Boho looks are for fat babes too

You don't have to be thin to pull off boho styles. It's all about confidence and mixing things up a bit so you look like you got dressed out of a tent at a festival. 
Yes I'm wearing that bloody hareem dress again, but I'm trying to illustrate how easy it is to style up a black maxi in any number of ways. It's a blank canvas and you can do gothy, witchy or boho looks with ease. Previous outfits of me wearing this dress are here and here. Although this dress is now out of stock, I'm linking to a few similar black maxi dresses.

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ASOS Curve hareem drape dress out of stock similar
here *AL £20 up to size 28
here *AL £20 up to size 28
here *AL £18 up to size 28
here *AL £18 up to size 32
Maxi crochet cardigan, *AL Simply Be £20 up to size 32
Striped flats, Primark
Handbag, thrifted
Necklace, Bluebirds and Daisies

I look pregnant in these shots but I'm only having a bread baby. 😆 I had some delicious white bread with my lunch this day which although is an occasional treat for my taste buds it's awful for my IBS so I'm really bloated. No regrets though.
James and I went on a walk through some fields near us on this day. We saw a fox and lots of rabbits, as well as lots of pretty plants and flowers. We're lucky to live so close to nature. We don't have to go far to hear the birds sing - as far as our balcony, in fact!
One easy tip for boho styles is it's all in the accessories. Think loads of rings and bracelets and maybe some beat up old tan boots. A skinny scarf like Stevie Nicks or Steven Tyler would use and a messy up do and you're there. I put some of my hair up in a messy bun.
I love this patchwork velvet bag. Some of my favourite bags have been thrifted. The older the better!
Here I am pointing at the last of my fucks flying away when someone tells me you have to be thin to rock boho style. Fat people can wear any style and nail it. Believe it, wear it, smash it!
Are there any clothing styles you're scared to try because of your size? I love boho style more than anything at the moment and I look forward to exploring my options and nailing it.
Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. That cardi/shrug crochet thing is wonderful! Loving the spring vibe

    1. Thank you! <3 As soon as I saw it I was in like a shot! I love this time of year while I can still breathe outside. Once summer's here my asthma goes into high gear and it feels like I'm trying to breathe in soup. :/ I'd be happy it was spring and autumn all year round. ;) xxx

  2. Loving your cardi, I adore all things crochet! Looks perfect for this weather too. Can you believe we're actually seeing sunshine up here? yaaaay!! I was seriously starting to forget what anything other than rain looked like :)

    I so love that dress too! I adore maxis always have but haven't ever been able to wear them. I wasn't blessed with actual legs, instead I was given long-ish ankles. Seriously, even if i buy "petite" or "short" length in things they're still too long. I get wound up occasionally because of how low I keep my chair at work but my wee feet have to reach the ground or I end up feeling like a baby in one of those high chairs :) In my next life I want to be 5 foot 10 with legs up to my ears and then I'll be able to wear maxis.

    Hope you're looking forward to a fab weekend honey, huggles xxx

    1. Yes, I'm glad you're getting some sun up there! Hahaha, bless you and your long ankles. ;) At least (looking on the bright side) you can wear tunics and have them be like a dress on you. I did have a fab weekend, my family are staying with us this week. Hugs back. xxx

  3. Aw Rosie you are perfect as you are
    I am tall with long legs but i cant buy clothes long enough. Buying pants from the internet is impossible. Everything is 7/8 length. I adore your description of longish ankles! You cracked me up. Much love!!

  4. I do love a long black dress. I agree that you can wear anything, at any size. You just got to own it. Who cares what the wankers say? There are only a few things I won't wear, but that's mostly due to age and not my fat body. I do have a lot of sag going on, so I don't want to give anyone or myself a black eye with my flappy arms. I probably would not wear a two piece bathing suit or let my midriff out in general. I think that has more to do with age too. I have never tried a two piece on, so I say probably. Who knows tho, I might like it.

    1. Exactly! The way I see it is wear what makes you happy because the wankers you pass on the street will see you for 5 seconds and you're you all day. Please yo' self, I say!

      My mum is 62 and she doesn't like exposing skin either. Maybe it's a generational thing, but it's not helped by the media insisting women over 40 are washed up while men up to 80 are studs. Sexist bullshit! That's what you get from having male-dominated media. Phooey to all that rubbish. I like seeing old gals on the beaches near where I live sitting in their Marks and Spencer's underwear giving no shits in the sun and letting it all hang out, but at the same time I see the reticence to do so.