24th & Ocean plus size skirted swimdress by Navabi - plus videos

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome
Hiya! In this post I've got some more swimwear to show you from my holiday. I'll be reviewing the 24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi. There's also a couple of video reviews at the end of the post, with much of the review in. If you're reading via email, click through to the blog post to see the videos.
24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear

24th & Ocean plus size skirted swimdress by Navabi - fit

I do really like this swimdress, although when it arrived it was clear there was a sizing issue. It was supposed to be a size 26/28 UK, but was more like a size 24. I got it pulled up (just about) but it flattened my boobs as it was so tight. The swimdress was comprised of the skirt layer loose and free over the top of a mesh layer, the latter which was attached to the pants part of the swimdress. I cut off the pants, freeing up the rest of the material to go where it was supposed to, and wore it over some high waisted bikini bottoms from ASOS Curve which I bought last year. Ta-da! Perfect. After it had arrived and I'd decided to do my DIY mission I saw there was a new review up on the website which warned of the sizing issue, so it's not just me. If you buy this, do size up to the next size if you can. The size I'm wearing is the biggest size they do - a supposed 26/28, but really a 24.

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear

24th & Ocean plus size skirted swimdress by Navabi - comfort

It gives great bust support, and has adjustable straps to aid fit. The straps were a little thin for my liking, but they were still comfortable. Overall this swimsuit was completely comfortable once I'd chopped the pants out of it to free up some room.

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear

The suit comes with very light padded cups which move around as you roll the suit on and off, which requires some patience to put back in place. As you can see from these photos, I lack that patience! I just let them do their thing. Once my fashion show was over I was getting in the water!

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear
24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear

The ruching under the bust gives great form and the material feels weighty and luxurious. It is a premier garment at a premier price, coming in at £89.99. My favourite part of all is the laser cut hem, which is adorable. The flippy skirt is really cute too, and felt quite retro.

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress from Navabi laser cut skirt black white monochrome plus size swimwear plus size beachwear plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear

In case you've never bought anything from Navabi, their website is excellent. You can narrow down your search on the left hand side of the website by price, item, colour and so on. When you click through to an individual item, it has a thorough description of the material(s) the product is made of, and often has close up photos of the details too. This is a touch other retailers would be wise to adopt. 

Aside from the sizing issue I really like this swimdress, and as it's such good quality I know it'll last for years. I'm going on holiday again in July so I look forward to wearing it again.

24th & Ocean skirted plus size swimdress, Navabi
Flip flops, Havaiana, similar here
Bikini bottoms past season ASOS Curve similar here

Thanks for reading,
Leah xoxo

*Swimdress sent by Navabi.

The cruelty experiment - results and advice

In this post I'm going to talk about my social media experiment #thecrueltyexperiment, and what happened from this week long look into the souls of trolls on my Instagram account. Here's a spoiler - the strongest reaction wasn't from a troll at all. If you want to read about my findings on keyboard warriors and my advice for how to deal with them, skip to the end, but if you're here for the drama, read on.

In case you missed it, about a week ago I set out to do a social media experiment into the behaviour of trolls, haters, keyboard warriors or whatever else you want to call them. While I was on holiday in Spain I gained a lot more social media followers on Instagram, and this being the world we live in I also got a lot more nasty comments than normal. I got several a day instead of the usual few, and a huge increase in people tagging their friends in my photos so they can laugh at the fat girl. *eyeroll* I was also on a few Tumblr fat hate sites while I was on holiday. Don't I feel special now?!

It got me thinking - do people who aren't fat know this kind of thing goes on? If they don't have any fat friends who are active on social media AND who also talk frankly about what it's like, how would they know being 'out' and fat online comes with a constant side-order of shit?! I decided to set up an experiment and share it on my social media channels to illustrate how many fat people are only visible on social media at great cost to their mental health. I wanted to do this even if it never made a ripple beyond my social media feed, even if it meant I'd be targeted by trolls more. I thought it was worth doing.

