2 things I gave up when I started exercising - and they're not what you might think

I gave up a couple of things when I started exercising and they're not what you might think they are.


Feeling like I have to do my makeup before we go out

Usually when we're going ANYWHERE I spend ages on my makeup if I know I'm going to have a camera pointed in my direction. And because I'm vain, there's always going to be a camera pointed in my direction because I ask for it. But now we're going out for walks for exercise most of the time (rather than for gentle strolls to take pretty outfit photos) I'm the most low maintenance girl ever. I put my hair in a pony tail or a bun and GO, barefaced or not. And it's soooooo refreshing! I don't mind being photographed bright red in the face and sweaty because I'm not exercising to look pretty doing it. I'm exercising to have more energy and stamina.

Feeling like everything has to match

Do you ever catch yourself thinking about things you can't wear? Mine aren't items of clothing, like 'I can't wear a fatkini' but 'OHMYGOD, I can't wear two neutrals together. That's so wrong!'

Last Saturday I wore brown and grey at the same time and no one died! At first I was feeling all kinds of angst about this daft self-imposed rule of mine about only every wearing complimentary shades, but fuck it. My rain mac is dark brown and I had grey leggings on and couldn't be bothered to change them. I mean, I was going out to walk around a reservoir in torrential rain, not go on a fashion shoot! I'm glad I got over myself. 😆😆😆 My comfort on walks is most important, not the colour scheme. Also I've kind of held back from wearing too many different colours at once. Once day last week I had an acid lime green top on, pink shoes and a pink and purple backpack and it was great. If anything, not wearing makeup when I'm out walking makes me want to wear even more colours at once to brighten up my appearance.

I'm glad exercising is helping me to give less shits about stupid things, because there are a hell of a lot of stupid things taking up room in my head. Care to share any of your silly self-made rules?

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. A someone who rarely wears make up I completely get this! I mean, what's the point in spending a fortune on expensive foundation only to sweat it off in the gym or the pool.

    I use to shrink and hide at the idea of pictures of me with no make up on but now the majority of my daily pictures are void of make up and I wonder why I was so reliant on it!


    1. Thanks Charli. You look SO good without makeup on! I'm so used to seeing myself with drawn on brows that I feel like a potato without them on, but I'm going to get used to my naked face. I don't wear foundation much at the best of times. I'm a 5 minute makeup person - such a lazy moo! xx

  2. I have to really agree with you about the make up thing! When I am in a really good routine with my exercise, I find myself going out more and more without it! I don't wear make up to go to the gym because I don't go there to think about "being pretty" when I do it, I go to the gym to get a glorious massive butt and to improve my fitness! Fab post!xx

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    1. Thank you, lovely! <3 Since I've been walking lots I either go out barefaced, or just put on mascara and a bit of eyeliner. There's no point as I don't want mascara or eyeliner stinging my eyes if I'm sweaty or it's raining hard. xx