Big Bloomer Company tights review*


Lovely Laura from The Big Bloomers Company very kindly sent me some tights to review when she saw a post where I was bemoaning the woes of plus size tights.

Their motto is: "OUR SIZES START WHERE OTHER PEOPLES FINISH" so you can be sure of getting items to fit the upper end of the plus size range. They do most things up to the high 30 sizes or above. 

First, let me give you a run down of why I hate tights. Evans size 3 tights, supposed to fit up to a size 32, haven't fitted me properly since I was about a size 24. I have a big arse, a big belly and some centaur sized thighs. As Evans have been the only place for me to get tights from for years I've put up with tights that fall down (or never fully pull up) leaving my upper legs red raw from chub rub. I have to wear a pair of control knickers over the top of them just so the gusset will almost reach my crotch, and then I have to pull them up every 2 minutes. Thus I've come to hate tights with a PASSION and have avoided them for a long time. Will I have changed my mind by the end of this post?! Read on...

Laura kindly sent me two pairs - the All Woman and Paris Lady.

All Woman - £12.95
  • Style: All Woman 60 denier
  • Opaque tights with cotton gusset
  • Single seams in the body 
  • Very durable and strong 7% Lycra
  • Colours: Black or Make Up (nude.)
  • One size UK22/32
  • Generous depth and fit hips to 60" 152cms
I tried the All Woman first, which fit up to a size 32. They looked small in the packet and I didn't think they would go round me, but they're really stretchy and fitted like a dream, pulling up fully over my bum, which Evans size 3 tights don't do. Magical!

I just noticed looking at some of these photo my knickers are on inside out. Oh lord! These tights have a cotton gusset, which will help keep things cool.

These tights are soft, supremely comfortable, extremely stretchy and are my favourite pair out of the two I tried. The waistband is wide, soft and stretchy and doesn't dig in at all and the tights are plenty large enough not to pinch my ample thighs. I wish they came in more colours than black and nude. I want these tights in every colour of the rainbow. I prefer tights with one seam at the back rather than two and I can say hands down these are the most comfortable pair of tights I've ever worn. I didn't want to take them off and I kept stroking my legs as they felt so nice. I would say they're true to size and would fit someone up to a size 32.

Next I tried Paris Lady.

Paris Lady - £16.95
  • Style: Paris Lady 50 denier
  • Opaque tights for winter warmth
  • Top quality Microfiber with flat seams
  • Very durable and strong
  • Available in four colours black, deep pink, deep purple or slate
  • Available in two sizes UK30/32 to UK34/36 - I was sent the 34/36
  • Generous depth and fit hips to 68" 

I had a problem with these tights - the seams were far too low and too far apart for my comfort. If I'd left them like this I'd have got chub rub where the crotch of the tights didn't quite come up as far as my crotch. They felt very uncomfortable until I pulled the tights up higher (so the waistband was over my boobs.) I'd say these tights are best for short plus sized people as they're short in the leg but very wide in the body. I'm only 5 ft 5 (and a half!) and struggled to make these work for me initially, so someone shorter (or less fuller figured overall) would probably get on with these better. Once I did some huffing and puffing I got the seams in the right place, but I'm not a fan of two seams at the back of ANY tights, so I prefer the first pair. Once I got everything hoiked up they were reasonably comfortable, and they are just as stretchy and soft to the touch as the other pair. If these tights came with just one seam at the back I'd buy them in every colour available as it's not the tights themselves which are the issue, but the seams - they make the legs feel too short, they're too low and too far apart - they're nearly as wide apart as my bum and I can feel them as I wear them. However it is a bonus to be able to pull the tights up under my boobs - how lovely and cosy that'd be on a cold day!

So the winner for me are the All Woman tights. I will be coming back for more once these babies have worn out and I have my eyes on a few pairs of these to buy at some point - funky coloured 20 denier tights.

I'd like to say that Laura's service is amazing - she's probably the friendliest person I've ever dealt with over email and I know if I ever needed to phone for any reason, she'd be lovely to talk to. If you need any assistance in choosing the right pair of tights I'm sure Laura will be able to guide you through the many styles available with ease.

The Big Bloomers Company do lots of other great things for plus sized people - cotton knickers, bloomers and long legged knickers, bras, all manner of tights (some up to a size 42), knee highs and socks, leggings, hospital gowns and disposable knickers, men's boxers, etc.

Although the tights on the website are a little more expensive than other plus size retailers, there's no reason why they wouldn't last you all winter long (and beyond) if taken good care of, plus the size range the Big Bloomers Company afford isn't to be found on the high street. With Christmas in mind, there are some dresses which just look so much better with tights rather than leggings, so these are an invaluable part of a gal's winter wardrobe, especially if like me you're at the higher end of the plus size range.

The Big Bloomers Company posts worldwide. Delivery charges are a very reasonable UK £2.95, Europe £4.45, Worldwide £8.95.

Have you tried anything by the Big Bloomers Company?
How do you feel about tights?

Thanks for reading.

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