I called it #thecrueltyexperiment and decided I'd carry on posting those leftover swimwear shots from my holiday or taking new shots revealing my fat self to see if the trolls would still leave their crappy comments if forewarned. I wanted to see how 'brave' they'd be - I stated that I'd be screen-shotting all their crap. Firstly I wanted to see if most of them even bothered to read my captions (or could read at all!) as I was sure they see a fat body, have their knee-jerk reaction and move onto the next person to insult. I wanted to be able to better understand these people, perhaps even come to a place of compassion for them.

Here's the Instagram post where I outlined what I was going to do and why. I shared it to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr too so my friends could see what I was planning.

I've always been interested in what fuels the evil in people, be it reading true crime novels or watching documentaries about serial killers. The dark side intrigues me, but as a fat person on the internet I don't need to read about the Nightstalker or watch a documentary about Fred & Rose West. Little acts of evil find me every day. · · · · · · · Most times the people who tag their friends for shits and giggles in my posts cower on Instagram behind private profiles, but sometimes they don't. Similarly most people who insult me are only brave enough to do so hiding behind a private profile and anonymous avatar. I'm going to be screenshotting every act of online cruelty against me and documenting the results overall in a week's time. I may even put some of the perpetrators on blast, but none of them take the time to read my captions so they won't know that. 😂 Why am I doing this? Because this fuckery doesn't fly with me. No fat person should have to brace themselves for incoming bigotry every time they upload a photo. It's going to be hairy, but few people outside fat circles know this shit goes on. I want to change that. Don't worry I'll intersperse my time of dealing with fucknuggets watching cute animal videos so I'm not dragged down to the depths with the trolls. #psbloggers #plussize #radfat #effyourbeautystandards #antifatbullying #thecrueltyexperiment
A photo posted by Leah ✨🌙⭐ (@justmeleah.co.uk) on

Another reason for doing this was because I wanted to help other fat people who may not be as far ahead in their confidence journeys as me to know that they can fight back against trolls, that there is support out there and they don't have to be afraid every time they put a photo of themselves online. I had such noble intentions, but someone took offense, and it wasn't a troll. The only negative feedback I got on my plans was from a friend who doesn't really understand social media as she doesn't use it much, and she's not fat so she has idea what it's like to be an 'out' fatty online. She has no idea of the myriad ways trolls get at you - the concern trolling, the insults, the inevitability of it daily, just for existing. She's the kind of person who thinks she knows what's best for everyone, so I didn't think too much of our interaction for a minute. We both have strong opinions, and she and I have had some minor issues in the past with me being unapologetically myself, as she's not a fan of fat people. She has a fat family member who's not in the best of health and in a roundabout way she uses her family member as a cautionary tale - do not become a fatty fat fatty or else this fate will await you. Of course her experiences shape her opinions - just as my experiences shape mine - but if her experience tells her that people like me should take what's coming from trolls or get off the internet then we were going to fall out. And we did.

This was on the first day of the experiment. It put my back up instantly that she dragged it down to 'You may not hear what you want to hear'. Her assumption that I was doing this for pats on the head really pissed me off, so I responded sharply. That victim-blaming mentality really gets my goat - no one ever MAKES someone say horrible things just by existing. (Not that I think of myself as a victim at all, but it's the best way I can describe her blaming the person minding their own business rather than the person doing a shitty act). It's like blaming someone who got stabbed for running into a knife. You don't blame the passive party unless you're a dick. Immediately after I replied she deleted me off Facebook - the girl I've known on and off since I was 5. This is the woman who stopped talking to me for almost 10 years as we had a misunderstanding about what night I was going round for a Chinese, so I knew to leave well alone.

