How to use the frame effects on Picmonkey

In Friday's post and yesterday's scheduled post (I'm away) I spoke about the effects on Picmonkey you could use to edit face photos and scenery photos.

Today I wanted to talk about some of the frames you can use on your photos. I'll use the same photo each time.

This is my photo and cannot be used without my express permission

Using the frame icon on the left hand side of the website to access the various frames, I picked Rounded Corners. This seems to be quite a popular edit, I see rounded corner photos on a lot of blogs I read.

Again using the frames icon I picked Museum Matte.

Polaroid Frame.

Photo Corners.

Film Edge

Although you can't really beat the convenience of Instagram for the ability to quickly share your photos with your social network of choice, if you want to do a bit more with your photos you could do a lot worse than Picmonkey.

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