5 Self-Care Hacks You Might Not Have Tried Yet!*

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We all have different ways of prioritizing our self-care, from the old favourites like long-hot baths to the new hobbies like meditation. Perhaps you’re looking for a self-care hack or two that you haven’t given a try yet? If so, you might enjoy a few of these nifty ideas.

1 . Join a new club or group

Trying something new can be a fantastic act of self-care to boost your confidence, skills, and widen your friendship circles. Perhaps there’s a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try? It could be a sports team, a creative group, a study-based course- you name it! When you put yourself out there to try something unknown, you allow yourself to indulge in an activity that’s just for you and your wellbeing.

2. Spend time alone 

Between work, jobs, family life, and friends- it can be hard to get a little me time. The fact is, though, spending time alone can be great for our mental health. Spending time alone allows you some thinking space and lets you fully enjoy your own company. What’s more, you’ll have time to plan your goals and build up your emotional resilience. It’s amazing to have a support network, but sometimes it’s good to remind ourselves that we can cope alone too. Why not book a random day off work just for you? Visit a museum, take yourself for lunch, write in a journal, meditate, and just spend time being grateful in your own company.

3. Write a poem

Random acts of creativity can be a fabulous gift of self-care just for you. Writing a poem can be a lovely release of emotions and a healthy way to express your mental health. The poem doesn’t have to be shown to anyone; it can be something just for you. You might use it to express a difficult emotion that you’ve been going through, a joyful memory, or something totally abstract. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always get a poetry book or two from the library for a little inspiration!

4. New oils & supplements

So we’ve all heard much about the benefits of lavender or peppermint oil, but what about trying something new? There are plenty of great oils and supplements out there that can do wonders for our self-care. One great example is St. John’s wort; it’s made from a flowering plant and can be consumed in the form of a pill supplement or a tea. St. John’s wort is beneficial for reducing anxiety. Another product fast gaining popularity is CBD oil, extracted from the marijuana plant (but not the same compound which produces the intoxicating effect). CBD oil has also been linked to pain relief in conditions such as arthritis. When ingested and inhaled, the oil can promote a sense of relaxation. For popular CBD oil products, Vsavi offers great quality vape pens.

5. Make a book of memories

Spending time amongst cherished memories can be a lovely gift to yourself. Why not print out all of your best photographs and make yourself a scrapbook of memories? You can write descriptions of the pictures and reminisce about these times spent with loved ones. When we celebrate our good memories, we’re reminded of all the good things in our lives that we are grateful for. Self-care is as much about our mental health as it is about improving physical health.

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