I left it 6 days with no communication, then I sent her an apology for not agreeing with her. It was the right thing to do to keep the peace. She responded - I didn't realise she had it in her to be that nasty, to be honest. She had plenty to say - she called me a bully. She said people who support me are 'sheep who massage my ego' (BAAAAAAAAA!) and that my social media experiment is pointless. She said I'm promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and I'm not happy - I didn't realise she was both a medical doctor and a psychologist, but you learn something new every day! I'm not a saint. I didn't welcome her message with open arms - I gave her more than a few home truths to take away with her. What really pissed me off was the unsaid - her attitude can be summed up by 'lose weight/get off the internet or you've got no one to blame but yourself'. Charming. Me standing up to bullies made her go nuclear because how dare I actually like myself? How dare I try to help make other fat people feel less afraid to be visible? Of course it hurts. No loss of friendship is easy to get over, but the anger I feel for that woman is really helping. (Edit - in my response to her in the screenshot above I think she thought I meant her by 'entitled idiots' when in fact I was talking about trolls. It's very interesting that she assumed I meant her. Enlightening).

So, enough of my hurt feeeeeeeelings, let's get back to the experiment itself.

I already knew some things about trolls/haters/keyboard warriors. For instance for me it's mostly men who write really foul comments or do the sneakiest concern trolling. Women mostly tag their friends in my photos so they can laugh at me. I know, HAR DE HAR. I'm fucking hilarious, me. About 80% of the people who write nasty comments or tag their friends are hiding behind private profiles and only about 20% have the balls to do it from an open profile.

What new things I learned
  1. My 'friend' was not really my friend. (I'm being as polite as I can here!)
  2. I didn't get a SINGLE abusive comment the whole time I ran this experiment. WHAT DAFUQ? I was totally gobsmacked. I had nothing to screen shot! From this silence I gathered some very important things
    Trolls can actually read and do read captions. Oh my glob.
    Either the threat of being put on blast seemed to discourage them from commenting meaning they're cowards, orrrrr because I was expecting crappy comments the surprise attack was lost and spoiled their fun, in which case they're control freaks. Either way it's kinda pitiful.
  3. Most of the people who tag their friends in my photos for shits and giggles are teenagers, and it's predominantly teenage girls. I forgive them for being dicks - I was an unbearable teenager once, too.
  4. Most of the people of late who tagged their friends in my photos for laughs did it on photos I reposted last month from my wedding day. I've deleted sooooo many comments from my wedding photos on Instagram in the last few weeks. It seems most cruel of all to try to ruin a girl's happy memories of her wedding day. What a bunch of c*nts!
Here's my advice for how to deal with trolls
  1. If you want to answer trolls back, do so, but don't justify your right to exist. "I work out/I eat healthily". Nope, you do not have to justify your existence. Trolls love that. You don't have to play the good fatty to deserve respect. Every decent human deserves it, regardless of what we look like. 
  2. If you want to be polite in your response and take the high ground, good for you! If you want to tell them to get fucked, indulge yourself. How you deal with these people is entirely up to you. You do not have to be polite to people who want to eradicate you from existence.
  3. If you just want to block/report them and delete their shitty comment, do it! 
  4. If you want to leave their comment there unchallenged, that's fine too. Be aware your followers may step in on your behalf and tackle the trolls, which may bring heat to their accounts, so maybe keep an eye on things.
  5. If you want to put them on blast, screenshot their comment and/or their profile page and warn other fat peeps about the dickery of an individual, go for it.  
  6. If you start getting a LOT of crappy comments, you may be the victim of an orchestrated campaign of abuse organised by one of the many fat-hating forums that exist. This is a more scary entity and my advice would be to go private for a while until the sad sacks lose interest. 

What do we know about trolls?  

They're not happy people. Happy people are too busy being happy to find people to be shitheads to. I don't know about you, but I've never thought to myself on a beautiful sunny day 'Ah, what shall I do today? Sit in the sun, go to the park, maybe have a chilled beverage? Oh no, I know, I'll find some people to be horrible to on the internet!' It doesn't happen. Hurt people hurt other people.

