided to snap some pretties.

Gingerbread Men tunic top

I bought this top from eBay recently. It's supposed to be a dress, and in the photo on there it shows the hem being knee length in relation to the sleeves, but when it came the hem is only a few inches longer than the sleeves. Bummer, but the pattern is so lovely I kept it. It's a cheap material without much stretch and I don't hold much hope of it washing well, but it's so festive I'm still in love with it.

Yours Clothing Tattoo Tester

Recently Yours Clothing invited me to a breakfast event to celebrate the launch of their new Tattoo Tester website. I was sad that I couldn't go, but a mixture of a long journey into London and my anxiety disorder with rush hour public transport meant it was impossible. I've taken the website for a spin though and it's a lot of fun. You can try a tattoo on for size before you commit to wearing something on your skin for a lifetime.

Glitz on the cheap

Glitz on the cheap - a plus size gold and wet look outfit from Simply Be and Everything 5 Pounds //

Occasionally I splurge on something a bit luxe, but I also love a good bargain. This entire outfit cost me £29.

5 things to tell yourself when depression strikes

5-things-to-tell-yourself-when-depression-strikes //
On Friday morning I woke up feeling completely awful and it's knocked me for six. I've gone from a reasonably well-adjusted human (albeit one with depression and S.A.D.) to a shaking wreck who is sleeping as much of every day as possible and can't stop crying. Rather than sharing a long post about how awful I feel (which wouldn't help anybody) here are some things I've learned which I'll share for anyone else going through a hard time.

A great party number - Yours Clothing Black & Rose Pink Sparkle Midi Dress

Yours-Clothing-Black-and-Rose-Pink-wrap-front-Sparkle-Midi-Dress plus size Christmas dress // the size 28 UK fashion blogger

Those babes over at Yours Clothing kindly sent me this sparkly dress after I was unable to attend a recent event of theirs. The black and rose pink midi sparkle wrap front midi dress looks amazing on the website but it's even lovelier in the flesh.

Festive things including Soap & Glory The Whole Glam Lot

Every year Soap and Glory do a bumper gift set which goes down to half price for a week just before Christmas. I really wasn't intending to buy it this year, but I'm weak. 😆 This year the set is called The Whole Glam Lot and I was planning to give it a miss. I didn't think I'd be to be going shopping at the weekend as I expected the shops to be busy and hellish. I ended up going to our local retail park on Saturday with my family, and Boots was empty - oh yes! I ended up having to pop in there to get a voucher for my brother anyway, and there was a massive pile of Whole Glam Lots stacked up winking at me so I. It was like something out of Sausage Party - it virtually leaped into my arms to go to the great beyond!

I wear what I want

Something wonderful happens when you stop comparing yourselves to other people. How can you create anything that makes you happy if you have other people in your head? And that applies to any creative endeavour. The outfits that make me happiest are the ones which would never grace the pages of fat Vogue, if such a publication were to exist. The happiest ones are where I get to express my quirky personality through clothes, not necessarily where I look the most fashionable.

Some words on trauma and using defence mechanisms to keep people away

*Trigger warning - violence, animal abuse and a brief mention of attempted sexual assault*

This isn't the blog post I started to write. Take this as you will - a woe is me if you're cynical, or someone sharing a hard time in their life in case it resonates with someone else who has lived through trauma and built walls to keep it in.

Luxury bitch

Luxury-bitch-in-sparkles-and-faux-fur plus size Christmas outfit //

Today I'm wearing as much sparkle as it's possible to put on a person at once. I'm wearing a glitzy dress, sparkly shoes, a stunning glittery cardi and a faux fur coat. Everything I have on today is old so I'll link to similar items at the end.

My wedding and engagement rings cost £12 and IDGAF

My-wedding-and-engagement-rings-cost-£12-and-IDGAF //
Free image from Pixabay

I read an article today about a woman who was shamed for buying her wedding and engagement rings from Pandora. It made me so livid I thought I'd share the cost of my wedding and engagement rings.

7 affordable plus size party dresses

7-affordable-plus-size-party-dresses Christmas glam // I'm sharing 7 plus size party dresses under £50. You may have noticed there are only 6 in the collage photo - I'm wearing the 7th one. I've included a mixture of maxi dresses and shorter dresses with long sleeves or sleeveless styles so hopefully there's something for everyone who wants a bit of glam in the run up to Christmas. If you haven't nailed down which little number you'll be wearing on Christmas day, for a nice meal out or to the work Christmas party, I hope this will help.

5 things you can do on your blog when you've lost your blogging mojo

5-things-you-can-do-when-you've-lost-your-blogging-mojo //
Losing your blogging mojo happens from time to time, but rather than feeling like an unproductive failure there are a few constructive things you can do in your downtime which will make things better for you.

FK Flattering - a monochrome outfit

I think the best outfits have something old and something new, and this look has a t-shirt that's a few years old with my new Elvi skirt.

My thrifty DIY beauty advent calendar

Hi loves!
Last year my dad was working at M&S so he got a hefty discount, so he got me the M&S beauty advent calendar. This year he's not and I'm too skint to buy one of my own after our move so I had a brainwave - all the little bits and bobs I've got lying around from beauty boxes, all the things I've bought recently and never swatched/opened, let alone used, they've all gone in.