At this moment #5 - Lifestyle


Hello lovelies, it's time to see what I've been up to for the last month or so. 

I'm watching series 4 of Power right now. It stars, and is produced by 50 Cent and has a predominantly black cast. James says it's kinda like Sons of Anarchy, but in the nightclub/drugs world rather than the biker world. It's really good, great story lines and suspense. Warning - it is violent. The lead role is played by Omari Hardwick and he's serious eye candy. Here's the series 1 trailer.

I also just started watching Stranger, on Netflix. It's a subtitled Korean drama - which seems to be called Secret Forest in Korea - and it's brilliant. If you're familiar with Sense8 it has the brilliant Doona Bae in it, who played Sun Bak. It's about corruption in the police and prosecutorial system. The lead role is a prosecutor who has no empathy after undergoing a lobotomy as a child. He's a cold fish but a deep thinker. I'm up to episode 4 and I have NO CLUE what's going on. Everyone's a suspect, and I suppose that's what makes it fun.

I LOVE foreign drama and discovering great new actors. Here's the trailer.


I've just read about 5 Arnaldur Indridasson books, thanks to Snoskred, who kindly supplied me with a bunch. They're crime books but they concentrate more on the dynamics between people rather than gory details of murders, which is nice. We all know terrible things go on, but I don't always want to read that kind of thing before bed or when I'm already weighed down by all the real evil in the world. I've just started reading Noble Beginnings by LT Ryan. It's about a pair of American soldiers who get dragged into a conspiracy that goes right to the top of the US government. There are some predictable parts but the characters are likeable so it's not too bad.


Making plans! James and I are going on holiday again in October, and this time we're taking my dad with us. Can you believe I've never had a holiday with my dad in my life?! He and my mum split up when I was 7 but they'd been unhappy since I was a toddler. We were too poor for holidays back then, so it'll be nice to spend some time with the ol' goat. We're going to Weymouth (again) and hopefully the weather will be OK for that time of year.


To exercise! Rawwwwwr. I bought my first pair of walking boots today. As I said in this post I'm trying to get fitter and more mobile. I'm trying to listen closely to my body and push myself further than I think I can go, but rest up when I know I'm exhausted. It's going to take some finessing for me to get to a point where I feel well and not in constant pain, but I'm a tenacious bugger so I'll get there.


Well, less than 2 weeks ago we got back from our family holiday with James's mum, dad, brother, sister in law and little niece, who's 4. It was lovely to spend so much time with them, especially with my niece. My two nieces are the light of my life, and I'm seeing my older niece tomorrow. She's coming to stay for 5 days along with my dad, my aunt and my cousin.


A kind of social media hiatus. I had quite a pronounced social media hiatus while on holiday and I'm trying to limit my time on social media ongoing. As much as I love catching up on everyone's news, there aren't enough hours in the day to be as nosy as I want to be.


My brother. He works funny shift patterns so I normally text him then he rings me when he's free. The last thing I want to do is wake him up if he's barely had any sleep.


Being with my little niece on holiday. When we were saying goodbye on the last evening of our holiday she gave me about 15 hugs one after another and I said "I'm using up all your hugs!" She replied "It's OK, I'm FULL of hugs!" She's such a loving child.


  1. Tiny rooms in caravans. The caravan we stayed in with James's mum and dad on holiday was lovely, but the second toilet was pointless. There was a main shower room with a loo and a sink, and a separate loo and sink. It was about 2/3 the size of an airline toilet. I wish I was joking, but I'm not. On the first day when we got there someone had put the heating on, and as it's such a small 'room' I had to open the window and lean out of it whilst peeing to prevent burning my arse on the radiator! 😆😆😆
  2. Pain. I was in such a lot of pain on holiday and it really spoiled my fun. Too much exercise is painful, and so is too little. It's all about hitting that sweet spot. I'll let you know if I ever find it, lolol.

What have you been up to recently?

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. Sometimes I have to revert to my happy place books right before bed, or those books I know so well that they are not going to make me stay up till 3am. :) Jane Austen is my go-to for that.

    1. If I start a thriller before bed I'm asking for trouble. I remember working at the airport in my 20s when I had a 3.30/4.30am alarm call, going to work on no sleep at all because I couldn't put down a Jeffrey Deaver or similar. Now I'm a little more able to put a book down because I tire more easily. One good thing about getting older means I *have* to take better care of myself. ;)