The Body Shop Oils of Life skincare*

I've been trialling some new skincare from the Body Shop for just over two weeks and it has totally revolutionised the way I look after my face. I have before and after photos towards the end of the post, so check those out.


I used to find moisturising my face a bit of a bore to be honest, but the products are so luxurious it's like a mini spa experience. Before I started using them I watched this video.

The video IS a bit bonkers, but it got me into the idea of making skincare into a mini massage, and I've started to really enjoy my twice daily routine. I close my eyes, massage the products into my face and it's unbelievable relaxing. Watching the video also reminded me that I was neglecting the back of my neck so I've been moisturising the back of my neck ever since.

The products are infused with 3 precious seed oils from around the world, known for their revitalising and repairing properties on skin – Black Cumin seed oil from Egypt, Camellia seed oil from China and Rosehip seed oil from Chile. What I love about this range is they don't promise you you'll look 10 years younger. They don't even mention anti-ageing. They say 'Get radiant skin whatever decade you're in.' We all age and there's nothing wrong with that. All our skincare needs to do is make us look like our best version of us, and these products do that. They give results.


Oils of Life essence lotion £15
Step one (after cleansing)

This is essentially an upgraded toner, but with more moisturisation. Skincare specialists like Caroline Hirons call them 'lotions' these days. It's to be used after cleansing your face and before moisturising. Your skin needs an astringent to prepare it for moisture, so anyone who's missing the toner phase thinking it's unnecessary will be missing out on the full effects of their moisturiser. The lotion has a spicy, peppery scent which is really pleasant. It's an oil in water formula with glycerine, so it is a moisturising toner. I use a few drops and massage it in gently across my face, neck and decolletage.

By infusing 3 precious seed oils from around the world in to a unique bi-phase [oil + water] formula, we created the essential 1st step after cleansing: a daily lotion that provides instant visible results while preparing and activating skin for the next steps of your routine. Skin feels instantly replenished with moisture and appears softened. With its bi-phase formula this Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion supremely combines the freshness of water and the nourishing feel of oil.

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising facial oil £28
Step two

You may be thinking 'Why do I need an oil as well as a moisturiser?' and if you're under 40 the answer is you may not. But at my age, I need to keep my skin well moisturised or else my fine lines are really apparent. The before and after photos show the difference between the dehydrated skin I had before I started using these products and the well moisturised, glowing skin I now have (read on for those). This oil smells lovely and feels glorious. I use a few drops on my face, neck and decolletage and massage it in with upward strokes. If I've been naughty and haven't had enough water for a day or two I'll use a few more drops to help rehydrate my skin. I know when I need to apply more oil as my skin feels draggy while I'm massaging it in. It should feel smooth, but not saturated with oil.

By infusing 3 precious seed oils from around the worldwith a powerful blend of essential oils, we created a lightweight daily facial oil to intensely revitalise skin, instantly replenish moisture and revive radiance. Signs of ageing appear visibly reduced. Made from 99% oils of natural origin, this lightweight, quickly-absorbed formula effortlessly melts onto skin leaving a non-sticky, velvety-soft finish. 

Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising gel cream £25
Step 3

This is the first gel moisturiser I've ever used and I'm a complete convert. It has a lovely slip to it and I use about a pa sized dab all over my face, neck and decolletage and massage it in with upward strokes. It's cooling and soothing and the perfect end to my skincare routine.

By infusing 3 precious seed oils from around the world in to a dewy-fresh gel cream with illuminating micro-pearls, we created a lighter alternative to the cream that intensely revitalises skin. Skin feels instantly freshly hydrated and suppler. From the moment it touches the skin, this Intensely Revitalising Gel Cream delicately melts onto the face, leaving a fresh light finish without a greasy feel.

There is also a cream moisturiser which is an alternative to the gel moisturiser if you need a heavier cream. Also £25.

So, what changes have I seen in my skin? The most startling of all is that my age spots have started to fade. Although I've avoided the sun for some years now, as a daft 20 year old I used a sun bed 3 times a week (or more) for a year so I do have a lot of brown marks on my face. The biggest of these - near my mouth - has started to fade and I can see unblemished skin in the middle of the mark, which has faded most. The other changes have been my skin is much softer, and that was an instant change. The rest speaks for itself - I'm a bit scared to post the before photo, especially as I'm pulling such a face in it. As you can see in my before my skin looks dry, there are lots of fine lines and I look a bit pinched. In the after photo my skin glows with health and vitality.


Will I buy these products when they run out? Yes, yes and thrice yes. Skincare is one of my obsessions and I constantly chop and change, but I have a feeling these 3 products will be ones I'll come back to again and again. Quite simply, these products wowed me.

Yes, they are a little expensive, but you only get one face. The Body Shop are brilliant for discount codes if you sign up to their newsletter online so don't be intimidated by price, and besides, these products are so luxurious you'll find yourself looking forward to using them every morning and evening. You can shop the full range here.

Have you used any Body Shop skincare before?
Leah xoxo

*I was sent these products but hand on heart I'd have written an equally rave review if I'd bought them myself. I love them.

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