Happy fat people really piss off unhappy thin people. If they're doing all the 'work' to make themselves happy - dieting, working out, living the typical media dream of an attractive, socially 'worthy' human being - and they aren't happy, that really eats away at them. How dare we have not 'done the work', but have found a way to accept ourselves anyway?! The outrage! ;)

But it's not just thin people. A lot of unhappy fat people really hate happy fat people too. Some of the meanest things I've seen online were on the Facebook pages of plus size fashion websites from other fat people. I was slut shamed on Instagram by another fat woman as well.

Trolls are mostly cowards. A lot of the most vile comments come from people hiding in the safety of their private Instagram accounts, often using anonymous profile photos as well. Oh, how brave of them to criticise other people's looks, make judgements on people's morality based on body size and generally act like they themselves are the most gorgeous beings alive, when they're too scared to put their own face out there. There's no need to be afraid of people like that.

In closing, sometimes the boogey man is a troll, and sometimes it's those closest to you that hurt you the most. Sometimes people see you as less than for who you are and everything you stand for. Sometimes it's not about your issues, but theirs. Sometimes your very existence niggles at someone who's supposed to be on your team, and then one day out of the blue, BOOM, they're gone. Sometimes love and respect comes with qualifiers, comes with conditions, thus I will only respect you if you live your life in a way I approve of. Apparently as I refuse to diet myself down to a tidy little package I deserve the hate of strangers. Apparently I deserve the hate of a friend, too.

I'm really angry now but it will fade. I will carry on being unapologetically me. This experiment was never supposed to be about me, and in closing I'd like to say to anyone who's currently going through crap because you are being true to yourself (and being yourself bravely, despite society's definition of what makes a worthy human being) - carry on being you. We grow as we go through life, and sometimes we grow away from people. It's OK. To my fat babes being all radical and running the gauntlet of fat hate every day - I see you. I value you.

Feel free to tell me your experiences with trolls, and if you have any advice to give about how to deal with them, please do so in the comments. 

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

My holiday swimwear from Yours Clothing

Plus-size-swimwear-from-Yours-Clothing. Black-mesh-swimsuit. Black-and-white-striped-sarong
Hiya! In this post I'm going to talk about the plus size swimwear from Yours Clothing which I wore on holiday. There's also a brief video review of the swimwear. I'm wearing a black mesh swimsuit and a stripey sarong, and I'm also using a beach bag by Yours Clothing too.

Yours Clothing black mesh swimsuit with tummy control

This swimming costume is really comfortable and looks good on but doesn't have quite enough support in the chest for me. I'm wearing a size 28 and in hindsight a size 26 would have been ample and I think this would've helped support my 'twins' more, so do be aware this swimsuit does come up large in size. If you have a Yours store near you, maybe try on your usual size and one smaller and see what you think. As we had the pool to ourselves it wasn't a problem that my boobs were unsupported, because there was no one else to see me apart from James, Mike, Mookie and Caroline, and as soon as I was in the water my boobs float anyway so no worries! Overall comfort is what I look for in a swimming costume, and this has it in spades. It has thin padded cups over the boobs which do tend to move around a bit as you put the swimsuit on, so you will need to readjust when it's on and smooth out any lines. I wish it had come with a stretchy boob shelf to support my boobs more - left to their own devices they disappear into my armpits! ;) If your boobs stay fairly in place without a bra you might not have any issues with this swimsuit, but my wide-set boobs need strict discipline!

Plus-size-swimwear-from-Yours-Clothing. Black-mesh-swimsuit. Black-and-white-striped-sarong
I have a really cute bum!
Black-mesh-swimsuit. Black-and-white-striped-sarong-by-Yours-Clothing

The mesh touches are really nice and I enjoyed being able to have my back tattoo on display. The straps are quite thin so they do roll over on themselves a bit. If they'd been a fraction wider it would've been nice, but my comfort was unaffected.

