Elomi Bijou Soiree moulded bra review from Bras Galore*

Hello pickles,

I haven't always had the best success with bras. Like many other women I've worn all the wrong sizes. I've had bras that rode up at the back. I've had bras where my boobs fell out when I bent over. I've had bras so uncomfortable I've been put off wearing underwired bras for months, relying on those stretchy crop top bras which offer no support. Up until a few years ago I was of the opinion that splashing out money on bras was a pointless task as all the underwires popped out of them in no time flat anyway. But a few years ago I had an epiphany and realised my bras were falling apart because I was buying cheap ones. Since that time I've worn either Goddess bras for comfort or Evans concealed wire bras for oomph, but have been wanting to try Elomi bras as they looked equally as sturdy as Goddess ones. Bras Galore offered to send me a bra, and I picked this bra from Elomi as it looks like a cage bra from a distance and I like that look.

It's a gorgeous bra with regards to both aesthetics and design. It has moulded cups so it shapes your boobs, and it offers good uplift. The underwires are wide yet and strong and comfortable, and the straps are wide enough to support the weight of my boobs without too much digging in. It has hooks at the back so you can wear it racer back style. It is a really comfortable bra - still at the stiff new stage but it'll give soon - so I'm wearing it with a bra extender until then. My favourite part of the bra is the little band of fabric underneath the underwires. Sometimes underwired bras can dig in me when I bend over, but the comfortable stretchy band underneath protects the skin from that kind of abrasion.

It looks great under clothes - I'm wearing it in this photo.

Bras Galore do a selection of bras for wide backs and/or big cup sizes, (as well as matching pants) and swimwear too. Bras Galore.

Have you bought anything from Bras Galore before?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*Item sent for review. Opinions are my own. 

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