Plus 40 Fabulous fashion challenge starts Fri 13th

Hello loves!

You may remember I wrote recently about Plus 40 Fabulous, the movement Mookie and I started to celebrate the plus size, 40 years old and above person. We feel our age group has a wealth of life experience and a lot to give, but because society is so ageist we're also a demographic who start to find themselves passed over or ignored. Balls to that, we're fabulous so let's shout it from the rooftops!

As part of Plus 40 Fabulous, we'll be doing a monthly fashion challenge on the 2nd Friday of every month. The first one is due next Friday, 13th November.

Mookie and I thought this first post would be the perfect chance for everyone to introduce themselves to each other and our readers with respects to how we feel about being over 40, how we came to find our personal style, and how we feel that society treats women of our age. It's up to you how you contribute. You could do a collage of your favourite fashion looks, tell us a bit of your life story, or combine photos and text. There's no right or wrong way to take part, so don't sweat it.

We'll be taking suggestions from the participants for future themes for the fashion challenges and we also plan to see if we can get some brands behind us with regards to collaborations.

If you're sharing your posts on social media feel free to use the hashtag #plus40fabulous and Mookie and I will share as many as we can. You can still take part with the introductory post on social media if you don't have a blog, and remember we will be taking guest posts from people who don't have blogs, which will be shared on mine and Mookie's blogs alternately.

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Any questions?
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