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Hiya pickles,

I'm doing my best to avoid the sales (and spending money anywhere else), but when I saw this top on the Everything 5 Pounds website I couldn't resist. I love orange shades all year round as it really suits me. Because of my failed shopper logic I normally buy a couple of things at a time from E5P to justify the £3.95 postage, so I bought this lovely stole too.

Cue a zillion photos as I liked my makeup in these shots as well.

The top has a couple of strangely placed slits in the back, but I wasn't put off because I like the pattern and colours so much. James said they look like that's where my wings should be!

I look like I'm sucking on a lemon!

The stole is lovely and warm, but like the others I have, it sheds fabric constantly so be warned, floating strands will find their way all over you, and in my case - into my mouth. Ugh! The things I do to look good. ;)

I honestly hate linking to E5P items as they sell out in days flat and leave me with dead links to remove, but here we go anyway.

Biker jacket, past season New Look Inspire
Top and stole, E5P
Leggings, Very from twin pack (I've purchased probably 5 sets of these in the last couple of years)
Shoes, past Very

Have a great week,
Leah xoxo

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