Fibromyalgia chic - soft & warm

I have a thing for layering things under or over things at the moment. My love affair with all things layered began with my Yours Clothing drape pocket dresses (here, here) and it continues. Of course it helps that the weather has been pretty dang cold, as spring hasn't got the memo that the temperatures need to rise. ;)

This is the epitome of what I jokingly call 'Fibromyalgia chic'. With Fibro, skin is terribly sensitive not just to pressure but to things that touch it even lightly. That means itchy clothing labels, clammy manmade fibres, rough fabrics and too tight clothing can feel like torture. Soft, stretchy fabrics are essential, especially in times where I'm going to be moving a lot. I've come in and ripped my clothes off in a rage far too many times because they've been getting on my last nerve - literally! Although this outfit is nothing special at all in the style stakes, it's the kind of thing I often hang around in at home in. Layering is handy as I balance of the precipice of too hot and too cold ALL THE FRICKING TIME. The Goldilocks zone (just right) is an elusive mudderfugger. I'm never far away from a cardi or a blanket.
This outfit is similar to another recent one but I'm obsessed with clothes without patterns at the moment. I've always been a pattern person in the past but now I crave wearing neutral shades accented with a bold pop of colour. The only patterns I've worn recently have been leopard print and wide stripes, which have always been favourites of mine. Mainly I'm feeling wearing black and grey with pink or purple accents.
There's nothing new in this outfit except the leggings, but it's kind of refreshing to not feel like I'm selling something for someone every time I do an outfit post. I want to be more than a series of links, you know? I'm going to try to inject a little more variety into what I write here. Fashion is just a tiny part of what inspires me - there's my family and friends, nature, tv, films, books, history, music, human rights, politics and feminism to name a few. I'm a well-rounded person (in more than one way, lol!) and I need to try to bring some more of ME into this blog.

I'm wearing:
Sunglasses, past Primark
Jumper from Mookie, originally from George at Asda
Dress, past season New Look Inspire (from a twin pack)
Charcoal cropped leggings with lace panel
Shoes, past season Primark wide fit

I'm wearing those maternity leggings again. If you didn't read my last post with them in, size up in the dark grey as they come up at more like a size 22-24 than the 26-28 they're supposed to be. The black ones are true to size. I haven't got the light grey ones so I can't tell you what the fit is like there. Size up especially if you are actually pregnant and/or want to pull them up high as they're intended to be.

I've fallen in love with these Primark flats all over again and have been wearing them a lot of late.

I've been obsessed with sunglasses recently. I have a prescription pair which I wear in the car when we're out in the evenings, but I don't really like the style of them any more. (I have to wear sunglasses in the dark in the car as the lights from oncoming cars give me migraines. Just another weird/annoying Fibromyalgia thing. Don't worry, I don't drive! Lol). If I'm wearing sunglasses to take outfit photos I want huge ones to hide my eyes and eyebrows to disguise my lack of makeup. Lazy girl outfit times, yo! I'm very short sighted without glasses so anytime I'm wearing ordinary sunnies I'm as myopic AF, but lately it's great to put some big sunnies on and do my lippie and I'm ready to go.

Leah xoxo

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