Black-mesh-swimsuit. Black-and-white-striped-sarong-by-Yours-Clothing
Plus-size-swimwear-from-Yours-Clothing plus-size-holiday-wear-plus-size-beachwear
Black-mesh-swimsuit. Black-and-white-striped-sarong-by-Yours-Clothing. Plus-size-swimwear. Plus-size-beachwear

Yours Clothing black and white striped sarong with blue border 

Black-and-white-plus-size-striped-sarong-with-blue-border-by-Yours-Clothing. Plus-size-swimwear. Plus-size-beachwear

I'm wearing the sarong in a size 28-32 and that's very roomy too. I took another Yours sarong with me (this one) and used them like pashmina wraps on chilly evenings to keep me warm. You can do all manner of things with a sarong - even use them as tops - so I have a post planned with a few ideas of how versatile they are to own. They're a steal at £8 each. I have my eye on the purple animal print one too.


Yours Clothing black and white striped beach bag

I took about 4 handbags on holiday with me and bought another one out there, but there was no need as I used the beach bag almost every day and night. It's big enough to throw a towel, some sunscreen, makeup, a purse and some water in so it came with me everywhere! It seems to have sold out (and I'm not sure if it'll be coming back) but you can find all their other beach bags here. I highly recommend their beach bags - they're smart enough for the beach and going out in the evening to nice restaurants. I do really cram stuff into my bags as James always dumps all his stuff into my bag too, and the knot on the inside of the bag came undone one day under the strain. The knots are tied under the lining, but it was no big deal - I stabbed a hole through the lining with my crystal nail file (I can see why airports class them as weapons!) pulled the rope through the hole and reknotted it. Job done! Perhaps in future the knots could come through the lining for ease of re-tying if they come undone, but if you don't cram your bag full to the brim it probably won't happen anyway. Why can't men carry their own crap?! For £8 this bag is a thorough bargain, and some of their beach bags are as little as £6!

Here's a video review I did of the swimsuit.
Yours Clothing black mesh swimsuit with tummy control
Yours Clothing black and white striped sarong with blue border
Yours Clothing black and white striped beach bag similar here here here 

Are you a one piece or a two piece person?
Thanks for reading/watching.
L xoxo
*Swimsuit, sarong and bag gifted by Yours Clothing.

Introducing Apples and Pears plus size clothing

Apples and pears plus size ladies clothing plus size holiday wear
Hiya! In this blog post I'm going to talk about Apples and Pears Clothing, a UK based plus size fashion website you may not have heard of before.

You'll sometimes see an Apples and Pears clothing stall at UK plus size fashion events. I went to Plus North in 2014 where they had a stall, and it was a chance to see their clothes up close and personal, as it's sometimes hard to tell quality from a website. I was pleasantly surprised, as I wrote briefly here in my Plus North roundup. Like many independent sellers, their ability to use models to wear the clothes is limited, but that means the prices are affordable. Of course sometimes it's hard to envisage clothes on a plus size body rather than on a hanger or a mannequin, and this is where plus size bloggers like me come in! :) Apples and Pears also do a totally free returns service so you can try on at home, and they deliver worldwide.

I was sent 3 items - a lightweight green space-dyed dress, a versatile hot pink cover up, and a lightweight kimono top. As I was in or around the pool as often as possible, most of these photos are of me wearing my Apples and Pears items over a swimsuit or swimdress.

Apples and Pears green marl jersey dress

I wore this over swimwear a couple of times before and after going in the pool. It's very low cut at the front which looks lovely with swimwear or a vest top underneath. It's a lightweight polyester/elastane mix which makes it perfect for warm weather. The green and black space dye is a great colour scheme regardless of season, and the gathering under the bust gives it form. I'm 5ft 5 and it comes just above my knees. I'm wearing a size 26/28. I look forward to wearing this again soon - it is quite thin because it's a summer dress so I would wear it over leggings. I'm wearing it over a swimdress here so you can just see the ruffles on the hem of the swimdress underneath. You can buy it here.

