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Hello loves! I'm back with my monthly-ish heads up of what I've been up to.


I've seen a couple of films at the cinema recently. A few weeks ago I saw The Commuter, with Liam Neeson. I dare say he's getting a little old for these action roles now but it was an enjoyable enough watch. Less than a week ago I saw Den of Thieves, the new Gerard Butler film. It was really good - lots of action and foul language - right up my alley! Pablo Schreiber played one of the lead roles. You may know him from his comedy role Pornstache in Orange is the New Black but he's so beefed up in 'Thieves to be virtually unrecognisable. Hubba hubba!

I've just started watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. I've loved Joel Kinnaman (the lead role) since I saw him in another Netflix drama, the American version of The Killing. That's well worth a watch if you've never seen it. Here's a teaser trailer for Altered Carbon. I've only watched one episode so far so I don't really know what's going on, but I'll get stuck into some more episodes soon. My current mental health battles bring short attention span so I only watch 1-2 hours of Netflix a week, compared to probably 3+ hours a day before the split with James.


I'm not reading anything at the moment, for shame, although I did pick up Patricia Cornwell's Red Mist in a charity shop last week. It was only £1 so I couldn't resist, although I don't have an attention span for reading (or writing, or anything else) at the moment either. A few people have lent me books which have gone unread. It's a little annoying as I'm bored a lot but can't get into things.


I'm not making anything currently, although I'm enjoying the app Sandbox, which is a colour by numbers app. I usually pick small and easy things that I can deal with (attention span again) but sometimes I get my teeth stuck into a big project on there.


I've just started a new anti-depressant after a month without any. My old ones were making me very ill (nausea, etc) and although I'd come up with some coping strategies, I was still really suffering. I'm taking Sertraline (Zoloft) and have been warned the first couple of weeks will be rough. I'm feeling quite low, but then I was before I started them. I hope to feel better soon - I'm a week in today.


Umm, I wouldn't say I'm finished with social media, but I'm certainly on it a lot less than before, with regards to Instagram particularly. I don't love my face as much as I used to so I'm not such a selfie queen, hahaha! I'm on Snapchat more than anything these days - I love those flattering filters!


I've just started seeing a new man, so I'm enjoying that a lot, lolololol. It's casual but enjoyable.

(This section used to be TEXTING but music is far more interesting than texting).

I LOVE this song by The Fallen State. The lyrics are so sad though, and I'm glad they brought out a second video because the first one was of a little girl who died of cancer. 

These lyrics get me in the feels every time:

Why are you always on my mind?
In my solar system you’re the sun
My supernova
And those heavy hearts
Refuse to run
In my solar system you’re the sun


Sleeping! Last month my love was napping and this time it's sleeping. Life is still really tough for me and I'm doing my best to cope but sleep is the best escapism. I love my bed. Well it's my aunt's bed, but let's not be pedantic! 😆


I don't really hate anything. My new antidepressants bring really low appetite so that sucks a bit, and I'm still adjusting to life without my husband (soon to be ex husband). It's been 5 months - it feels like 5 years - and I never thought splitting with a partner would break me, but it has. I've a long way to go to rebuild myself and I'm still under an awful lot of stress, but there are people far worse off than me. I'm not liking life, but I'm not hating it either. It just is, and it'll get better.

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Tell me what's new with you.

Some of my comments have disappeared from my fat girl in horizontal stripes post. Dandi and Dianne - thank you for your comments. I can see them in my email but they haven't posted on my blog. I'm so sorry! I was very touched by both of them.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. The more meaningful new stuff in my life is depressing and I don't want to put it on the internet. :( The less meaningful but shareable stuff is that the show Disjointed on Netflix is HILARIOUS, I never properly appreciated peanut butter m&ms (but dark chocolate peanut are still better), and I'm sad that winter is almost over because I'm a weirdo who loves the cold (and who sweats easily, gets eaten alive by outdoor insects, and has various nature allergies, all of which are easier in winter). I'm trying to channel that seasonal sadness into anticipating the baseball season, but it's not working. I'll be happy about baseball when the season starts at the end of March. But by then we'll have the windows open, which lets in the lovely fresh air but also the neighbor kid that rides his noisy scooter up and down the sidewalk for hours at a time and the other neighbor's cigarette smoke that wafts from their porch right into our windows and the stupid ice cream truck that plays the stupid music that goes on forever as it wends its way through our residential area and we sit there with the tv paused waiting for it to go away so we can hear.

    ... In reading this over, I think what's actually new is that I'm grumpy today. :D

    1. Hehehe, I hope the grumps have passed you by by now. :)

      I LOVE peanut M&Ms, they're so good. I've never seen the dark ones in the UK though - I'll have to investigate. Although saying that, I've gone off chocolate. I don't even know who I am any more! ;)

      Allergies suck balls. I get hayfever. I'm not a fan of summer either - I love spring and autumn.