A Good Heart These Days Is Hard To Find! Simple Ways To Improve Your Heart Health*

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We all know the importance of a healthy heart, but with temptations around every corner, and the fact that a sedentary lifestyle tends to be rammed down our throats, we can gradually lose sight of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in favour of a cheeky takeaway and Netflix binge. While you can start exercising or eating a little bit healthier, when it comes to having a healthy heart, there are simple things that we can all do. What are these?


You might not think this is directly related, and some studies contradict each other, but there has been a connection between poor oral health and cardiovascular disease. Visit any private dentist, and they will tell you the importance of flossing anyway. But we have to remember there are lots of other variables, including lifestyle choices, such as smoking. It's important that we floss because the bacteria that infect the gums can travel to blood vessels around the body and can cause blood vessel inflammation.

Increasing Your Omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been touted as a way to decrease inflammation in the arteries. Having a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids through foods like nuts can also help to lower cholesterol levels. Due to the healthy fats, they can also help to fill you up. This is partly why the Mediterranean diet is so popular and appears to be one of the best all-round diets to protect us as we age.

Learning To Relax

There have been studies that have shown that people suffering from heart disease who practice transcendental meditation for 15 minutes a day cut their risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%. Meditation is thought to lower blood pressure. Having an opportunity to relax by practising deep breathing exercises or yoga have been shown to provide similar benefits. Learning how to relax is crucial, especially as we get older. And learning how to relax can minimise that blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and provide that little extra meaning to our lives.

Minimise Alcohol

The one we all don't like! While there are reports that moderate drinking could benefit your heart, there isn't any proper proof. The fact of the matter is that drinking too much alcohol can cause issues all around your body, from high blood pressure to abnormal heart rhythms, and can contribute to cancer. Cutting down on alcohol, and having it in moderation is the key. And the great thing is that now there isn't as much of a culture focused on drinking as there used to be. With Dry January or Sober October becoming the norm, and with Christmas on the horizon, there are ways for you to enjoy the season without excessive drinking.

Learning to help our heart as we get older is a lot to do with the right habits. Unfortunately, it's one of those things that we can ignore, especially when we're younger. But as we get older we could do with a little bit more exercise, a healthier diet, and an improved outlook. A little bit of what you fancy is always good, but moderation is the key.

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