More self indulgence

Hello lovelies!

Lovely Nancy did a 'getting to know me' type post recently and it made me wonder if there was anything I hadn't already said, considering I have verbal diarrhoea. I need to dig deep.

Sophie, me & Rach (we're going to be Rach's bridesmaids next year)
  • I met my bestie Rach at a local pub about 5 years ago. How it happened was Rach's friend fancied my man slice. Their 'in' was talking about his hair (which to be fair, a lot of people comment on because it's so thick) and we had a jolly ol' evening getting drunk together as we watched a friend's band play. (I didn't find out Rach's friend was intent on 'stealing' my maaaan until much later.) Anyhow, because our (by now) mutual friend told a pretty unforgivable lie, the horror of finding out she'd been fooling us all for 6 months threw those of us in the aftermath together. We don't really have her in our lives now - it's all rather sad. And all the while my husband was blissfully unaware of the interest in him. ;)
  • My favourite ever job was the 4 years I spent cleaning airplanes at Gatwick. It was physically the most difficult job I've ever had. It was back-breaking work in all weathers with ex-army and ex-military police managers yelling at us to go faster (no pressure then!) but the people I worked with were excellent - all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexualities. It was fantastic. It was both a great time and an awful time of my life. I'd left behind most of my family, my boyfriend and everyone else I knew, but it was really liberating. During this time I broke up with my fella (who was a cheating twat), cut all my hair off so I looked like a boy (the 'I don't need you any more!' hair cut), had loads of money for the first time in my life and had a great social life. It went to pot at the end when I had the accident with my knee but it was a time of my life I look back on fondly, partly because I was working at the same place as my dad and brother. Awww.
  • If not for alcohol, I would've led the most boring life ever because I came out of the womb anxious. Seriously. Until I did CBT last year I thought it was normal to hate every bit of life outside my home (sober, at least.) Sober, I'm a tangle of swirling thoughts. Pissed, I don't give a shit what anyone thinks of me. I have no inhibitions at all drunk. It's quite scary, which is why I hardly ever have more than 2 drinks now. 3 or more drinks and I get the taste, and then all bets are off. It's like there's an imbalance in my brain which turns on the nutty behaviour when I drink. All my good stories are booze related, and most of them are too incriminating to repeat here. I'm a happy drunk though, I love everyone! I don't regret pissing it up in my youth one bit, even though I did have a drink problem for a while after my accident. At least I got most of it out of the way before killer hangovers were a thing. Drink your fill before you're 30 people, because it's no joke when they say your hangovers are a nightmare as you get older. It's a shame I'm not going to have any kids to embarrass with my stories, ha.
  • All my close family are nocturnal. My dad and brother work nights (or my dad did until he was ousted from his job) and my mum and I are both night owls. Mornings, meh.
  • When I laugh really hard I snort like a pig.
  • Of all the things I've lost through chronic illness, going to gigs (and going to London for adventure filled days and nights full stop) is the thing I miss the most. I've had some of the best times of my life in the big smoke, even if the filthy air does give you black bogeys. Trufax.
  • This lady (Nikki) is going through a tough time at the moment. She means the world to me, and her laugh is even filthier than mine (which is fairly diffIcult since I laugh like a donkey!) so I hope she has cause to laugh more soon. Everyone needs a Nikki laugh, it's infectious.
Nikki Noo

Honk honk

There are other people I know going through hard things at the moment, like my friend with Rheumatic Arthritis, and I know life seems to throw things at people all at once sometimes. To anyone reading who's got shit hitting the fan from all angles, I hope life starts to smile on you a bit more soon. Virtual squidges from me.

How to make a 'straight' sized kimono work for bigger bodies

Hi pickles,

As many of you may know, I have a thing about kimonos at the moment, and they're everywhere. They're voluminous and airy, and plus size ones are generally twice the price of ones for smaller peeps. So, what to do? Find one the width of your body and unpick the inner seams they invariably put about 5 inches from the edges on both sides of the kaftan. (See photo 2 below.)

You'll need:
  • A kimono
  • A stitch ripper - I got mine on eBay but I can't link you right now. I need to reset my password before the cockwombles will allow me to do anything, and they keep not sending me the link to do it. Stitch rippers are also available in haberdashery shops.
  • Some time and patience (I have Take That's Patience in my head now. So do you. Ha.)

I bought this kimono from H&M and it was tighter than a gimp mask in August. Why?

