My new dressing table

I've ALWAYS wanted a dressing table, ever since I was a small girl.

Finally last week I got one. My aunt gave it to me and I've just finished putting all my make up in it.


I got the cupcake trinket boxes from Wilkinsons before Christmas. The large one was £5 (on sale from £7) and the small ones were £2.50 each. I have 3 of the small ones and one large one.


I got the heart letter racks from Dotcomgiftshop in the sale for £1.95 each. I got 2. I got the paper doilies from Poundland for a pound.....obviously ;)

I got the Keep Calm And Carry On flag tray from the gift shop in my local hospital. I go there so often I may as well spend some £££ there. Just seen below that is a little tea tray with cupcakes and pink trim on which I also got at the hospital. I think the two trays together came to about £3. Bargain!


In the left tray is all my 'every day' kind of make up - mascara, foundation and some eye shadows I want to use more - i.e. Lily Lolo and MAC as they're such good quality. On the right side is all the new make up I haven't talked about/reviewed on here. I don't review many things as it's just my opinion and there are more informed bloggers out there, but if I really love something I'll talk about it.


 Over on the right hand side I'm using a pen pot for all my brushes until I can get something more shabby chic. Then I have some face creams and the Elemis hand cream, which is gorgeous.


And lastly a funky angled shot. 

Do you have a dressing table?

I'll give you a sneak peek in my drawers and trinket pots soon :)


  1. Looks fabulous! Love the cupcakes and so much well organized than I ever manage to keep things at home. I have lots of Indian trinket boxes that are too small to keep anything in (from my brother-in-law, who is from New Delhi) but they look pretty all jewel-encrusted and also some decorated with cats (of-course) from my sister. Missing my dressing table and stuff in Canada! I have one small make-up bag here (just foundation (powder and liquid), mascara, and several lippies....I rarely do my eyes). Feeling inspired by your might have to go out shopping later :P

  2. Love it! I would love a dressing table but I have sod all room for one. Bah humbug. so jealous of all that lovely makeup!

  3. Two tips ladies - VIVO make up from Tesco is AMAZEBALLS! Eyeshadows are £1.50 each and blend so well. I think their lippies are the same price. Everything is such good quality. The eye shadows are 2 for £2 at Tesco at the mo as well.

    Even better value is MUA from Superdrug. Most of it is £1!! Their eye shadows blend like a dream, the lippies smell of vanilla and the lipglosses smell and taste like candy. the lip glosses, lipsticks and eye shadows are all £1, only things like mascara, plumping lip gloss and eye shadow palettes etc etc are more expensive.

    It used to be the case that cheap make up was shit but it really isn't any more. Plus as Superdrug have the Beauty Card (their new loyalty card) and Tesco have the Clubcard so you can earn points for spends at both of them! :)

    Your trinket boxes sound lovely Fran!
    I had to move ALL my chest of drawers & wardrobes to fit it in but it's so nice to be able to sit and do my make up it's worth it.