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Hiya loves,

As part of my 2016 aims to support the sisterhood, here are some posts from around Bloggerland I've enjoyed this week.

Firstly on Oprah and THAT weight loss ad. My life is bigger than my ass by Lyndsay Wells

5 ways to be a body positive ally by Rad Fat Feminist

Endorsement, influence and diet culture by Rad Fat Feminist

How to fall in love with your body (without alienating others) by Lottie L'Amour

New Year, same old diet spiel by Ruby Thunder

I also saw this Guardian article (thanks Kate!) and loved it - Drowning in commitments? It's time to stop giving a damn.

What have you read that's great this week? Give me some recommendations for awesome reads!

I hope to make this a regular thing.
Leah xoxo

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