Well, it's a generous XL, but it's hemmed in about 5 inches away from the edge of the kaftan on both sides (the outer edges are loose.) A lot of kaftans are made like this, maybe it's to give the edges some frill or whatnot. We can make the most of this extra space.

(Kaftan is sideways.) Top of pic - outer (loose) edge. Bottom of pic - pointless width-restricting seam.

You stabby wee bugger. I like you.

So, you unpick the nonsensical inner seams on both sides to give you some easy breezy room for your luscious self to move and be awesome in. What you'll find is the first few stitches are oversewn so they're a bit of a bugger to rip, but once those ones are you can unloop the rest of the stitches as you go, or rip them all - it depends on how much unspent aggression you have in you. I like a mix of stitch ripping and unlooping, which results in long strands of thread all about your person.

Basically you're now wearing something akin to a poncho (as you have open sides) with a waist tie, but instead of smelling of old goat and marijuana you smell of success and smugness. Go out and buy straight sized kaftans and rock your bad self in them. I got 99 problems but the stitch ain't one.

Ah, and if you do get a bit too stabby and put a hole in your kimono instead of tearing a stitch, put a dob of clear nail varnish on it and it should stop it from fraying.

I *might* be writing this a lil' bit inebriated, just in case you were wondering. I hope it makes sense?!

What alternations do you make to clothes to fit you?

Now I can see how simple kaftans are to make I might invest in some gauzy fabric and make myself some. It's about time I got some use out of my sewing machine.

Off With Her Head Millinery

Hello loves,

I have Sarah to blame for this one. She entered herself and I in a competition to win a hair flower by Off With Her Head Millinery on Facebook and we only won!

On investigating the OWHH Etsy, I saw that Lisa does a yearly subscription service where you get a hair flower every month of the year, an extra one on your birthday and an extra one for Christmas for £96 a year plus p&p. (You can also get a 6 month subscription for £48 and a 3 month one for £24, but you only get the 2 extra flowers when you take out a year long sub.) I asked if I could pay by instalments, Lisa said 3, and I was in like a rat up a drain pipe. Then all I had to do was wait!

Here's the hair flower I won.

Here's my hair flower for May, my first of 14!

I look forward to receiving 13 more flowers in the next 11 months and can't wait to build up a sizeable hair flower collection. My head feels bald without a hair flower in it and I love the element of surprise.

Here's what OWHH says:
There are three levels of subscription available...

3 Months 'Taster' Subscriptions - subscribe for 3 months, one flower dispatched each month at full price of £8.00 per flower plus postage.

6 Months ' Sampler' Subscription - subscribe for 6 months, one flower dispatched each month at full price of £8.00 per flower plus postage.

12 Months 'Annual' Subscription - subscribe for 12 months, one flower dispatched each month at full price of £8.00 per flower plus postage... and get two BONUS flowers (one special 'birthday' hair flower dispatched in the month of your birthday, and one limited edition Christmas/Holidays hair flower dispatched in December included for FREE!)

Remember these hair flowers will not be available to the general public through my Etsy Store or at any of our events throughout the year. The only way to get these beautiful flowers is by joining the club!

Some of the other designs Lisa does are out of this world too. This is my favourite:

Photo belongs to OWHH Millinery

That'd be right up my alley for a wedding or other fancy-schmance occasion.

Do you like hair adornments?

Simply Be denim babydoll dress


You know when you see a dress and it's instant love? That. I'd seen this dress on a few different bloggers and fell in love with it. When I came across a Simply Be online voucher code (there's always one lurking around in the depths of the internet) I decided to buy it.

Plus size denim dress

Plus size dress by Simply Be

It's proper denim, not chambray, and is a medium weight fabric. I'd say it's not as heavyweight as denim for jeans, but it's still a quality material. And it has pockets. Can you hear the angels sing?!

It's so so so comfortable. I wore it on Sunday when we went to my aunt's caravan in Essex. It was a 2 hour 45 minute journey there and back on a really hot day and I was cool and breezy all day. I'd advise sizing down if you like a tighter dress fit and staying true to size if you like a little swing. I got a 28 as I'd heard it was oversized and there's plenty of room for me in it. It's a good length front and back. I wish they made this dress in allll the colours of denim. It's whooshed straight to the top of my fave dress list.

