Catch Up!

Hello all :)

I've been away for 9 days. We were on HONEYMOON! We had a lovely time.

When I get time I'll start sorting out the photos and will post a few holiday blogs.

Other things that have happened recently were the Diamond Jubilee, and we went to see Prometheus in Imax 3D yesterday.

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I have to say, I love the Queen. I know not everyone loves the Monarchy, but personally I feel the Queen has shown wonderful dedication and given a wonderful service to our country. She's moved with the times and learned important lessons about the Monarchy changing with the people, particularly after Princess Diana died. At that time the lack of emotion displayed made the Monarchy feel stuffy and out of touch, but I feel the young blood like Princes William and Harry has helped bring about the more modern Monarchy we have today. I hope Queenie goes on for many more years. Her smile lights up a room, she's a gem.

I know some people might think to hold such an expensive celebration when the UK is in dire straights is a smack in the teeth, but I think it's a wonderful way to unite us all and an excuse for a good knees up. I would have loved to have attended a street party, but we were slowly wending our way back from Cornwall on Saturday and Sunday.

Because we were out last night at the cinema we recorded the Jubilee Concert. We watched it just now and I have to say I sobbed like a baby towards the end when Prince Charles was making a speech about the Queen, especially the 'Your Majesty.....Mummy' opening part. It's easy to forget that as well as being a Prince, Charles is a son, and it was nice to see him talking about the Queen and Prince Philip as his parents, as well as talking about their roles as Queen and Queen's Consort.

I think it's the perfect start to a summer where the eyes of the world are on us, as the Olympics will soon be upon us as well.

Are you a fan of the Royals or was the Jubilee one big meh for you? 

As I said before, we went to the cinema to see Prometheus last night. We saw it in Imax 3D in Crawley, which is just over an hour away from us in good traffic. I'm a big fan of the Alien films and of Ridley Scott, so I was expecting to like the film. If you're into Sci-Fi, you could do a lot worse than spending £10-15 on a 3D ticket to see Prometheus. Visually, it's completely stunning, and if you're a fan of the art of H.R. Giger (as I am) you will be ecstatic, as it features extremely heavily in many aspects of the film. Noomi Rapace is a little Swedish belter (I loved her in the original Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film) and to my mind, she stole the entire show. It was a fabulous performance from her and the film is just wonderful. Highly, highly, highly recommended! Do see it in 3D if you can, it'll really bring everything to life.

We'd never seen a film in Imax before, and it's a truly immersive experience - so much so you almost forget you're watching a film at some points. It's 3D but better.

Will you be going to see Prometheus?

Have a great week and expect some holiday blogs soon!

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