A clothing haul

Hello lovelies,

After splitting with my ex and going from a huge 2 bedroom flat to one small bedroom I've given away at least three quarters of my belongings. So when the warmer weather arrived recently I found myself sorely lacking in summery clothes. It was autumn when my ex dumped me, so I was planning ahead for winter and donated too many summer clothes. And in the last week I've sent another 8 bin bags and 3 carrier bags to the charity shop so my clothing choices were getting very limited. My style has changed such a lot in the last 8 months, hence the latest clear out. I'm a lot less daring than I used to be and I'm toying with the idea of a capsule wardrobe of classics due to space constraints. I want to get a lot more wear out of the items I buy and invest in some items which will never go out of style. So I had a major splurge recently and got a few classics, one fun tropical themed item and some new lingerie just because. Could I afford it? Not really, but fuck it.

Here's what I bought. Hit that arrow on the right to see more and click on the items to go direct to the website. 

Tropical print skirt, George at Asda - this has splits up the sides. My size 26/28 arse fits in the size 22 as it has a lot of stretch. This'll be nice for summery days and my holiday later in the year. I haven't wanted to wear bright colours for months so this is progress for me.

Bardot top, George at Asda. I'm also wearing a 22 in this and it's ample for my size 24/26 top half. This is a basic that will go with anything. I'm the girl who had dresses in every colour of the rainbow but no basics. This is exactly what I need to change.

Asos Design Curve Luna red lace underwear set. I got the size 28 and I'm glad I did as the lace isn't stretch. I love red and this is the only set of red underwear I have, so I snapped it up as soon as I saw it. It has no tit support, so do be aware of that if you buy it.

Asos Design shopper bag with removable pouch. I wanted a classic looking bag and this does the job nicely. It's faux leather and smells a bit funny but I'm hoping it'll pass. I can't do little handbags, I take everything and the kitchen sink when I go out.

Eyeko travel minis - their Skinny Eyeliner and Black Magic mascara are my hands-down-fave eyeliner and mascara. They're SO GOOD and just £18 for the two travel sized items and 10 remover wipes. One day I'll splash out and get myself some full sized ones. It's so easy to do winged eyeliner with the pen nib, it's the best eyeliner I've ever used by far. 

Asos Design Curve White vests x 2. You can't go wrong with a plain white vest or t shirt. I'm going to wear these with the New Look joggers (and other trousers I have) with an unbuttoned shirt over the top. I got a size 28 and they're generous. I'm gonna knot them up at the side to show off my boobs anyway.

Asos Design Curve black shirt dress. I'm going to wear this (unbuttoned) over everything. I'm really feeling shirts over things at the moment. My go to right now is a maxi dress with an unbuttoned denim shirt over the top. I got a size 30 in this as I wanted it oversized. It comes down past my knees so I might even wear it as a dress and get my pasty ol' legs out!

New Look Curve palm print joggers. I sized up 2 sizes in these as I find New Look clothes to be ridiculously small. These haven't come yet so I'm not sure if I did right in sizing up, but I'll report back. I think these joggers are low stock but New Look have them in both plain and other patterns. See here.

When was the last time you had a good splurge? It's been months since I bought more than one item.

Thanks for reading. Leah xoxo


  1. The last time I had a good clothing splurge was in 2017, and it lasted for quite some time, which has led to my Year Of Buying Nothing project this year. :) I may have to buy some warmer leggings soon as it has turned very cold here just now, but I plan to stick with the buying nothing until 2019 if I can.

    1. I'm intent on building a capsule wardrobe and have about 4 more items on my list which I'll be able to get so much wear out of. Things like a classic white shirt, plain black jumpsuit, smart black trousers, smart jeans etc. I've always had a scattergun approach to clothes - buying what I fancied at any one time rather than what would go with what I already own. Once I've bought these bits I won't actually NEED much in the way of clothes at all. Wanting them will be another thing though! ;)

      Good luck with the no buy.

  2. What an absolute great haul! You have such wonderful style. I'm glad to see the cloud lifted (even if only somewhat) and you got out there and got yourself some new.

    1. Thanks Bren! It's always a boost to buy some new things and I hope to get outfit photos up on the blog soon!

  3. Hi Honey what a fab haul! I'm loving everything but the tropical skirt is gorgeous! I love vest tops, adore them. I try to buy a couple each summer from George because they're soft & comfy and I still have a couple that are a few years old now and wear them as PJ tops :) I don't go out anymore, I haven't really in a long time but for the past 18 months or so my mobility has gotten worse so other than two days a week at work (or rare hospital/Dr visits) I don't go out so not much shopping. I did go on a shopping trip recently though, paid for it for a few days with ouchies but it was worth it :) I went to Primark for a couple of new nightshirts only to discover they sold Harry Potter ones at £5, so I bought a lovely green Slytherin one & a grey one covered in owls that says "waiting for my letter from Hogwarts" on it :) Primarks sizes are ok but their nightshirts seem really (I mean really) short for me so I've decided I'll just wear them as t shirts instead with leggings to hang out about the house. Jade's only one who sees me anyway and furbabies don't judge :) I bought a couple of things in the Primark sale too honey also Potter themed. I got a short dressing gown (perfect for sitting in bed during the night with my puzzle book (still not sleeping) it was £16 knocked down to £10, so I was chuffed. They've also got these crop top/bra tops with racer type backs? They're in Hogwarts house colours and are only £2 (reduced from £3.50). I bought the XL size and there's more than enough room for my 44DD girls with room to spare. They're so comfy too, lovely and soft stretchy cotton so not cutting into my shoulders. Last thing I bought was a large-ish make up bag/accessory bag with a smaller one in gold (its a set.) Not much of a haul I know but I was tickled pink with myself :) Hope you're enjoying the gorgeous sunshine, I've been pegging out washing all afternoon, I'm already paying for it but yaaaaay :) Huggles always honey xxx

    1. Big hugs Rosie, that sounds like a lovely haul! Those bra tops sound great, I might see if they have any left, not that I should be buying anything else, anyway!

      I'm sorry you're not sleeping - is there anything the doctor can do for you? Lots of love and I hope this weather isn't making your aches and pains worse. xxx