Wedding photo dump! PIC HEAVY. Part 1

Batman garter :)

Engagement ring

Detail on my bouquet

Best bloody bouquet evarrrrrrrrr

Bridesmaids bouquets

My lovely shoes, which I couldn't wear :(

Lovely cameo necklace

Pretty flower girls
J waiting for me

Bridesmaids and flower girls

J STILL waiting :)

My dad

Here we come!

Serious business!

I look cute :)

Giggling my head off putting my rings on

Get a room!

The look of love
More coming soon!


  1. Oh, your engagement ring is SO pretty! LOVE the garter and the shoes, sad you couldn't wear them though.

    1. Thanks! The ring was literally a tenner! We're going to upgrade it to a white gold and pink sapphire one for our first wedding anniversary, which'll be our 10th anniversary together.

      I couldn't wear the shoes because of bloody Fibromyalgia. I'd worn them around the house to wear them in absolutely fine before, but after having them on for 5 minutes on the day my ankle felt sprained (and still did the next day). I got married in some leopard print plimsolls and changed into my Doc Martens Mary Janes later ;)

  2. Holy garters, Batman! That was soooooo rad! What an awesome little homage! Looks liks for all the trouble and near-misses....the wedding came off looking splendid.

    Beautiful bride, handsome groom....perfect.


    1. All the stress was worth it, phew! My friend Rach sent me the garter, it's uber cool :)

      Thanks, rocking lady!

  3. Stunning pics! I totally love those shoes(such a shame you couldn't wear them!) and that garter! How fab.

    1. Thanks :) I think the bridesmaids are going to fight over who gets rights to buy the shoes first! They are SO lovely, and I was really peeved I couldn't wear them, but it didn't spoil the day at all.