Oh I forgot, it was my birthday as well!

In all the wedding excitement I forgot it was my birthday on the wedding day too! Oops.

My dad forgot it was my birthday (until someone else mentioned it the evening before the wedding), as did a few other people, but since I forgot myself, it's kind of understandable. On the plus side I got cards from a few extra people who wouldn't normally have got me a card, but because they were coming to the wedding, they did.

When I got up on the wedding day and headed for the bathroom, my dad said 'Happy birthday!' as I walked past the open living room door. I said 'Oh yeah. So it is!'

James bought me some microwaveable Bagpuss slippers with lavender and a faux leather fringed handbag. I got some nice jewellery from a couple of friends and a little bit of money.

Because I'm now very old (38) I spent my birthday money on anti-wrinkle cream and a day cream with SPF as it's about time I got proactive with my skin care. It's probably the most sensible thing I've ever done :)


In other news, I injured my knee almost 2 weeks ago. I ploughed on through the pain on the wedding day and on our Birmingham pre-honeymoon honeymoon (if I can figure out to download my Instagram photos to my laptop I'll upload a bunch of shots from our trip) but it has got to the point now where it can't be ignored. I did some research on the internet yesterday and spoke to a mate on Facebook who has the same injury (recurrent, natch) and he kinda confirmed what I already knew. I have injured the cartilage in my left knee, and it hurts. Oh, does it hurt. The treatment is the usual RICE regimen (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) and up to 6 weeks rest. I *should* go to the doctors but I probably won't. They won't want to do anything for me at my weight. I'll rest as much as I can and hope it resolves itself.

Right, I'm off to find a way to download my Instagram shots.

Have a great week!

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