How to use Picmonkey to edit scenery photos

In yesterday's post I showed you how to use a few features in Picmonkey to edit face photos.

Today I'll show you some of the features you can use to change scenery photos. This won't be an exhaustive list by any means as there are a plethora of effects on the website. This is just a little taster.

I will use the same photo throughout to show off the effects best.

This is my photo and cannot be used without my express permission

Using the chemistry bottle icon on the left of the website, I chose the Cross Process effect.

This reminds me a bit of one of the Instagram effects

 Using my original unedited photo again I chose the black and white effect.

I chose the Time Machine effect and used the default setting, Trixi.

It looks in the style of my mum's 70s era photos

This time I chose the Yester-Colour effect.

This gives you rounded corners by default, but you can also get round corners by clicking on the frames icon on the left hand side of the website.

The HDR effect.

The Focal black and white effect.

As you can see Picmonkey has many more effects than Instagram. If you are used to using a web-based photo editor like I am, there's an advantage to using Picmonkey.

Personally I love Instagram but it doesn't cater to all my photo-editing needs so I'll use Picmonkey once in a while.

No, I'm not being paid for this blog. ;)

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