Holiday Blog Part I - Salisbury


I have a series of holiday posts to show you. We had 1 day in Salisbury, 7 days in Cornwall and 1 day in Winchester for our honeymoon. We had the extra day either side of Cornwall so we could break up the long journey over 2 days.

If you've never been to Salisbury, it's gorgeous! It's a beautiful historic cathedral city with the tallest spire in the UK. Here are some shots from Salisbury.

The lovely gatehouse.

The cathedral is simply stunning inside and out

This memorial was very interesting

Medieval graffiti!

Some of the wonderful detail in the marble

Sweet little doggy

It would've been my nan's birthday if she was still alive so I lit a candle in memory of her

There was a lot of art in the cathedral
The massive organ (snigger)
These chairs were roped off as they were so old and ornate

This was a little pulpit area

The lovely sun dappled cloisters

On top of another gate house

Some witty bugger had done this on one of the gatehouse windows

There are loads of gorgeous old buildings like this is Salisbury

These photos are stamped with LDM Photos as I will be posting them in multiple places. Those are my initials....well, most of them!

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