A Wednesday (Addams) state of mind

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FAT WEDNESDAY ADDAMS GOTH OUTFIT // WWW.XLOVELEAHX.CO.UK Well I had lost my outfit mojo but I've found it again. This is one of those outfits which came about in a flash. I had to go to the post office and some other errands and my hair was greasy so I needed to do something quick. Buns or plaits? Once I'd plumped for plaits the rest of the outfit came to me. It was well overdue I got my goth on again as I've been wearing a lot of 'pretty' outfits recently.

I dress so seasonally - when it's cold and grey I need colour in my life to keep the misery at bay. But once the world comes alive again in spring I can haul out all the dark shades because life has enough colour without me having to add to it. I've tried to mix up the textures a bit to add interest to an almost all black outfit, but the light was fading a little so it may not be clear that I'm wearing leather look leggings.

This dress is an old New Look Curves one, but Deandri in the 'States do LOTS of excellent Wednesday dresses and other goth attire. They're completely vegan as well. I'm going to have to make a purchase from them soon.
Actually everything in this post is old, but I'll link to similar items at the bottom of the post. It's not that I'm not buying new things because I *am* it's just I do it at such a disgusting rate I'm ashamed of myself and eke out wearing them over time. 
I may be greasy-haired, and sweaty from running errands (and I've smudged one of my eyebrows!) but I'm really happy in these photos. It proves that aiming for perfection in my photos is a waste of time. If I don't look happy then it doesn't really matter how good or bad my outfit is.

Can you believe I'd thought of selling this dress before? My moods are so up and down with regards to my clothes and I fall in and out of love with things all the time. There's nothing quite as joyful as falling back in love with an older item and having it feel all new again. Well actually a huge box of puppies placed in my lap would be more joyful, but who's lucky enough to have that happen?!
Dress similar here at Deandri, similar here up to size 22
Necklace similar here *AL
Wet look leggings similar here *AL
DM Mary Janes similar-ish here *AL

May your plaits be even and your eyebrows on point. 😛

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

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