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At this moment #4 - Lifestyle

Hello loves, it's time to see what I've been up to for the last few weeks.


Currently I'm midway through the second/last series of Sense8 on Netflix. I really enjoy it and it's a shame it's been cancelled. It's about 8 individuals who are linked psychically and the adventures they experience. It has a very diverse cast and is filmed in places such as Germany, India, Iceland and America. It's a riot for the senses but due to all the location filming it must've been very expensive to produce.


I've been reading up a storm recently. I've read two more Baldacci books in the last couple of days - The Forgotten and The Target. I especially enjoyed the former. I *could* spend my time reading more factual books and fill my brain full of good things but I love crime thrillers.


Making plans for when we go to Bath next month. I have enough recommendations to last a week but we're only there for 2 days. Still, we'll make the best of it and we can always go back again. 😀


To be responsible adults and save for a mortgage - we estimate two years of really knuckling down will get us the chunk of money we need to buy a house or flat of our own. We'd started this once before, but then had to move with a month's notice, using up all we'd saved. Scrimping means my shopping habits and my whole outlook on life has got to change to one of thrift. I'll be sharing how I rediscover my thrifty ways, hack clothes I've already got into something new and add embellishments to jazz up older items. When I was younger I DIY-ed stuff all the time as lack of money meant I had to be inventive. I did it for years so I can do it again.


I recently watched the second series of Hinterland on Netflix. It's a crime procedural set in Wales. The scenery is stunning - all rolling hills and valleys - but the interior shots show beautiful decay as they visit crimes in dilapidated and dusty properties in the middle of nowhere. It's a beautiful contrast. There are 5 episodes of about 90 minutes each in a series and I really enjoy it.

I just finished a book called Principality of Sealand: Holding the Fort by Michael Bates. It's a fascinating story, and you can read more about it here on Wiki. Essentially a bonkers family commandeered a WW11 sea fort for their own use and have lived in it since 1967. I've been fascinated with the story for years since I first heard about it. The grammar and punctuation in the book leaves a lot to be desired but it's still a good read.


Looking forward to my holiday next month. I'm going away for a week with James's mum, dad, brother, our sister in law and our niece, who is 4. We go every year and since baby E was born we fit the holiday around her and it's lovely. Last year I took 2 outfits per day, planning to take loads of outfit photos, but mostly I had the barest makeup and scraped back hair and let E use me as a climbing frame. I adore her. James and I are getting away for a couple of days before we meet up with the fam - to Bath - and hopefully we'll have a couple of days away on our own afterwards too.


The last person I texted was my brother Wayne, and that was about going to see him last weekend, which was very nice.


I'm really into KIKO makeup at the moment. I said in my last at this moment post I'm loving the purple mascara I bought from them and I just bought some more in a sale they had. My order hasn't arrived yet as it comes from Italy, but I picked up both a light and dark green and a vivid blue mascara. I also got a slate grey lipstick (you know me and my love of weird makeup) and a couple of normal coloured ones. I'm still into really bright makeup generally of late. Life's too short not to stand out.


It's cooled down now but it had been unseasonably hot for over a week. We had the hottest day in June for something like 170 years. Because of my Fibro I have trouble regulating body temperature as I explained here so extreme heat (or cold) is really intolerable for me. I've been avoiding going out apart from last weekend when we went to see my brother. We walked around a lake for an hour in 28 degree heat and God only knows what humidity. When we got back to the car I felt so ill I thought I was going to have to vomit in my handbag! Thankfully sips of water and the air con soon sorted me out. Indoors I've nearly fainted several times as I overheat so easily. Temperatures have dropped now, so life is back to normal.

What's new with you?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Cherry Coke - the taste of the 80's

Hello lovelies, here's another casual warm weather outfit. It's as hot as balls so I can't stand to wear fabrics which aren't cool. Also I'm on a kind of spending ban (except for essentials) as we're doing grown up stuff - saving for a mortgage. I've got to keep reminding myself that when we have our own place we can rescue a couple of cats, and that's helping me sit on my hands a bit. I have LOADS of clothes, but I lack inspiration a lot of the time. This next couple of years as I crack down on superfluous purchases will be a good chance for me to remember what it is to be thrifty. I remember years ago when I really was poor the inventiveness it took. I remember once when I was a teenager cutting the labels out of all my clothes and sewing them at jaunty angles onto a pair of old jeans to funk them up. I'd tie-dye or tie-bleach items to make them unique. Just buying things off the peg has made me lazy. I need to up my game again!

