New Look Curves mink velvet lace trim cami

Hiya pickles! I bought this vest top from New Look around a month ago, and by luck it's still in stock so I would snap one up if you like the look of it - it's only £7! I absolutely love blush pink at the moment.

Clothing hack - 3/4 playsuit into long lagenlook dress

Hey loves! It's been a while again, hasn't it? James kindly passed on his man flu to me, and as I have asthma that means instant chest infection. Yay, lucky me! ;) In today's post I'm going to talk about how I hacked this long lagenlook dress from a three-quarter length playsuit.

'By Invitation', a fragrance by Michael Bublé

By-Invitation-a-perfume-by-Michael-Bublé oriental fragrance //
Whenever I receive anything for review purposes I always keep an open mind and try not to prejudge something until I have it in my hands. I deliberately didn't read any reviews of this Michael Bublé perfume before I received it (or even look up the scent notes) as I didn't want to shape my opinion before I put my nose to the test. I'm not someone who normally buys celebrity fragrance at all - I'm not swayed by that kind of thing. I had no idea what to expect - I was worried I might hate it - but I loved it from the first spray. I'm not a perfume whizz who can pick out many individual notes in a perfume, but on me this smells of vanilla, citrus and musks. It has a heady, intoxicating warmth which just draws you in, and when I'm wearing it I can't resist sniffing my wrist constantly. I would imagine this is the kind of perfume which draws people in slightly closer so they can smell it better. If I was a single lady I'd definitely be wearing this on nights out!

It's been a while

I haven't taken any outfit photos in nearly 3 weeks, and people who follow me on Instagram may have seen this outfit there a month ago or so. I've lost my way with fashion blogging and have been in a bit of a funk. It's a mixture of things - fatigue from the move affecting my mental health compounded by looking at a face in the mirror which is visibly ageing by the day, with a dash of materialistic ho-bag guilt after packing up my entire life into boxes and realising how much crap I own. Going forwards I intend to show a mix of old things with the occasional new item thrown into the mix, and as I said in a previous post I'll be trying to diversify. I want to show other sides of my personality other than hopelessly addicted fashion victim. ;)

Anyway, here's a really simple casual outfit I wore on a blisteringly hot day last month. A few of the items I've had for months, but thankfully as they're basics they're still for sale.

Introducing Viva Voluptuous lingerie

Viva-Voluptuous-lingerie-plus-size-boudoir-lingerie //

Viva Voluptuous are a lingerie company who launched this month. Filling a gap in the market for luxurious boudoir lingerie for the over size 16 figure, they stock babydolls, kimonos and corsets in sizes 16-30 and for bust sizes of 36D and above.

How to declutter in an eco friendly way

How to declutter in an eco friendly way //

How to declutter in an eco friendly way

Although our upcoming house move has been quite short notice, I was determined that I would donate and recycle as many of our unwanted belongings as I possibly could. Here are some of the things I've done to pass on our surplus goods. I'm not writing this post to paint myself as some kind of saint, but to give you some ideas about how you can clear out your clutter AND perhaps do some good with it. In the past when we've moved we've been quite wasteful, but this time round I've spent a lot of time and money making sure we throw away the bare minimum.

Pink Clove rose floral print shift dress with rib trim

Pink Clove plus size rose floral print shift dress with rib trim //
I'm wearing a dress from Pink Clove today which has a lovely autumn/winter appropriate dark floral print on it, teamed with rib details to bring it bang into 2016.