It can't rain all the time

It's a bit of a myth that bloggers are always dressed and accessorised impeccably every day of the week. Real life goes on when there aren't any cameras around! I know the illusion can be all-important for some, but I don't roll that way. If you've ever wondered what I wear on a walk in the pouring rain, wonder no longer.
This was such a wet day even the camera didn't stay dry!
Call me weird, but I haven't been able to get on with umbrellas since I've had Fibromyalgia. It's something most physically-well people won't have realised, but when you have conditions like Fibro, arthritis etc which cause muscle weakness and grip problems, holding onto a brolly against the wind is really painful! I might use one for a couple of minute walk to the post box, but for a prolonged time? Hell naw. I just wrap a scarf round my head and hope for the best.
I got quite wet and was relieved to get into the car and dry out in front of the heater, but I'd still have rather been out in the rain than sitting at home. For about the last 6 weeks I've been walking more and feeling better for it as I'm making sure to have lots of rest too. Before Fibro and ME I was always on the move, always going to visit people and places. My favourite thing on my days off would be to go to London on the train and cover 5-10 miles visiting my usual stomping grounds like Soho or Camden. Being of limited mobility has been really hard to accept, as walking was my therapy. I'd whack my iPod on loud and stamp out any thoughts bothering me, arriving at my destination rosy cheeked and happy. Too much exercise for me now can cause an ME flare up (which means weeks of being able to do virtually nothing), as well as falls, and I've even passed out a couple of times from sheer fatigue. Patience may be a virtue but it's not one of mine, but even so the long, slow and steady game is better than boom and bust. Fingers crossed I can keep up what I'm doing now, because the effect on my mental health and my pain levels is remarkable. I don't actually have active wear, so jersey tops and leggings are my thing for walks.

I'm wearing:
Scarf, charity shop
Biker, past season New Look Curves
Moira hanky hem dress, Boohoo
Leggings, past season Yours Clothing
Bag, birthday present from my brother
Bag charm, Peacocks
Sketcher Go Walk 3, QVC

Here's a photo of my makeup as I looked cute before all that rain!
What kind of thing do you wear when you're exercising or running errands? I used to be that person who'd wear a dress for absolutely every activity, but not any more. Leah 2k16 is all about the comfort! There will be a lot more casual outfits like this coming up as the chances are every time I leave the house, it'll be to go for a walk.

Thanks for reading,
L xoxo

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