Outfit August - Last day - dusky pink swing dress

Hello babes! It's the last day of Outfit August and I've not participated as often as I wanted to, but I've definitely realised I have PLENTY in my wardrobes to keep me clothed without new purchases. I bought this dress at the beginning of the year and I hated it at the time. It hangs a little differently on me since I've been exercising more and I like it more now - it was way too short for my comfort before. Read on for more pics and how Outfit August went for me.

This dress is only available in grey now, and there's a link to it in the widget at the bottom of the post. This is why I think holding onto clothes for a while before getting rid of them is such a good idea. In the past I have Marie Kondo'd my wardrobes and got rid of things I'd liked to have kept, in hindsight. My opinion about something can change so much in a matter of months. I'm definitely going to give unwanted items a year's grace in future to see if I fall back in love with them.
Look at that cute back fat!
I'm laughing in this one as James has just pointed out my nipples are showing. Ah well, tough shit!

I use affiliate links on some items, which means if you click and buy from them I will earn a small commission. See my disclosure for more details. I'm wearing my new Winky Lux black lipstick (via ASOS). It's so opaque and quite moisturising for a matte - I wouldn't call it a true matte, but it feels good on the lips. The packaging is a bit flimsy for a £13 lipstick, but it's not tested on animals so I'm still happy I bought it.

I think did 11 outfits (including this one) out of the 31 days of August, which is a bit disappointing. But I've also had an extraordinarily busy month full of family visits, my new exercise regime and a couple of injuries, so I won't be too hard on myself. I had no trouble at all finding things to wear or putting outfits together from older items. It was a reminder that there's no shame in re-wearing things over and over again, especially if they make you happy.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. I saw you post this look to Instagram and really liked it. A color combo I've been watching is this nude pink and black. It's been growing on me the more I see it. I typically pair black with rosier and brighter pinks, but I think I'd like to try this for a change. I think the black liner and lipstick almost function as accessories to tie the look together. I steer away from this shade of pink because it's almost a nude on me, but with black, the contrast is really cool!


    1. Thanks Liz. <3 I grabbed this dress out of the wardrobe on a whim and I'm so glad I did because I love it now, and when I bought it back in March I wasn't that keen. It's so funny how attitudes can change to clothes over time. It's inspired me to see what other forgotten treasures I've got in there!

      I gave my friend links to your Iceland posts as she's going there later this month.