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We put our bodies and our minds through a lot. Sometimes we just can’t help it. The daily stresses of life really do take its toll on our bodies, but it is something we can’t avoid. We’re always going to face stress from work, relationships, friendships etc. It isn’t just stress that does damage, what we put into our bodies and how we treat them also has a big effect. So every so often, you need to give your body and mind the refresh it desperately needs. If you’re looking to cure that run down sluggish feeling that you might have been carrying around with your for a while now, we’ve got a few remedies, read on to find out more.

The Body

There’s nothing wrong with giving your body a treat. In fact, some would say there’s nothing better than tucking into that all important slice of pizza on the weekend. But continually abusing our bodies with the food it was never meant to digest is eventually going to have some negative effects. Try leaving weekend treats as just weekend treats. Don’t drag it out as a Monday or Tuesday treat, they don’t exist. Something we think works nicely is a bit of clean eating Monday through to Friday, with maybe a cheeky midweek Ben and Jerry’s to celebrate, and leave the splurging for the weekend. One thing a lot of people need to do is have an alcohol detox. Dry January may be over, but it doesn’t mean the damaging effects of alcohol are too. It has negative effects on body weight, liver function, and on our mentality. A cheeky glass of wine might seem like the perfect way to get over the stresses of the day, but it has the potential to make them worse. A drink either makes you feel really good, or really bad. Try and limit yourself to a little drink each weekend, rather than resorting to it on a weeknight.

The Mind

The mind is a powerful thing. The more we feed it, the more it grows. But there’s plenty of things that seem to get in our way that cause a disturbance to our minds calm. This relates more to the social factors involved, the ones we’ve talked about not being able to escape. Well, the more you face your problems, the more relaxed your mind is going to be. One of the reasons why we’re constantly feeling so bogged down is because we try and run from our problems. But even if we feel as though running might solve the issue, the thought of the problem still runs through our minds, even subconsciously. So make 2018 the year of tackling your problems. If you hate your job and your manager treats you so poorly, don’t be afraid of throwing in the towel and walking away. There will be a company out there that values you more than you could ever believe. If you’re stuck in a terrible relationship where you know you’re not happy, have the guts to end it and walk away. Surround yourself with your friends, and enjoy life until somebody comes along who will truly make you happy. Life really is too short to be worried over issues we can more than easily solve if we try.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo

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