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Hello lovelies.

James and I are hoping to buy our first property together this year, and I've started to think about decor. We actually saw our dream home but were beaten to it, and I'm gutted and not looking at flats again yet as I can't bear to have my heart broken again. It was perfect - 3 huge bedrooms, in fact all the rooms were huge, and it was a bargain price as it's close to a railway line. I've lived near a railway line before and it bothers you for about 2 weeks and after that you don't even notice the noise any more so it wouldn't have made the slightest difference to us. It was less than 5 minutes walk to the sea and right in the town centre. *Wails*. In the meantime I'm starting to think about the delicious things I'd like to fill our new (hopefully) forever home with.

Now I've been planning the decor of a home of my own since I was in my 20s, and I've always wanted themed rooms, so our home will be eclectic. I want a Cornwall/Barbara Hepworth themed bathroom - think driftwood, smooth circular sculptures, deep blue and bright white tones, ships, nautical themes. I want the kitschiest loo in existence. I quite fancy purple for the smallest room of the house with gold photo frames and lots of tat like religious ephemera, and possibly a bit of Elvis. Why not?! I've always wanted a bit of a Hugh Hefner style pimpin' boudoir with leopard print walls and fluffy red rugs. I'm not sure about the kitchen and living room, but no doubt there'll be more kitsch in there too - possibly a 50s American diner themed kitchen. I have so many sides I'd want to express - my girly side, my goth side, my kitsch bitch side.

Asda are killing it on the homewares at the minute, so here are a few bits and bobs from them.

George Home Paris Clock, £6
George Home Mary Bell Jar, £10
George Home Copper Effect Pineapple Vase, £10
George Home Cord Doorstep, £8

I'd have to put some tinsel or fairy lights around Mary to jazz her up a bit though.

Also on my mind is a new bed, as ours is a bit broken. We also need a new mattress. I saw an ad on telly the other day saying you need to replace a mattress after 8 years. James and I worked out ours is 9-10 years old, and even though we've turned it several times, it still has some springs which dig in your back. Not ideal. We got it for a great price though - I think we got the king sized bed (our one before last) and the mattress for about £350 from Argos so not bad at all. It did us well. I quite like this one from Bensons, which is £299 at the moment, which is a steal.

We bought our last bed from Bensons 5 years ago and delivery is quite prompt compared to Argos. It's a behemoth of a sleigh bed with a massive thick headboard and footboard and huge side storage drawers so it takes up SO much room in the bedroom it's unreal, especially as our bedroom is long and narrow, so I can't have bedside table on my side at all and James has to move his to get his drawer open - what a ball ache! I can't wait to move somewhere with square bedrooms, as stupid as it sounds. I really crave having a sleeker bed so we have more room in this bedroom, and in our future bedroom too, wherever that may be.

It's been a great bed but it's time for a new one and I really like the look of this one. The end drawer storage would be so handy for clean bedlinen as well. I wouldn't buy a mattress from Benson's as they seem very expensive. I fancy a memory foam mattress or at least one with good springs that even out the big weight difference between James and I. My aunt has a really thick memory foam mattress and I get stuck in bed as it sinks so deep, but it's so blooming comfy! I've been looking at a Mattress Online and their prices are really competitive, as well as having big names like Sealy and Silentnight. I know it's important to have a good bed and a good mattress (especially for me with my ME and spending so much time in bed!) and I want to have a good comfortable sleep without spending hundreds and hundreds on a mattress. We'll probably end up spending a few hundred pounds on a bed and a couple of hundred on the mattress, which is not bad, as our big sleigh bed cost £600 without a mattress! I don't know what we were thinking then, to be honest. I guess we had no thoughts of mortgages then, though, and at least you can get interest free credit on Bensons beds, so we paid it off over a year which took the sting out of the cost a bit. 

Tell me, what's your bed like now, and what's your ideal bed?

Thanks for reading.
Leah xoxo

*This post was sponsored by Mattress Next Day. 

Because we are saving hard for a mortgage deposit there may be occasional sponsored posts in the future. 

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