Viva Voluptuous launch event

Viva-Voluptuous-plus-size-luxury-lingerie-launch-event //

I was invited to the official launch event for Viva Voluptuous lingerie, which I attended in London on Thursday. It was a lovely evening of good company, gorgeous luxury lingerie, fabulous cocktails, and burlesque entertainment.

What you can do to fight bigotry and intolerance

If you're anything like me you may have been caught in a fog of inertia and helplessness since President 45 took office. His first week as leader of the free world has made plain his hatred for almost everyone and everything - women, Muslims, Mexicans, immigrants in general, and the environment. As far as I can see all he cares about are white people, preferably rich, old and male. I've been in a freefall of buying crap I don't need to try to soothe the reality of this, but there IS no soothing this, not with material things anyway.

Learning to layer

in the style curve pearless silver dress layering //

As I mentioned in my Fashion Manifesto for 2017, I want to learn to layer and wear things in different ways to maximise the items I already own. I'm wearing my pearless silver dress from In The Style Curve (which I wore dressed up here) in a more casual way.

Bears and wizards

James calls this coat my bear coat, and these shots were taken in front of a wizard themed set of graffiti in Eastbourne, hence titling this bears and wizards. Read on for more photos of me and the wizards.

Embracing greasy hair

Embracing-greasy-hair //
{Image from Pixabay}

That sounds disgusting, right?! Bear with me. My hair is coloured with henna and I've grown tired of having to refresh it every month, especially now I'm using two colours for contrast. I figured if I wash my hair less then the henna would last much longer, and perhaps my scalp and hair would be healthier too. Maybe it'll even grow quicker.

My fashion manifesto for 2017 and how to pinpoint your style

My-fashion-manifesto-for-2017-and-how-to-pinpoint-your-style //
I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want from this year, both personally and on the blog. Last year was a big learning curve for me. I realised I'm happiest when I'm not doing what everyone else is doing, or what's expected of me. Here is my fashion manifesto for this year.

Simply Be harness dress

Simply-Be-plus-size-harness-dress //
My Christmas decorations are all down and packed away now, but I took a LOT of shots while they were up, so I'm calling it Januarymas. What's the longest you've left your decorations up for? I think I left mine up till March once - I really couldn't be bothered to take them down. Everything looks so bare once they've gone.

So, Januarymas continues with this Simply Be harness dress. I'm actually wearing two dresses here though, so read on.

Searching for meaning in 2017

I've been a bit quiet and contemplative in the last week or so as I've been trying to work out what it is I want from this year, and how to work towards it. Sometimes it's easier to work out what we don't want and use that to shape our aims.

Elvi dip hem leather look midi skirt take 3

Elvi-dip-hem-leather-look-high-low-skirt plus size //
Are you sick of seeing this Elvi skirt yet? This is my third outfit in the last few months with this skirt, and this is my favourite of them all. By the way, you are not drunk. I took a load of outfit photo sets before Christmas which I'm still working through. So hi, and Merry Januarymas. I have about 2 more outfits to share with this same festive backdrop. I was far too optimistic about how much blogging I'd do over Christmas (exactly none - no regrets!)

2016 - the year that was a dumpster fire

2016, the year that was a bit of a bastard for many. This post is quite sweary, be warned.

Simply Be sheer lace maxi dress

Simply-Be-sheer-lace-maxi-dress plus size //
I've had this bum-baring Simply Be dress for about a month and it's still for sale, something I'm grateful for when I haven't been prompt with getting my outfit posts up. In fact I'm coming to regret doing a huge bunch of outfit photos when we had the Christmas decorations up as I haven't published half of them yet. 😝

I've broken my blog


  • As of Thursday evening the Google+ comment system is back and working on my blog, for newer posts, at least. 
  • My wonderful tech helper Joe discovered that post comments are turned off on ALLLLLLL my older posts, which is why the G+ box isn't coming up on posts older than 2015 or so. I decided to work backwards from my oldest posts. So far I've edited 2012 and 2013, so those older articles can be commented on if anyone comes across them. I'm working my way back to the present day and all my posts will have comment boxes on them within the next couple of days. If you see the comment box and there are a lot of comments and you can't see the end of the comment box, refresh the page and that'll do it. I have to do that to reply to the comments too. WHEN will someone invent a reliable comment system?! 
  • I think when I rebranded my blog about 6 months ago every post before that time got the comments turned off somehow. F*ck knows how, but my blog hates me.....this much is becoming clear. 😢
This blog, I swear to God, it'll be the death of me. 

If for any reason you don't get on with G+ comments and want to comment on a blog post, feel free to hit me up on Facebook or Twitter. Links just below.  // *** END EDIT ***
This is just a quick note to say I've broken my blog comments. No one can comment on my blog. While I attempt to sort it out, feel free to comment on my Facebook page or my Twitter


And if you know a technical genius, give me a yell. I'll be the one swigging neat vodka in the corner. 

My favourite outfits of 2016

I've picked out 9 of my favourite outfits from 2016, with reasons why they're favourites.