Happy New Year to YOU!

New Year always leaves me in a reflective mood.

Years ago it was because I was very unhappy with my life, my job, my prospects, etc. The love of a good man changes all :) These days I'm disabled and don't work, and I'm as happy as proverbial Larry! I now know that self-worth and self-esteem come from within, whereas I used to beat myself up for not being a nuclear physicist or brain surgeon.

It's nearly a year since I lost my baby and had a shake-up about my mortality, and if this last year has proved anything (other than how WONDERFUL it is still to be alive!) it's that a year isn't really that long at all. We get a limited amount of years to make our mark.

I wish you 12 months in which you make your mark!
(in whichever way is important to you)

2012 is the year I get married, so it's already shaping up to be amazing!

I hope in another 12 months I can look back on this blog entry and say 'Yes, 2012 was the beginning of something awesome!'

The year is full of possibility and opportunity. Isn't it exciting?!

What have you got planned for 2012?

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