Mustard and rust


As well as my ongoing fascination with pink and grey at the moment, I've also got a yen for earthy colours like rust, mustard and dark greens. Here's a very simple (and inexpensive!) outfit I wore recently which cheered me up with its burst of colour.

There's only one full length photo in this set as the light is poor which makes the bruises, scars and discolouration on my shins look even worse than usual. I couldn't be bothered to put tights on as I was desperate to capture what light there was before it faded. It's OK, my top half has nearly all the fun stuff anyway - face, boobs, etc!

This cardi was only £4.99 from eBay. I'm wearing a size 24/26 but I'd say it's more like a 20/22 at best. At a fiver, I can deal with the sizing discrepancy. I just hope it doesn't shrink in the wash. 😲 The vest top was £2 from Primark last summer. What a steal! It's a size 20 but would easily fit a size 30. I'll get a bunch more this year if they're still doing these generous ribbed ones.
I really like my makeup from this day too - a simple cat eye and a bold lip. This is the Makeup Revolution lip kit in Glory. These kits are a dupe for Kylie's lip kits. It has a soft lip liner and a liquid lipstick in matching shades. The wand is great and you can get an excellent lip shape with it but OHMAHGOD if you eat wearing it you'll end up with food stuck ON your lips. So it's best for taking photos in then scrubbing off before you eat. The lip liner is ridiculously soft and the nib broke off with the slightest pressure so I'm going to keep mine in the fridge. Beauty is hard, people! 😝
These are the kind of outfits which make me the happiest - simple and not necessarily the hot colours of the season - it's hard to find anything mustard at this time of year as it's not a spring colour as declared by the fashion industry. This outfit may not necessarily be terribly fashionable, either, but I love what I call 'librarian chic'. These are clothes I'm happy to hang around the house in or do errands in. I want more long necklaces like these in my life. I think they add a bit of oomph to an outfit.

Double chin appreciation shot below! Some days I'm like 'Rah, chins' and other days I'm 'OMG, look how soft you are, you divine human.'
Have some face! Glory is a really dark brown, but it almost looks black or burgundy-black in some lights.
Makeup-Revolution-Retro-Luxe-Lip-Kits-Matte-Glory //

I'm wearing:
Rust cardigan, eBay £4.99
Mustard vest top similar here £16
Pleated skirt similar here £28
Burgundy shoes similar here £8.99
Necklace, thrifted similar here £8
Makeup Revolution lip kit in Glory £6

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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