Oh, about the glasses on/glasses off thing on my blog recently - my eyelashes are driving me batshit. They're so long they rub on my glasses all day leaving greasy little marks. They refuse to curl so I can't even get them out of the way using an eyelash curler. I've given up wearing mascara on my top lashes at all as it only makes it worse, so sometimes I take my glasses off to stop me having to clean them every. five. minutes. I'm seriously considering giving them a hair cut.

Dress, Simply Be
Leggings, Very
Necklace, Primark
Bracelet, Sister Vintage
Shoes, Just For 5 Pounds

If you want a really effortlessly easy dress you can wash and wear time and time again, and accessorise in a million ways, this will do it for you.

My brooch collection

Hello pickles,

I've only really gotten into brooches in the last couple of years. I used to think they were a bit too 'old lady' for me but then I realised if I enjoy something, it's silly to miss out because of self-imposed rules. Plus I have a thing for cardigans and brooches & cardigans go together like sunshine and ice cream. Plus, I am kinda old, so it's all right. ;)

There's no theme to my brooches. They're as random as I am.

Pirate ship, eBay
Custard cream, bought from Lolly of Lolly Likes Fatshion
Anchor, bought from local museum shop
Feather, given to me by my friend Elaine
Big cat, Sister Vintage
Gambling chip, I can't remember
2 x unicorns, bought from Rachel of A Dress Is For Life
Lion head door knocker, Sister Vintage
Scorpion, gift from blog reader Lu for my birthday

I've forgotten my lovely Drown Soda Tea & Cake ones....nooooooo! Here they are! (Drown Soda are on hiatus due to a family matter & the website is currently down, hence no link to the website.)

I forgot I have a lot more brooches tucked away in my wall unit - all the ones on my brooch bouquet from our wedding! They're staying where they are though, Elaine worked too hard on it for me to start hacking them off to wear.

I've just noted the bride's arm in the shot above looks a lot like a penis. ;)

Do you collect anything? I used to collect those twee Lilliput Lane thatched cottage ornaments many years ago. Now it's mostly dresses!

On spending and addiction

Hi lovelies,

I have a bit of a reflective post today, which I've broken up with silly gifs so you don't feel too much sewious.


I've written before about my love of shopping, but in the past I felt I could control it somewhat. I've been kidding myself - I'm totally out of control. When the postman comes I have 5 seconds of excitement about the new things which came, and then I'm totally disgusted with myself.

Something needs to change. I'm powerless over my urges.


We live in a consumerist society, and blogging is often extremely materialistic. I'm surrounded by temptation everywhere I look, and my poor impulse control means I go for it and worry about the consequences later, even though I know I'll regret it. The flat is chock-a-block with my clothes, shoes, bags and make up. Blogging was always supposed to be about sharing the things I bought and showing myself using/wearing them, but the rate of my spending has become so ridiculous I have no hope in hell of blogging about everything.


I don't get to enjoy much of what I buy as I'm so guilty about it. Often I THINK I want something more than I actually do. I have enough lotions and potions around the house to sink a battle ship. I have enough make up and nail polish to last me 20 years. The only thing I buy which I actually get any real use out of is clothes. That helps me narrow it down a bit - I don't need any more toiletries (other than things I will run out of, like deodorant/toothpaste etc), nor make up or nail polish. Will it stop me wanting more? Hell no.


I've often wondered why I am the way I am, and I have a few theories which I mentioned in another post about spending here. Since that post I've noted my trigger time for spending - it's late at night. I stay up later than my husband and that's usually when I do my naughty spends. If I go to bed at the same time as hubby I'll have less opportunity to spend.

Although it's always good to be self aware and to try to deal with the root cause of a problem, I think that looking for reasons to explain it away can be a maze to get lost in. I don't want to go round and round looking for the why when I could be taking direct action.

So, what's the plan?

Get my husband to change my PayPal password so I can't use it for quick spends any more.
Use his PayPal account so I can be accountable to him - this (hopefully) should make me spend less.
Keep a strict spending diary so I can see (and be disgusted by) what I spend.
Fall in love with the things I already have - root through my wardrobes and drawers, dig out some unloved make up and nail polish.
Wish more and spend less - every time I get an urge to buy something add it to a weekly wishlist.