Apples and Pears handmade pink butterfly kimono

The next item is my favourite out of the three and is the handmade pink butterfly kimono cover up. These are selling out fast but as they're hand made you can order if your size isn't in stock - and you can also have them made to your specific measurements (the latter will take 2 weeks). I love the contrast between the hot pink of the kimono and the lime green pom poms. I used to make pom poms as a child with my mum, so I love seeing them on clothes and accessories. I wore it out in the evening but as we left so late to go out to eat it was already getting dark. The photo below isn't the best quality because of the darkness- and as to the expression on my face, hah! I also wore it over swimwear a couple of times too. I've had lots of nice comments about it on social media. I'm wearing the size 24/26. You can buy it here.

Isn't it lovely? And so versatile. It's equally good as a pool cover up or to keep the chill off your arms in the evening.

The last item didn't quite work on me as it was a little too tight around my boobs - the Apples and Pears leaf print black and white kaftan. It bunched up in my upper chest area (level with my armpits) as there wasn't the room to go over the fullness of my boobs. When I tried it on at home I didn't have a bra on so my boobs were lower and flatter than usual. I just didn't think that when I had a bra on and my boobs were hoisted aloft it'd be too small. Totally my fault! It's a shame because again it's a really lightweight material which is great for warmer weather, and the monochrome pattern is great. I love the bell sleeves, but I'm less keen on the hanky hem as it kind of juts out because of the width of my hips. I'm wearing a size 26-28. The only way to make it sit right was to hold the hem down, but of course that's not practical. I'll pass it along to a less booby friend.

You can see the bunching up in the upper chest here

Apples and Pears have all the things you'd expect from an independent retailer - personal service, quick postage and friendly customer service - some things which can be lost in the realm of the huge plus size clothing seller. Mookie also reviewed some items from Apples and Pears on holiday, so look out for those posts too. Have you bought anything from Apples and Pears before?

Thanks for reading!
L xoxo

Holiday outfit - leopard print and gold in Torrevieja

Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi
I wore this outfit when we went to Torrevieja one evening whilst we were on holiday. It was the busiest place we went to while we were in Spain - a bustling town with a whole parade of kiosks parallel to the sea, which sold just about every kind of gift item you could imagine. Haggling is expected and I wasn't in the mood so I didn't buy anything, much to James's relief. ;)
Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi plus size holiday wear plus size cruise wear plus size occasion wear
Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi plus size cruise wear plus size evening wear plus size occasion wear
Only the accessories in this outfit are new - the crop top, shirt and skirt are all past season.
Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi plus size occasionwear plus size evening wear glamorous
Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi plus size holiday wear
These photos were taken in Torrevieja itself, by the sea. After these photos we went to a lovely restaurant opposite the sea for pizza. We were outside under a big awning with outdoor heaters, which were a bonus as it was freezing in the sea air as sundown approached.
Leopard print skirt and sheer gold shirt plus size outfit featuring Elvi plus size occasion wear plus size evening wear plus size cruise wear
Glamorous evening sandals metallic jewels
There are a lot of feral cats in Spain. There were some near our villa and a lot in Torrevieja itself. They're running towards a kind man who had brought food for them.
The feral cats of Torrevieja, Murcia, Spain on the beach
It was rather incongruous to see so many Burger King restaurants while we were away (bottom left of photo).
Torrevieja sea front, Murcia, Spain
Torrevieja sea front, Murcia, Spain
Torrevieja sea front, Murcia, Spain
Sundown over Torrevieja.
Sunset at Torrevieja, Murcia, SpainI'm wearing:

Boxy sheer gold shirt, past season Elvi
Crop top, past season ASOS Curve
Skirt, past season Primark
Beach bag, Yours Clothing - currently out of stock 
Embellished sandals, ASOS wide fit

I love this shirt from Elvi. It's metallic, has lovely gold buttons and has a boxy style which is nice and breezy for holiday wear. They don't have this top any more, but this style is one they use a lot.