Monki-ing around in the Monki palm print dress

Monki oversized palm print dress // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
Hello everyone! I've got a little message for one of my readers - hello Joan! Tanya tells me you're a big fan, so hi! 😀

I'm wearing another dress from Monki today. I've had this a couple of months now so it's out of stock but I thought it's worth blogging about for size reference alone. This is a size M/L - which is supposed to be about a UK size 12-14 - and I'm a size 28. Monki are a Swedish company who do many oversized items. I only buy oversized things from them, or else they wouldn't fit me. As they're a straight sized company you will notice the models are thin, and look especially so in the oversized items. I mention this as the size of the models was pointed out to me by a reader before. I'm happy some of their items fit me.

I've had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction with this dress. I never pay any attention to laundry labels so I've washed and tumble dried it a few times and it's shrunk so much that the slit at the front goes right up past my vag! In this weather we could all use a bit of free air con, but that much is indecent. 😨

NSFW. Pocket pleasure that packs a punch - a Lovehoney review

nsfw-pocket-pleasure-from-Lovehoney-sex-toys // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
If you know me in real life and don't want to read about my sexy-time adventures then please stop reading now! Yes Mum, that means you. 😝

OK, moving on - those babes at Lovehoney sent me some toys to play with recently and since orgasms are the best homework EVER it was my pleasure to try them out. I've been a sex toy user one and off since I was a teen and I've never written about it until recently, but sod it, most people I know love an orgasm!

I'm a liberal woman and James is a liberal man and we have a good selection of toys for both of us. I'm no stranger to Lovehoney - most of our sex toys are from there. They post everything in discreet and sturdy packaging so there'll be no knowing look from your postman! Also, they have a no-quibble 365 day returns policy! I love the reviews on Lovehoney - you're left in no doubt whatsoever if something is powerful enough to do the job as the reviews go into great detail - sometimes hilariously! I usually end up crying with laughter at the reviews and the euphemisms for genitals and shagging.

I was sent three toys and some lube. Read on for what I thought of them.

Ms Pomelo post-surgery bras for breast cancer warriors

Ms Pomelo post-surgery mastectomy bras for breast cancer // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
Photo of Tracie © Simon Hunt at Alt Studio Manchester

Hi loves,

Something I'm really keen on getting out there is Ms Pomelo's post mastectomy bras for breast cancer warriors. I know three people who went through breast cancer last year and who are still experiencing it. One of those friends Tracie has been kind enough to supply me with a bunch of images of her in her post-surgery bras, including some stunning pin up images of her by Alt Studio Manchester.

Mookie and Mike's visit & my OOTD

A month ago my lovely friends Mookie and Mike came to stay for the weekend. On the Sunday we all went to a lovely farm near us to hang out in the sunshine. Here are some photos from the day, plus what I was wearing. I've been erring towards casual/nothing special looks recently, and because I've not been buying many new things I'm trying to put a spin on older items. James and I have had car trouble recently plus we're saving hard for a mortgage so money is tight. The dress I'm wearing was actually a knee length harem playsuit but I hacked through the legs to make it an asymmetric hem dress. You can see me wearing another one of these hack jobs here. I've put an old galaxy print t-shirt over the top.

Yours Clothing Navy Jersey Maxi Dress With Ruched Waist and Pockets

Yours-Clothing-Navy-Plus-Size-Jersey-Maxi-Dress-With-Ruched-Waist-and-Pockets // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
Hello loves. I feel like prefacing all of my posts for the next three months with "Excuse my humidity hair!" or "I don't do well in the heat" but I'm sure I'm not the only person who melts at the slightest bit of heat. If you never look pristine in the heat then *high five* because I always look hot and bothered when it's muggy.

OBD Clothing gymwear t-shirts and discount code

OBD-CLOTHING-PLUS-SIZE-GYMWEAR-TEES-MERMAIDS // www.xloveleahx.co.ukHello loves! Today I have a workwear tee to show you and a lovely 20% discount code for you.

I know I don't talk about exercise here (or even food) but that's because I was put on my first diet aged 10 and had over 2 decades of disordered eating and lots of horrible thoughts about my body. Even now it can still be a touchy subject for me so I shy away from it. But I do exercise - my fave ways are country walks and yoga. When I saw the slogans on these OBD Clothing tee shirts on Twitter I fell in love. They're available from size 18 to 28 in the Curve line, and they have straight sizes too. They come in a number of colours (except size 26/28 which at the moment only comes in black) and 11 different slogans such as 'Kindness is free' and 'You got this girl'. The owner does want to bring out the larger sizes in a full range of pretty colours but at the moment her hands are tied, so watch this space. The tees are moisture wicking, made of a lightweight material and are true to size. Mine comes down to about my hips and I'm 5ft 5, but I always wear tees knotted as I prefer that look on me. I'm wearing a size 26/28.

