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My heart goes to Paris, the innocents who've lost their lives, and their families. Hate on such a broad scope is hard to comprehend. I feel it's important to remember that scumbags murdered those people and the distinction needs to be made that is was NOT their religion and NOT their colour to blame. Evil scumbags are to blame, regardless of colour, creed or religion.


Firstly, in writing this I have my failings as a human in mind. I paint in broad strokes (metaphorically speaking) when I write, which means I unwittingly upset others with my swingeing observations on life. But know I write this with no superiority, as I have none. I'm just a person like any other trying to make sense of the world we live in.


All of my thoughts and feelings feel so trite today after last night's events. I sit looking around me at the things that felt important yesterday, realising the things that are important aren't THINGS at all. They're just distractions from the emptiness of being in a world where you can feel lonely surrounded by a room full of people.

I've often wondered what it is about me (and modern society in general) which makes us crave connections to things above people. I don't know the answer, but I know hate + hate isn't right. We're better than machines who spend, and hate those different to us, led by a media who hates everyone except the filthy rich and powerful like them.

The only way there's any hope for humanity is for us to embrace people more than ever, do good, be good, and find our connections - to communities, to each other, and to ourselves. The world is a dark and scary place and becoming more and more insular can't be the answer.

As everything goes to hell in a hand basket we'll need to connect with people more than ever, against terrorists (and only them, not their religion), against Governments who are out to destroy life for all but the elite, and against a world where kindness is a surprise and we all expect the worst from each other.

But where to begin?

We have become people who emote through animal videos on Facebook. I know because I do it too. It's OK to cry at a sad dog story if that dog has a happy ending, but we barely notice drone strikes in Syria and unrest in the middle East, let alone shed a tear. We have become immune to each other's suffering by degrees. It's OK to care for other people. It's OK to cry. It's OK to feel lost. It's OK to wonder what will happen to the world. It's OK to wake up. It's OK to feel like a very small cog in the hugest wheel and wonder where your place is in it. It's OK to wonder if and how we can help.

I genuinely feel heartbroken and scared. Scared that hate will win. We can't let it.

Be kind to yourself, and others. It's a start.
Leah xoxo

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