Thanks for reading.
L xoxo

Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress

Hiya! In today's post I'm going to be talking about the gorgeous Verona plus size retro swing dress from Lindy Bop which I wore on my recent holiday to Spain.
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress 50s style vintage plus size

Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress review

This dress is really glamorous and made me feel like a million dollars when I wore it. It has beautiful red and black lace at the bust, a nipped in waist and a box pleated skirt which flares out, creating a flattering silhouette (if flattering your shape is your cup of tea). Swing dresses are something I do like to wear occasionally, as the flared skirt makes my waist look smaller. I can understand why 1950s reproduction vintage styles are such a hit with the plus size community - the hourglass figure is very much prized even within our circles, and a little trickery via clothing is no bad thing once in a while.

There's a cut out section in the back of the dress which was in the perfect place to show off my upper back tattoo, but as the dress is very low cut I wore a vest top underneath to protect my modesty when we went out to eat. I don't have any very low cut bras, but if I had one suitable I may have been fine with that much cleavage on display - I just didn't want to display several inches of bra over the top of the dress, especially as for some reason I don't have ANY plain black bras. (Note to self - I need to remedy that!) I love the little cap sleeves. It's probably psychological, but I don't feel bare armed when wearing a cap sleeved dress or top.
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress 50s style vintage plus size black and red
Red and black always make me feel quite sexy and powerful, and this Verona dress was probably my favourite evening outfit of the entire week. I wore it out to a restaurant and afterwards to a bar and had plenty of stolen glances. ;)
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress 50s style vintage size 26 red and black
I have been very reticent to get my legs out ever since I've had Fibromyalgia as any bruising on my shins scars and leaves an unsightly tinge, but I always throw caution to the wind when I'm holiday and lose the worries. As it was on my first day I fell upstairs whilst carrying groceries and whacked my shin and foot against the concrete steps. That added a couple more bruises to the mix. Oops!
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress 50s style vintage size 26 red lace

Wash and wear

I always try to pack so that I have enough clothes on holiday for every possible mood, and I knew the villa where we were staying had a washing machine which removed some of the anxiety of 'Have I brought enough clothes?!' (I still pack for twice as long as I'm going for!) I deliberately packed things of lightweight material which I could pop in the machine and air dry in the sun in case I had the urge to re-wear them during the week. I didn't end up re-wearing the dress out there, but I washed and dried it when we returned to England and I'm pleased to say it washed well and dried quickly, which makes it the perfect contender for further holidays.
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress weddings special occasions 50s style vintage plus size evening wear
Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress 50s style vintage evening wear wedding guests summer functions


I'm wearing a size 26 in the dress, the maximum size Lindy Bop do. I had read a couple of reviews which said the dress is very loose around the chest, and as I have a very wide back and F cup boobs I knew if it fit me in the waist, it would be fine. Fit can very much be a matter of trial and error with Lindy Bop - I've had a size 26 which was too small in the waist/upper hip area but great in the bust, a size 24 which was just right, and now this size 26 which is perfect for me. As I was heavily in bloat with both my period and IBS bloat from hell (I had fresh white bread for breakfast daily) I would say the waistline on this dress is generous too. My advice would be where possible to order two sizes of each dress from Lindy Bop and send back whatever doesn't fit. I would say their dresses are probably best suited to those of us with ample boobs - as they're reproduction retro styles I can see why this is, as the 50s - a decade that much of repro clothing seems to be based on - wasn't known for a shortage of chesty ladies.
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It was really hard to narrow down these photos as I love this dress and how I look in it so much.
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My verdict? A stand out dress I genuinely love, which will be on standby any time I need to knock 'em dead. It's reignited my love for Lindy Bop too. You can read my other Lindy Bop reviews here and here. I do wish they'd consider increasing their size range to a size 32 though. The success of Lady Voluptuous has proven without a doubt that the market for upper plus size retro styles is there, and then some! Their biggest sizes usually sell out first.

I'm wearing:

Lindy Bop Verona plus size swing dress* similar here (but long sleeves)
Big Tights Company lace trimmed vest top from a set of vest & knickers (full review to come)
Big Tights Company anti chafing short legged knickers (full review to come)
Simply Be block heel shoes (limited sizes, similar here)

What do you think of plus size swing dresses? Have you got anything by Lindy Bop?

L xoxo
*dress sent for review