Some new Barry M goodies I bought

Just before we went on honeymoon I popped (I just typed 'pooped' - it puts a whole new perspective on things!) into Superdrug and fell into the Bazza M display, as you do. Everything was on 3 for 2 and I really love the quality of Mr M's wares, as I may have waffled on about before.

To make matters even better, I'd accumulated £7 worth of points on my Beauty Card, which I took off the total. I bought 2 lipsticks, 2 eyeliners and 2 nail polishes.

Onto the pics!

LP53 (Coral) and LP140 (Pink Sparkle)
Bronze and Gun Metal
Black Multi Glitter and Racing Green

Eyeliners on the left, lippies on the right

Gun Metal is a very dark grey eyeliner, almost looking black in some light. Bronze is quite light, and applies a little patchily in the swatch above. They wear very well. I have 4 of these eyeliners now and they are really good, even on the waterline. The lipsticks wear really well and don't budge. The coral really suits me, the pink not so much.

Swatches of the nail polishes and the lippies on my lips to come.

Are you a fan of Barry M?

You can't say fairer than 3 for 2! With my £7 off I paid about £9 for this little lot.

You can buy Barry M here on their website, or in Superdrug/on the Superdrug website.


  1. I wish they were available in Australia! I've had to order the couple of lipsticks I have online!

    1. Next time you see something that catches your eye, gimme a yell and I'll wait until things are on 3 for 2 again :) I'm not sure what the AUS$/£ exchange rate is like, but Royal Mail have just put the postage prices up over here and they are mighty steep so I'd want to get best value for money for you.