The thing that makes it even worse is my hubby is so accommodating. It was my idea to change my PayPal password and he didn't want to do it but I insisted. He knows buying things cheers me up and he likes me to look and feel good. He doesn't want me to stop spending, but he does want me to ramp it back to sensible levels. When we decided we weren't going to have kids (which was mainly because of his feelings about the matter) there was an acknowledgement that my 'pay off' for not being a mum would be a certain amount of materialistic crap to help fill the gap. 


My trouble has always been knowing when enough is enough. Wish me luck in sorting my spending habits out!

Have you ever felt like your spending is out of control? If so, what did you do about it?

Party party party OOTD

Hiya pickles!

Last night I went to the engagement party of my dear friends Rach and JP, held at Rach's mum and dad's house in the countryside. I can't believe two of my favourite people (who I played matchmaker with a few years ago) are getting married next year! I'm so happy for them. It was a really lovely night of food, wine, and a little dancing to cheesy disco music with the mother of the bride-to-be. I had a little drunken epiphany that we should all dance while we can, as the day might come that we'll be too old/infirm/disabled to have a boogie. Wouldn't it be a terrible shame to want to dance and not be able to? Dancing is so joyful and no gathering is complete without it (even if my joints yell at me a bit the next day.)

So my new motto is 'Dance while you can', which is a metaphor for life really - make the most of it while we can or else there'll be regrets later. If I ever get too old to cut a rug, I'll do what I call 'chair dancing' - where you sit down and wave your arms around. Yeah, I'll be a funky old lady come what may.

I didn't take photos of what I was wearing before we left, so we did it when we got in, complete with my red booze-glow face and food baby! You know I bring you all the good stuff. ;)

I wore:
Leather jacket, New Look
Scarf, eBay
Dress (worn as top) old Yours Clothing
Skirt, old Yours Clothing
Shoes, old Evans
Rings, New Look
Hair flower, (just seen) Off With Her Head Millinery - full post coming soon as I have two OWHH hair flowers to show you.

I seem to be wearing an awful lot of black recently, must be the old goth in me popping her head back up. Black is so easy though, isn't it? Everything matches. It's the perfect 'I can't brain today' outfit. What's your no-thought outfit go to?

Happy Sunday, or Monday if you're down under.

Bang on trend with New Look*

Hiya lovelies!

New Look got in touch recently about some of the key trends in the Inspire plus size range right now. New Look Inspire do sizes 18-28 primarily, with certain styles up to a size 32. Some of the things which are really hot right now are florals, monochrome and little black dresses. They're timeless and will remain wardrobe staples indefinitely, so you can invest in them now without worry of them falling out of favour later. No trend is just for slimmer ones amongst us - us plus size people can rock all the good stuff too!

New Look provided me with two items to review. I chose the black contrast panel longline tunic because I love monochrome, and the black spot mesh neck skater dress because you can never have too many little black dresses.

The tunic is a lovely lightweight slinky material which feels really nice to wear. It has no stretch, so size up if you prefer a loose, flowing top. It's so lightweight it'll be the perfect item to include in your suitcase for a holiday this year - it'll take up barely any room and will wash and dry quickly. I love monochrome because you can accessorise black and white with loads of bright colours and it looks effortlessly great. The top looks great over jeans, and also feminine and floaty tucked in under a maxi skirt.

Trendy monochrome is all the rage at New Look

The dress is a lovely soft stretchy material (the dobby mesh is also really soft and stretchy, not itchy at all) but it is very short on me. I'm 5ft 5 and it comes just below my bottom, so do bear that in mind, taller ladies. It comes up to a size 32 and I wish I'd sized up to have a little more length. I'm wearing it dressed down with tights and jellies here but would normally wear it with leggings to protect my modesty. The dress would really suit well to being dressed up as well. I'd wear it with a long tasselled kimono and lots of bling!

Plus size little black dress

Here I've added a cropped cardigan to match my jellies and to break up the black on my top half.

Plus size LBD

Here are some of the other items I'm lusting over from Inspire at the moment.

Have you seen anything you like here? What's your favourite trend out of florals, monochrome and little black dresses?

Thanks for reading and thanks to New Look for sending me the items to review. If you've been reading my blog a while you'll know half my wardrobe is from New Look, so it was a pleasure to be asked to review some pieces.

Have a great rest of weekend!

*Items provided for review, all opinions my own.

Simply Be Liz McClarnon kaftan

Hello lovelies,

My name is Leah and I'm addicted to kaftans. I have it baaad.

This kaftan by Simply Be (purchased by me) is a nice thick material with an aztec pattern to it.