Bad Rhino menswear big & tall UK blogger search

Yours Clothing's plus size menswear line Bad Rhino is looking for a big and tall male UK blogger to represent them. If you fit the bill or if you know someone who does, send them here.

Perks of the job include:
Creating content with the PR team
An allocated monthly spend on new in Bad Rhino clothing
Doing social media takeovers

It's great to see plus size menswear being widely available. The industry has come on leaps and bounds for all of us in the last few years.

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

Yes, Monki fits fat girls too

Monki-oversize-cold-shoulder-dress // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
Hiya lovelies, this is my second Monki purchase in recent weeks. If you're not familiar with Monki they're a Swedish company who do many very oversized items of clothing. This dress is a size XL which is supposed to equate to about a size 14 UK, but it's obviously much larger - I'm a size 28. Monki have a website and two UK stores - one in Bristol and one in London. The XL is now sold out online, but the L should fit people up to a size UK 26 easily. The reason I'm blogging about it so quickly is because the larger Monki sizes sell out so quickly, so here are some quick photos in case you want to snap one up. If you're looking at other Monki items, remember they're not a plus size line so the models are very thin. Look out for 'oversized' in the title of the item. Monki also sells on ASOS but the larger sized items always seem to be on their website, not ASOS.

Too hot, too cold - Fibromyalgia and temperature regulation

Because I've had Fibromyalgia and ME for nearly 10 years now, I don't tend to talk about it very much on my blog. Because I feel like I vent about a number of things my health woes seem like a step too far. But someone reminded me recently that talking about it helps people understand illnesses that are not very well understood. (Thank you Vicky!) I'm going to try to talk about my health (mental and physical) every couple of weeks ongoing.

too-hot-too-cold-fibromyalgia-temperature-regulation // www.xloveleahx.co.uk
People with Fibromyalgia will often have trouble regulating their temperature, which means we tend to veer from too hot to too cold and back again with very little just right.

Last chance to vote for me in the Navabi plus size blog awards

Hello lovelies. Today is the very last chance to vote for me in the Navabi plus size blog awards. I'm currently in 13th place and I'd really like to finish in the top 10 as this would be a feather in my cap after 6 years of plus size blogging. Being recognised within my niche as a top 10 blogger would be amazing, and it's an accolade I'd love to have.

You can vote here. As you can see, I'm up against some real plus size blogging heroes.

Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who's already voted. You've made me feel incredibly special.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

At this moment #3 | Lifestyle



Oh God, what haven't I watched recently?! I had a bit of a rubbish mental health spell and my go-to escape from it is watching LOTS of tv so I don't have to think. I've just finished watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. It stars Kiefer Sutherland and it's a political thriller. The series has just ended and I hope it'll be renewed.

I also watched Alien Covenant at the cinema about 10 days ago. I really enjoyed it. I know a lot of people have said it didn't have enough aliens in it, but it is a prequel. I wish it had had less Michael Fassbender in it though, his Android facial expressions are so good it gives me the creeps!

Anxiety disorder and the importance of a morning routine

Anxiety-disorder-and-the-importance-of-a-morning-routine // www.xloveleahx.co.ukHaving anxiety disorder means as soon as I wake up I'm overwhelmed with things I need to do. They say an elephant never forgets, but I think it's the same for people with anxiety disorder. I'm scared to forget things so I have a never-ending to-do list in my head the second I wake up. No task slips my mind. I wake up knowing exactly what tasks I didn't do the day before, and before I've barely drawn breath a list of today's pressing tasks comes crashing down on top of me. It's no wonder it's hard to get out of bed on some days. As soon as I wake I'm giving myself a hard time.

Over the last couple of months I've introduced an idiot-proof 2-step routine which gives me the grace to actually wake up before I start beating myself up.

The first and most important thing in my morning routine is coffee.

You could say that's true of life too. 😉

National Trust - Scotney Castle visit

James and I joined the National Trust a couple of months ago and Scotney Castle was our first 'free' visit to a NT property. It's only about 40 minutes away from us at Lamberhurst in Kent. We'd driven by it often so it was our first choice. Scotney old castle (above) was built approximately c.1378–80.