5 things I learned in my 20s

1. To trust my intuition. You will always know deep down if someone is bad for you, if someone is doing you wrong. My first long term boyfriend was a cheating shit and I always doubted my intuition. I found out after we split that he virtually shagged everything with a pulse, and he had protested entirely too much when I'd voiced my doubts. I should've trusted the voice inside.

2. Those embarrassing photos will come back to haunt me. Destroy, destroy, destroy!

Holy shit!

3. Alcohol is great. (See future post '5 things I learned in my 30s' to see how I feel about it now!)

4. Moving away from everyone I loved to explore the world (or the next few counties, in my case!) seemed a great idea in my youth. I regretted it in my 30s (which are still ongoing, I'm not that old yet) but that's for another post.

5. I had lousy taste in men right up until I was 29, when I met my husband and decided to give a nice guy a try :)

What did you learn in your 20s? (or any other decade.)


  1. I learnt that all good things come to those who wait and sometimes you have to go through a load of shite times before you can appreciate the good times :o) I'd been cheated on by my 1st love which broke my heart I then ended up in the arms of an older man who treated me like shit and got me into debt but then met my current love at the place I used to work and it was one of those times when you 'just know' you're meant to be together :o)

    1. Awww! I think you have to go through crap to really be thankful when you get a good 'un.

      James was so nice about 3 weeks in I had a serious conversation with myself about whether we should continue going out. Luckily I thought I deserved a nice guy for a change, and here we are!