Seven Ways To Balance Your Emotions*

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Life is not an easy thing to cope with. As a person, you are equipped with the whole range of human emotion, from happiness to rage. Our emotions are ever present, ever pressing and ever painful. They’re always there and our moods don’t always fit the situation that is present in front of us. We get excited about new things to have. We cry when we get overwhelmed, hurt or angry and we smile when we love. No matter which way that you try to swing it, our emotions are an overwhelming rule over us, dictating our thoughts and actions. The problems arise when we act on our emotions far too quickly or wrongly. Regret is a strong feeling and it’s one that you can feel often, especially when you’ve made the wrong choices.

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Emotions and mood can swing from one extreme to another, and it can be really tough, sometimes, to regulate that mood. If you swing too far one way, you’re met with extreme anger and rage. Too far the other way, and you’re in a moment of pure euphoria. Finding a balance is the hardest thing that you could possibly do with your emotions, but once you find it you can live it as your new normal. Not everyone is born constantly feeling happy or sad; we are slaves to our surroundings and if you feel one emotion more often than others, you’re going to eventually forget how many others you have.

So, how do you start finding that balance in your moods and head toward a calmer, happier existence?

Watching how you react to a situation is probably the first place to start. Are you someone who is quick to temper? Perhaps it’s time to tame that fire in your belly and wait for your logical mind to take over before you allow your reactive mind to decide what to do. Making rushed decisions now is a sure-fire way to have regret later. Always take a deep, cleansing breath before you react to a situation, and this includes happy ones. You could be offered the job of a lifetime or a new house, but you have to take pause and think about how your decision is going to affect your future.

Ask the open air for guidance. You don’t have to be a religious person, or believe in a higher power, to ask out loud what you should do. Every single human being is equipped with a conscience, and more often than not, your conscience is the voice of reason in your life. Making your peace with your conscience and trusting your instinct is important, and when a decision arises that you are conflicted about, you should be able to ask yourself what you would like to do about it. Instincts are very powerful.

Ensure there’s no medical reason for your moods. It isn’t uncommon for teenage girls to need the help of Microgynon to help regulate their mood as well as their periods. If you find yourself feeling your emotions to the extreme, then it may be a good idea to ask for some help. Being on a total high and acting impulsively isn’t always a good thing, especially if it’s joined with a dramatic low, where life doesn’t feel worth living anymore. You are an important person in the world, and you need to remember that you count. Once you accept that about yourself, then you will notice when there are huge mood swings that just don’t make sense. Seek medical help.

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Finding an outlet for how you feel is important. For some, it’s the gym. The adrenaline rush can be burned quicker through exercise than it can through the power of thought. Managing a feeling of rage is far better than taking it out on the people in your life that you love. Channelling your emotions into a constructive avenue is so important if you hope to understand yourself. Meditate, take up art classes or try a kickboxing class. All of these are the perfect way to let go of emotions that are overwhelming you.

Be wise about how you handle yourself. Every single thing that you do in your life has a purpose. The good, the bad and even the ugly all mean something. There doesn’t have to be a huge reason or message in what you do, but you have to believe that every event that happens in your life is for a purpose. If you can understand this, then you can have the wisdom to see the bigger picture. Sweating the small stuff can really put a huge downer on your day. You get 86,400 seconds in a day; do you really want to allow yourself to feel anything other than happy for those seconds? You don’t get this time back. You don’t get these days, these moments and these feelings back. Choose happiness and not sadness. It’s not easy. In fact, some days it can be too hard to comprehend. But you stand up, chin up, and tallyho!

Channel positivity through your heart. If you are faced with anger, stress, sadness and depression, find the light. Being stuck in a dark hole is not something anyone wants to deal with. You can push past it with distraction and making yourself feel happier. Take your negative thoughts and push them into something that you love. Go to the gym and for every punch on the kick bag, let go of a negative thought.

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Forgive your triggers. Emotions are complex. Allowing yourself to feel guilty for a burst of rage or tears of happiness is not okay. Guilt has no place in your well thought out emotions and when you forgive yourself, you detach yourself from the guilt. Let it go – it’s not the end of the world.

We deal with our emotions every single minute of every day. It’s not going to be something that you can always control, but you should remember that you are human: you’re entitled to your feelings.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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