It was just a look


Something happened the other day and I'm not too sure how to take it.

Someone on the periphery of my social circle met James for the first time recently and I noticed an almost imperceptible double take as she looked at him, looked at me then looked at him again.

Yes, my boyfriend is all kinds of hot, although I am obviously biased. He's got gorgeous long, thick hair, dreamy green eyes and an arse you just want to sink your teeth into (indeed, last night I did!)

And he's with me, a fat girl.

That's what that little double take said. To guess a phrase to go with that look, it would've been something like 'How did SHE end up with HIM?'

James has a nice way of seeing things. When the boot is on the other foot and he knows someone finds me attractive, rather than getting jealous he says it makes him feel good as he's 'got' me and they haven't. He might hold me a bit closer to ram the point home to his 'adversary' but that's as far as it would go. To be fair, men are completely obvious if they fancy a girl, whereas when a girl fancies a guy....well, it's a lot more crafty.

A case in point: I have a friendship with a particular girl because initially she decided she was going to 'screw' (her words) James when she saw us out in a pub, and talked to me as her 'way in'. She doesn't know I know this (I found this out much later on) but she never got her wish. 

Overall there may have been more men over time who made it obvious they fancy me, but if anyone fancies James they're generally going to be in stealth mode, and I have my radar on!

I think I'm lucky to be with James, and he thinks he's lucky to be with me, and as long as it stays like that, I think we'll be just fine ;)

I'll be keeping a close eye on Miss Double-take though!

How do you handle it when you can tell someone fancies your partner?
Have you ever felt 'unworthy' of them, or been made to feel that way by a third party?
If so, how do you handle that?

Thanks for reading.