Plus size summer cover up

I sized up as I wanted a baggy fit. The waist tie means you can still have a little definition in your waist, or wear it loose and flowing. It's very versatile - it works equally well with jeans as it would over a swimsuit on holiday. Tear up the rule book - if you like something, wear it how you see fit. If you love the pattern on nightwear and want to wear it as a dress, do it. Rules are made to be broken!

Plus size swimwear kaftan
I'm wearing it with my full bum jeans from Fashion World. I'm a strange one - I avoid jeans all winter and start to wear them again in summer. I associate jeans in winter with sore skin - the heavy fabric and cold air can lead to my parched, Fibromyalgia-affected legs chapping.

To make this kaftan absolutely perfect for me I'd have liked a lower neckline by a few inches and perhaps another 6 inches on the length. I'm still on the look out for an almost knee length kaftan which I can wear over leggings and a vest on a hot day without worrying about my bum taking people's eyes out.

Simply Be Liz McClarnon kaftan

Kaftan, Simply Be
Vest, old Evans
Jeans*, Fashion World (previously gifted - post here.)
Shoes, old Evans
Necklace, Superdrug

The necklace from Superdrug was only £5 and I love the simple open diamond design. It's a shame they don't sell their jewellery online, but if you're in the UK do have a peek in store as it's all reasonably priced. I love long necklaces - mid length ones get swallowed up by my boobs!

Do you wear anything differently than its original purpose?

OMCZ - Money no object

Hiya lovelies,

Today's Outside My Comfort Zone is a cracker. What would we buy if money was no problem? Here's my outfit.

Alexander McQueen, Lulu Guinness and Anna Scholz

On my list:

Anna Scholz dress £420
Alexander McQueen boots £895
Lulu Guinness clutch £475

What would you buy if money was no object? Private island, sports car, lots of pretty things? Do tell!

Shop Your Stash #2

Hiya pickles,

Welcome to the Shop Your Stash challenge. This is all about finding a gem in what you already own and creating a blog post on it. This is to let go a little of the stress that comes with being a blogger - even if it is just once a month. Rummage through your beauty products and climb through those clothes drawers. You might surprise yourself!

It's time to shop our stashes again and this month I wanted to talk about my collection of lovely indie eyeshadows. I have stuff by Darling Girl (my fave indie seller by far), Detrivore, Starcrushed Minerals, Aromaleigh, Carina Dolci, Little Mouse Ears and other companies who sell loose make up pigments.

My stash of indie make up

A couple of years ago my blog was more focused towards make up so I used my indie stuff a lot more. I'm not quite sure what happened, but I became less comfortable with showing close ups of my face (possibly due to the condition my skin was in back then, and/or being wary of showing my ageing face) and I deleted most of those posts and don't really do them any more. Now I'm a lot busier with my blog (and need to sleep more because my CFS is worse) I don't have ages to spend in front of a mirror doing my make up each day. I'm a strictly 5 minute face girl most of the time, and as most indie products are loose they need a little more time to work with, and that's not me right now.

Hopefully at some point in the future I can give these pretties some love. I'm still waiting for our curtain situation to improve so I have enough light to sit in my bedroom and do my make up. Oh yeah, and I still need a desk, too! ;) Hahaha.

Have you got loads of something which is unloved?

Here are the other ladies shopping their own stashes.

So...this happened

Hiya lovelies,

Yesterday another plus size lady alerted me to this.

I just want to say thank you to all the people who sent me supportive tweets, messages, Instagram comments etc. The plus size community, my friends and all decent people on Facebook who saw this were outraged on my behalf and I feel very loved and humbled by the support.

Just a quickie about the lack of content at the moment. My bestie is here for just over another week before she flies back to Canada. I haven't had a day free in about the last 10 days. As well as spending lots of time with her, we've been doing wedding planning for Rach's wedding next year. Myself and another bridesmaid have been trying on bridesmaids dresses, doing important plotting etc. Also, my services for IT help are in a lot of demand. I haven't done a spot of housework since Thursday. I haven't had a meal at home since Friday. Basically, I'm a wreck and I'm falling apart (I have lymph nodes up in my armpits as well as my neck now, and a stye) but I can recover once Rach has gone home.

BUT tomorrow I think I have a free day, so I shall spend a lot of time on blog stuff. Hope you're having a great week!

My weekend - 2 films, a christening and a knees up

Hiya lovelies!

