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I've been playing around with looks, splicing dressy things with casual things. I've a new-found love for casual wear that I've never had before, and it's because as a fat person I've had to PERFORM high femininity at all times. Fat girls don't get to hang out in sweats with messy unwashed hair in a bun and get called cute. People think we're lazy slobs who look like that all the time. So I've spent a looooong time avoiding wearing anything casual to avoid The Judgement™. Well fuck that shit because I'll soon be 43 and I'll wear what the fuck I want. I didn't even realise until recently that my avoidance of casual wear was a thing. It's weird to be socialised to behave in certain ways and not even realise it until one day BOOM - epiphany. So I'm messing around with femme + casual wear to get the feel for it before I jump into full-on casual wear with both feet.

These photos were taken on a freezing windy day at Pett Level, a local beach to us, and it was invigorating to say the least! I love being by the sea on a windy day. It gives me earache something fierce but it also makes me feel really alive.
My henna was still quite new when these photos were taken so my grey/white bits have come out really red. It's one plus side to going very grey.
These trainers by Evans are hardly ever off my feet. They're SO comfortable. I've worn them a lot since I bought them about a month ago. This choker style dress is from last Autumn from Boohoo but they have LOADS of pink dresses in stock at the moment so you'll easily be able to find something similar.
I'm wearing the joggers in a size 28 and they're really generous, so if your usual size isn't in stock (they're in the sale so sizes are limited) you could easily size down. The bow feature just makes them a little bit smarter than regular joggers. They're ribbed and are so comfortable. I wear them around the house a lot.

Pett Level beach is really wild. There are all kinds of strange things on the shore - from fossilised relics of the forest that was here 6,000 years ago to what looks like bits of old buildings. Perhaps they were dumped there to act as sea defences as there are houses very close to the shore.
Here are some photos from my makeup on the day too.
I'm wearing:

Coat, past season New Look Curves similar here £75 *AL
Dress, past Boohoo similar here  £12 *AL
Joggers, ASOS Curve £8 *AL
Trainers, Evans £25.20 *AL - these are selling out fast so get in quick if you like them
Shoulder bag £12.45 *AL

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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