I hope you had a great weekend? It was gorgeous here in the UK - sunny and warm.

On Friday I helped my ex boss set up a Facebook page for his business, so he took me out for lunch to thank me. On Friday evening we had a few friends round. We had an Indian and watched Anchorman 2. It was funny in parts but the ending fight-but-not-a-fight sequence was weird. Like 'Who smoked all the pot?' weird. With added Kanye West - and that's always weird.

Saturday morning we said goodbye to Rach (who'd stayed over with us) then went on the hour and a bit drive to Kent to see my dad, cousin and niece. (It's my dad's birthday today, 61 years young!) We only stayed a couple of hours as we needed to go and fix my aunt's laptop. Unpaid tech help never ends, hahaha.

My dad

My niece. The front camera makes everyone look long faced!

After that we headed off to my aunt & uncle's house a few miles away, and my mum and step dad were also there. I got stuck in straight away and started teaching my aunt how to use Facebook and Twitter, then hubs took over with the more technical stuff she needed doing. My mum lost some of her make up in their house move so I took her a couple of eyeshadow palettes and a mascara so she can feel pretty. We only stayed there for a few hours then went to London to see hubby's parents. Our weekends away are always this manic when we go visiting family! Too many lovely people, not enough time.

The Shard on Instagram
The Shard from Wapping

We got to London and had a roast dinner, then watched Hercules, the one with Kellan Lutz in it. The script, acting and CGI were terrible. The best thing about the whole lot was Kellan's sculpted man boobs, which looked to be about a D cup. ;)

Ready to sleep like a log.

Sunday morning saw us all dressed up in our finest togs to go to our baby niece's christening. We had a wonderful drive through central London, Camden and Hampstead to the Greek church in Golders Green. Hampstead is lovely! It has a country village feel although it's in London and I'd love to go back sometime to explore it.
Camden on Instagram

I've been to Camden many times in the past, but not very often since I've been ill as central London on foot and on the Tube is too taxing for me. I'd never driven through it before so it was nice to take it all in from the car.

A lot of the shop fronts in Camden have large 3D art on them, which is interesting as it always seems to change in between visits.

Camden Lock on Instagram

It was SO busy there. I was glad we were just driving through.

A busy Sunday in Camden

Another big piece of art.

Camden Lock on Instagram

We got to the church about half an hour early, met the priest and sat down in the cool air inside to wait for everyone else to arrive. The church was absolutely stunning. The stained glass was the most colourful I'd ever seen, and there was intricately carved wood everywhere. It was a beautiful venue for little E's christening. She looked as cute as a button in her outfits (one for before the dunking and one for afterwards) but we don't take photos of her as we feel her parents should have control over who gets to see her cute little face.

What a gorgeous light fitting!

After the ceremony (which was complete with sing-song chanting from the priest and incense wafting) we went round to E's granddad (on the maternal side) for the christening party. Greeks certainly know how to throw a party! Grandad Tony is such a wonderful host - he won't stand for an empty glass and makes enough food to feed an army. We'd barely been sitting down for 5 minutes before the ladies came round bearing trays of nibbles to tide us over until the rest of the food was cooked. There were children running around happily, lots of laughter, lots of wine refills, and a really warm 'extended family' atmosphere which made us feel right at home from the minute we stepped through the door. It was the second party we'd been to there, and we saw some of the same people as last time and they're all so warm and friendly. Good vibes! We had to leave reluctantly around 6.30pm because it's more than a 2 hour drive home, but before we did I was given baklava for the road, a slice of cake and a pastry. They are good people! I have warm fuzzies now and will for days.

What did you get up to?

Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

Ewhurst Green

Hiya love bugs!

A couple of weeks ago now hubby and I headed off on a trip to visit yet another church graveyard and what a beaut we found! St James the Great church in Ewhurst Green is probably the second-most glorious graveyard I've ever been to, second only to St Just in Roseland church in Cornwall, which is a semi tropical paradise. I adore history, nature and photography and I find graveyards in spring and summer give me a joy I rarely get anywhere else.

James and St James.

Bluebells in the cemetery

Bluebells in Ewhurst Green

A cute one person sized bench.

A minkey puzzle tree
Monkey puzzle tree.

Hubby and I
A nice couple offered to take our photo.

I hope you enjoyed a little spring walk around this beautiful graveyard. We went to another church on the same day but I'll post those photos another day.